What would you do if a female cashier/cafe employee sneered at you? She smiled or even laughed a little I think, scornfully, to a customer in front of me but AT me. I regret that I didn't pretend to accidentally spill my coffee in her direction. I hate her so fucking much.

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Can you stop it with your fucking retarded
threads. Nobody likes them.

Make a big deal out of it. Demand to speak to the manager and get her fired.

>t. woman
Fuck off

I mean I regret having an outburst at the customers in front of me for cutting ahead of me in the line, but I still think the employee was a total fucking bitch and I fucking hate her guts. Not much to do now a day later though.

Walk away. Life's to short bro, take your business elsewhere.

>take your business elsewhere

If a cashier/cafe employee sneers at you, go to the next shop/cafe. Comprende amigo?

If someone cuts in front of you, make an example of them but to the point. "I didn't realize we had royalty here today" then stare them down and don't break eye contact. If they get pissed tell them, "Down girl" and laugh. If they apologize and are a 6/7+ woman then say, "Good girl" and walk past. If it's a guy, don't say anything and walk past.

Fuck off

They said they had forgotten something but they took a long time at the counter.

Plus I was talking about the bitch employee, not the stupid niggers who cut ahead of me. men only/type/op/

Let go.

Why is she worth of your hate?

It is not as if she works there for but a single day. She will probably be there at the same time the next day, and she will almost certainly be there at the same time after 7 days. Whenever I encounter her again...

I would do something.

Are you... actually serious?

Why are you letting this bother you? It's pointless, no one will respect you more for getting irrationally angry about some asshole in a service job.

Holding onto hatred is like drinking poison and hoping your enemies die. It's not cathartic and it doesn't make you any better, it just makes you seem immature, especially when it's over something this dumb.

And before you ask, "well what would you have done", I would have left and not have given another thought to a person that doesn't affect me in the slightest

Go to another coffee shop with nicer employees you troglodyte

Bro she wants you,go get her

Kek. Toastie roastie. Protip: your kind isn't welcome here. Go to another thread and stink it up

fuck off

>what are you gonna do about it?

ball is in your court.

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You sound schizophrenic.