How do I stop wanting to fuck my cousin. It is honestly making me do weird things...

How do I stop wanting to fuck my cousin. It is honestly making me do weird things, like getting really close to her and wanting to touch her often. Soon it might ruin our relationship.
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Realize you'll fuck up your future kids if she gets pregnant. Also, family reunions will be awkward.

Same here

I really do not believe that she will want to do anything sexual with me. Just that... I just love to be around her and feel her warmth and skin. She really makes me happy to be around and she is great fun to talk to.

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Sweet home alabama

The idea of awkwardness of the act, and fucked up children should repulse you. Just ask her to set you up with someone.

Your cousin is a qt, send her my way.

Anything goes. No fuckie. Probably not a big deal if you do. Cousins are practice for real gfs.

Original Chan here. These always get me. When I was young between the ages of 12-16 I had a cousin who visit. She wasn’t blood but they stressed it enough that we were cousins. Had a huge crush on her. As we got older we grew apart family wise. But sometimes we would say hi online. One time I messaged her and asked if she do foreplay on the phone I was really drunk. It was never brought up but it taught me how wrong it was. Maybe you should try that. Openly show her what you want to do and see what reaction you get.

You don't want to fuck her.
You are just skin hungry.

It's one thing to think a certain way, but touching while thinking a certain way totally different. Killing yourself is always an option.

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OP is nigger

controlled by boner, love is a lie

Damn. I feel for you. What was the fallout from that call? Was there even a response?

You don't want her. You want female attention in general and since porn sites promote incest nowadays one leads to another. Find a girl you're really into that isn't partially your own biological material and you'll be disgusted with urself.

Karczynski was right. Media has fucked us tenfold.

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While breeding with a first cousin Is not genetically ideal, the odds of genetic defect are low.
Having kids in your 30s is about the same risk as having kids with a cousin

>Also, family reunions will be awkward.
my cousin gave me a handy dandy in the basement and I've been avoiding her and that whole side of the family for about 18 or 19 years now.

My cousin is sexy af and I'd fuck the shit out of her if she ever suggested it BUT she literally fed me as a toddler(I'm 27 and I think she's like 38) so even if we weren't related, most women can't have sex with guys they've witnessed mature while they themselves were already mature. So I just know and have accepted its not gonna happen. It's honestly not that difficult either...the same as accepting a woman has no interest in you that isn't related to you lol.

>omg my cousin makes me horny i'm not normal
Don't give a fuck about it, if you like other girls than your cousin it's not a big deal
If you seek for physical contact just slightly touch her shoulders

Every time I meet my cousin we hug hard
One day my dad said to me:
>You are hugging too much, you look like bf and gf
We keep hugging and we also do tickle fights

In my opinion, as long as I feel lust and arousal for my cousin it's ok
When I start feeling romantic love I try to stop this infatuation

Just confront her and tell her to stop being so damn sexy.

Not true, I'm currently fucking my 47 yo cousin and im 26