What do you feel is the "tell" of a person's character?

What do you feel is the "tell" of a person's character?

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How they treat their pets

how they treat their pets, what their friends say about them, how they treat service industry workers such as waiters

How quick they are to punish and how draconian those punishments are.
These are usually emotionally volatile people with a lack of self-awareness regarding their own faults.
If they act like your friend even though they make no attempt to hang out with you.
They're dishonest and can't be trusted.

The pets thing isn't really decent unless you're just fine with anything that isn't totally batshit. A horrible person can still easily treat their pets well, act polite in public, etc.

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>If they act like your friend even though they make no attempt to hang out with you
What if they're just shy or afraid of pushing boundaries?

How they treat wait staff / subordinates / people in a junior position to them.

if their word means anything. a person with good character will go to great lengths to live up to their word

A talk about personal goals/feelings etc.
Otherwise observation

so you mean how do you get someone completly figured out ?

or like what might give them away right.

mostly bad peoples can be exposed because they lie a lot, so they become submerged amoung lies and eventually lose their shits.

You can usually tell if someone has a shy disposition.
The guy who popped into my head as an example is a DJ that socializes with complete strangers regularly. Yeah, no.

If they can admit being wrong or can admit their faults it usually means they're good.

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I can read one's character just by looking at their face. I am very accurate at it. The face definitely reveals a lot about a person, even though the information is processed subconsciously. Some people are better at it, some are worse. From what I've seen, people with low self-esteem tend to be shit at it, and they can't spot an asshole at first sight.

An instant red flag to me when someone says some mean or rude shit to you and try saying it a nice/quirky way to mask it and don't come off as the cunt they are.

My friends and I do something similar all the time, especially when we hoop. Isnt that just banter?

No, no, what I mean is when it's not banter.
Try picturing a situation where what I described takes place but it's not banter/you're not close enough for banter.

>how they treat service industry workers such as waiters

Why does this get parroted so much. Waiters suck 90% of the time most people shouldn't be waiters. They all want a 5 tip for nothing bitch all i spent was 20 bucks take you 2 dollars and change and fuck off. You don't get 20 percent unless you either did a lot or went above beyond.

Here's an example of a mean spirited person.

Absolutely based. Being nice to waiters is not a free good person ticket.

a persons face gives you a taste of their underlying essence but until you understand how their conscious interplay with that essence you know nothing of their character

Unnatural hair dyes on girls is a big flag of instability, a bad time in their life, and mental illness.

How they treat people they have no need to be nice too.

And how they manage a situation where they have the power.

These 2 things will tell you a LOT about someone


How they take criticism or a ribbing. If they respond in a hostile manner, then they are not a good person.

How they handle their faults and deal with problems. And how they treat children.

If true, then half the population aren't good people.
>which is probably true

Any patterns and consistencies in their behaviours. It's not possible to gauge an entire person's character with only a few signs (even in extreme cases). There has to be observable regularities in their actions, and across multiple environments, in order to gleam any "tells" in one's character.

Though (and I can't seem to find it on Google right now), my favourite moniker about if you want to get a sense of someone's true character, then watch on they treat their enemies instead of their friends.

Guarantee youre one of those guys who shits on people constantly and gets mad when no one wants to talk to him

The way a personal treats animals speaks a lot about a person. And no, I’m not talking about hunting and harvesting that animal for food. I’m talking about abuse.

What that persons friends are like, we mimic to an extent the company we keep

This. And here's the reason.

Who their waifu is, no joke

To anons in this thread, I thought I figured out my girlfriend's character as a slight egoistic bust still loving and person you can rely on. Fast forward 5 months later and she's become abusive, toxic and tries to hold me hostage mentally saying I caused her to become insecure due to having other girls on my instagram, dishonesty and making assumptions of things that arent there
wtf is this?