My wife sleeps with other men, and i accept it. Here's why

I've always been awkward and rejected, throughout most of my life.
My cousins and brother were all way, way better looking than me, worked out, did sports, while i always felt the odd one out, played RPGs and Magic the Gathering.
I was teased and humiliated a few times in school and high school it became pretty bad.
It was in college where i found myself. I finally found a group of people i clicked with, i started going out, talked to girls, dated a girl for 2 years, but hated how she looked, and always secretly wanted a "bimbo trophy-wife" type of girl.
I met a girl like this in college, and broke up with my then girlfriend, and 2 weeks later i was dating this girl.
She was always really upfront about her deal. I became the stereotypical "pussy-wipped" guy, and would pretty much pay for everything she wanted. It wasn't spoken, but "in return" i got everything i wanted in sex.
I never felt happier, even through our most heated fights (where i was forced to agree with her even if i was 100% right).
We got married, and it's been 8 years. And she hasn't aged a bit, and became way hotter, with breast implants, and pretty much everything i have always desired, pole dancing, the way she dresses, etc.
About 2 months ago we had a deep conversation where she admitted she cheated on me. I took it pretty badly at first. She said she couldn't guarantee she would never cheat on me again, and explained her reasons.
I have come to accept this. We have an otherwise perfect relationship, and while i am 100% fulfilled in my sexual needs, she feels she isn't. And i've come to terms with that.
I'm not into cucking as a fetish, i am just explaining why i feel this should be acceptable, and even public, different people have different drives, and are satisfied with different things, and this should not be frowned upon.

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Fingers crossed I'll get into such an arrangement one day. Wouldn't even cheat, just gimme that credit card.

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Does the idea of openly being a "gold-digger" attract you? Like all his friends and family, all your friends know he pays everything for you, do you find that hot?
Or do you feel no sexual tension with that, it's just a matter of "oh hey, money's awesome".

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I don't get off on it though. Should have read the whole thing.

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>I don't get off on it though. Should have read the whole thing.
You don't have to get off being a cuck to be a cuck, you cuck.


post wife
>implying you have a wife

Who gives a shit dude, your life, live it the way you want.
But i am going to make fun of you for something i believe to be the most degrading and sad existence ive ever seen

>Weak minded
That's the whole point of this post though. Why am i weak minded? I am completely and happily satisfied. She is not. She has her reasons not to be. We have different mindsets. Wouldn't respecting her lifestyle and creating a stronger bond for our relationship prove that i am strong willed?

Tbh if it works for you OP I see nothing wrong with that. If she can seperate her love and sexual satisfaction so be it. Many couples are into switching and shit. A relationship is not about sex. Part of connecting and loving someone is willing to see them as human and not as your possession.

You do you. But I'd be concerned she isnt giving the whole story and will split after she finds a dude with even more money.

So you're ok that your wife not only fucked another dude but that she openly admitted that she might do it again while your entire relationship has been you paying for her lifestyle. Sounds like you went for the wrong girl in college user you can't turn hoes into housewives. If I were in your shoes I would have stayed with the other girl. That being said if a girl with good looks matters more to you than having dignity and a pair of testicles then you do you bro.

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Being assertive and stating that something is not ok and then applying a consequence all requires a strong will because it would be required to go against the will of another.

But you. You bent like a straw of wheat in a tornado. Like a rainworm attempting crawl up a wall. Like a bendy straw about to get suckled by the ugliest kid in mcDonalds.

What i'm trying to say is that you have not backbone/ you are weak and you accept this state for yourself only making it worse, i honestly just feel bad for you, because usually only truly broken men can reach this point

Unless of course you some sort of degenerate fetischist but you stated that you arent mentally ill and you wouldnt lie on an anonymous forum would you?

What deck do you play?

Why does she cheat? What are her reasons

She enjoys going out and hooking up, she feels she missed out on this part while in college, the few times that it happened she was out at a club or something.
I don't think it's a strictly money thing. I think our relationship is healthier and stronger for having both sides be understanding to each others needs.
Commander mostly, so my main is an Estrid chain veil enchantress. Just built the new Kadena too, let's see how that goes.
This is what i don't understand, why is it degrading or or sad? It's just a social norm that we should just get rid of. I think in the past women were too repressed and sexually frustrated to ever speak up. I don't want the kind of relationship those people had where women were subservient. I think part of being equals is understanding each others differences.

>I think part of being equals is understanding each others differences.
She's fucking other dudes, while you're at home paying for her shit, and worshiping the ground she walks on. How is that equal?

It would be equal if she supported herself, and you supported yourself, while she fucked other dudes, and you fucked other women. But that's not the case. She's getting a free ride from a beta provider while she's out fucking Chads for free. You're literally supporting her lazy slutty ass for her to fuck you and spend time with you in exchange.

Her vagina is on a pedestal, and you're working for it because being intimate with you is a chore for her. That's not healthy, it's sad and it makes you seem like a fucking loser.

ITT: obvious bait gets replies because wtf else is there to reply to on Jow Forums anymore.

I think you're using too much of this vitriolic online language "beta, chad, pedestal" whatever.
We've been married for 8 years, if she was just gold-digging she would have dropped out a while ago.
She is not lazy, she also works. I think it's just liberating to see someone not care about these societal norms.
Also she should be treated differently, if she makes an effort to look a certain way, dress a certain way, it's like it was her full time job and she should be compensated for ti as well.

You’re a fucking moron with a shitty relationship.

You can’t separate sex from love, she is cheating because she is not happy with you.

Why not move on to someone you are more compatible with? You wanted a woman you are not compatible with, now you are living with your stupidity

But all these comments make it seem like i was on a rant and complaining about my life? I don't understand. I'm not complaining, i think things are going well, our relationship is better, less tense, less bickering and arguing, and healthier once we worked our differences out, and i realized that this shouldn't be frowned upon.

>if she was just gold-digging she would have dropped out a while ago

That's kind of my point, dude. She did drop out, physically. Part of being in a committed relationship is to dedicate your love and intimacy to the other. Now she has all of the benefits of a loving husband (finances, physical care, emotional care, love) and she gets to fuck other men who satisfy her more than you do, who don't provide her any of those other things. You saying she "deserves" that, makes you seem like a tool.

It's a societal norm for a reason. Couples who separate sex and love are looked down upon because they are having their sexual needs satisfied from others when it should be satisfied from the one you're in love with. When it's one-sided like that, it's 10x worse. Not only are you being used, but you're proud of it. She trained you well, cuck.

Maybe less fighting because she has already checked out. Intimacy and sex are related, all open relationships reveal is that there is no real relationship.

You chose poorly and so did she. She is looking for intimacy with other men because she doesn’t get it from you

>It's a societal norm for a reason.
What reason?
>Now she has all of the benefits of a loving husband (finances, physical care, emotional care, love) and she gets to fuck other men who satisfy her more than you do, who don't provide her any of those other things.
I'm not saying she simply deserves everything out of nowhere, i am saying that it's an unwritten deal in the relationship that she gets to have those things because it's mutually beneficial, she had what she wants and i have what i've always wanted.
What would you have me do, settle down with a boring, ugly, overweight woman who i do not find attractive and was forced to fap online all the time, isn't that 1000x worse?
Why should i feel ashamed, is the whole issue here, why is it that it was an automatic trigger to feel shame that she was having sex, it's just sex. The rest of our relationship overall improved. My sex life has never been better. Why is this automatically a bad thing?
>She did drop out, physically.
No, she didn't. We still have great sex. We both enjoy it with each other, a lot.
>Couples who separate sex and love are looked down upon
That's what i am saying, that's stupid, and just a dumb societal thing. Look i'm not arguing against anyone else's lifestyle, and i am not here embracing a "cuck" fetish or whatever. I'm merely questioning what is wrong about this. If my friends and family notice or say anything, why should i feel ashamed, try to hide it?
She just made really good points and if her "job" is to keep a great body, dress a certain way, be all around entertaining and fun, not a nagging overweight bitch of a person, she DOES deserve the be rightfully treated the way she thinks she should within this relationship.

It's actually evolutionarily ingrained.
The symbiotic relationship between men and women is respectively that of a protector/provider and a lover/childbearer.
Historically there has been no way for a man to know if a child was actually his so he was very guarded about women's interactions in order to avoid becoming a cuckhold.

People who don't care about following successful evolutionary strategies are sick or mutants.

Ok, so what if you simply do not, and do not want to have a child? The whole argument falls through because you are not risking losing massive amounts of resources on an offspring that doesn't carry your genetic makeup.
So now you don't want to have a child, and you are completely tied to an evolutionary lifestyle that makes no sense for you.

Your wife is a fucking whore and you're a cucked betabux idiot.


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