What's the correct response to this irl?

What's the correct response to this irl?

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Wink and say wanna find out

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Coy laughter and smile.

360 fedora tip

that's really fucking cringe
that's almost warse than doing nothing
painfully unfunny

no (you)s for tripfags but that's also shit

Thanks for the compliment, slut.

Why would you say I’m a virgin when you know for a fact I fucked your mom. Then walk away


No reaction
Full deadpan
Give her a blank look showing you legitimately don't even understand what she's talking about, put your hand on your chin as if pondering about something, give her a pity look and then exhale and drop your shoulders as if giving up
Then just resume your argument as of nothing happened
Requires some training but girls are really sensitive to that kind of body language. Her brain will be overwhelmed by hundreds of different interpretations of your actions, all of them pointing towards her being stupid, but just because you're not saying it with words but with actions it becomes 100x more effective

that sounds cringe desu but im curious if it is actually cringey enough to work

this only works if you're a woman

maybe something like "well, good to have you around then".

I would probably just roll my eyes and move on like she said nothing.
Not saying that's the right response, but it's how I would react.

I haven't used it for the specific situation of being called a virgin, but I've used it for many different kinds of insults with good results. The key for it to not be cringe is to keep a complete deadpan expression, no resentful looks, no fedora smirks. The point is that they will feel that you legitimately from the bottom of your heart consider them stupid but because you don't say anything and just continue as normal they can't know for sure, so it'll keep bothering them.
If they keep insulting you or something you don't insult them back, you just keep doing the same but also showing increasing impatience with your body language (sighing, tapping with your fingers, etc)

yeah that'd be cringe

same response you'd give to "have sex" online of course, "dilate"

>this only works if you're a woman
My experience says otherwise.
They usually just freeze when you say it or maybe call you a faggot. Just call them a coal burner in response.

are you people all in highschool or something

they freeze because they can't even believe how much of a faggot you made yourself look like
we're assuming that isn't a tranny

okay then faggot, if you want to brag about having all this life experience and shit then please tell me, what is it?

that's either really fucking cringe or begging to get arrested for attempted rape depending on your bodytype

This happened to me once, I just said "Alright whore". She got peeved but it got the idea across.

when you're an adult you usually don't have arguments in which you call other adults virgins and faggots and coalburners
by usually I mean always

given that you keep calling things 'cringe' I'm guessing highschool is correct

Adding on to this, there are 2 factors that make me think this strategy is good for dealing with women
1. Women are very emotional and a woman's ego is extremely frail. I have never seen or heard of a situation where a woman, when called out on some fault of hers, quietly accepts she was wrong and tries to fix her mistake, at least not instantly.
Insult a woman directly and you'll immediately trigger her defense mechanisms, so the reply is going to be a shouting contest filled with tu quoqe, whataboutism, excuses, victimization, etc. She'll be completely closed up in her shell and what you say will not reach her, she'll just keep attacking back.
2. Women are weak to peer pressure and other people's opinions. It takes one word from a random person on the street to make a girl feel insecure about her own existence. She walks on a store and sees some orange pants she likes, she's about to buy them but happens to hear a couple passing by saying that "nobody wears orange anymore, it's so outdated!". I bet you my ass she's not going to buy the pants.
The opposite is also true. Girl with strict conservative upbringing at university happens to eavesdrop on some girls discussing how cools and cute tattoos are. She comes back home on that same day and is suddenly interested in getting a tattoo.

Applying both factors shows that by using the deadpan metod you'll A. Insult her in an indirect way, bypassing her defense mechanisms B. Make her doubt herself. The moment she thinks "He legitimately thinks I'm dumb" she'll inevitably start to question herself ("I'm not that dumb, am i?" "Do others see me as dumb?" "Did i say anything dumb?" "Maybe I'm actually dumb?"). She'll be forced to look at herself in the mirror and second-guess herself.

All this without a single word said.

i don't care how often you hear this insult the point of the discussion is that once it does happen what's the right reaction

>The key for it to not be cringe is to keep a complete deadpan expression, no resentful looks, no fedora smirks.
Pretty much this. If you don't give a fuck about what these chicks say they're pretty powerless. If they keep attacking then they're asking to get called out for being ridiculous.

Like bill bur said in one of his stand ups: "she'll say something like "you're just like your father" just weave that shit, and stay on point without getting upset."

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the right reaction for what? the right sick burn to impress your classmates or the right reaction to move on with your life and stop talking to this idiot who has just called you something only a 15 year old would even think to call somebody?
there's no good reaction to this teenager bullshit because teenagers judge social worth by a person's general standing, not by the individual things they say
if you're a fat nerd in highschool and the prom queen calls you a virgin, there's nothing you can say that will make you look cool.

but if you're 30 and another 30 year old calls you a virgin, everybody will think 'where the hell did that come from'.

You'd be surprised how many adults act like this. It's banter.

>but if you're 30 and another 30 year old calls you a virgin, everybody will think 'where the hell did that come from'.
nope, it's still the same as your first example

when you are an adult, you have the ability to choose the kind of people you spend time around. if you hang out with dipshits who act like teenagers into their 30s, it's probably because you're also a dipshit.

I guess this is how you repay me. You can leave now. You don’t have to eat all the eggs, you can leave the bowl on the counter, but I would still appreciate it if you ate some of the eggs.
T-thanks, yeah.
Y-you too.

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Correct response is “Whatever, you hoe” and smile at her or give a mischievous or smug look. Legit playfully fight back and suddenly you’re flirting.

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>when you are an adult, you have the ability to choose the kind of people you spend time around. if you hang out with dipshits who act like teenagers into their 30s, it's probably because you're also a dipshit.
Awww.... look it's learning by calling others dipshits.

>No, you're a virgin
>No I'm not
>Prove it

“Find me a girl who doesn’t have fucking genital herpes and I will smash no condom my nigga”

Changes situation to situation and person to person but im going to guess if your social skills are so poor you need to come to an anonymous advice board for a reply to a specific thing like this, you're probably going to be out rhetoriced every time.

Thanks for the downvote.
Any actual contribution?

Stop hanging around shitty people?

I knew a guy who made fun of me for being a virgin. he was a "friend".

He also got pissed to the point of wanting to get violent when a girl told him she had a boyfriend. He was unreasonably pissed off.

And eventually he was alleged to have "raped" someone. He was held, and released due to a lack of evidence. No one knows whats true, however, he was an impulsive man-child who couldn't hold down a job, clearly had a temper, used people to just barely skimp by, felt like he was owed something from the woman with a boyfriend - that's all I can really describe from his entire demeanor about his temperament, and clearly, none of that matter to him because despite all that, at least he wasn't a virgin. See, sex was more than something to enjoy for him, it's status. To be rejected, is a demotion of status. "You are not worthy".

If there's one thing that really gets under a psychopaths skin, it's losing status. The little one-ups-manship part of their lizard brains that makes them pursue the girl they know you like, or intentionally slows down when they know they are blocking peoples way. You're directly attacking that part of the brain when you reject them, they are gonna be pissed.

At first I didn't believe he could be a rapist, but looking back all the red-flags are there and I now believe that he is. He's still free, but to do something about him would be contradictory to more of my beliefs, due process, for instance.
I believe it, but cannot prove it.

So, yeah, hang around better people.
Quiet frankly, if they're more concerned with your status, they aint ever gonna like you for who you really are, and they MIGHT just be incapable of doing so (psychopaths).

They disregard your points because you haven't stuck your penis in someone.
You disregard them because theirs is in their brain.

>when you are an adult, you have the ability to choose the kind of people you spend time around.
not really, you meet more people than just your friends, relatives or friends of your friends come to mind

but that's literally what society treats sex like and what we are told we should treat it like, only he was acting upon it in an autistic way

>Any actual contribution?

>just hang around lowlifes shitter than you because they can't talk shit
shit advice, you obvioulsy don't know how to network

> "Wanna change that?"

So you had a friend who couldn't hold down a job that acted like a man-child, and made fun of you for being a virgin. Then you tell a rape story thinking he did it. Equate the name calling or banter with psychopathy. Not participate in banter or defending yourself is somehow winning cuz psychopathic reptile mind. Then telling people to be around better people. Heh, okay.

Jesus, you sound like a bummer at dinner parties. lol

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But ask in a curious, non-offended way. Then she'll have to explain her own joke/sass and you attack back from there

The one at is also good

I think any response would be cringe, so just ignore that

"You know I have a girlfriend, where did that come from?"

both of these are actually dominant plays and will put her back in her place.

Kek based tripfag 88 get dubs

This but unironically.
Also be more subtle. Don't put your hand on your chin, just look confused and maybe snicker SLIGHTLY like maybe exhale like twice and just ignore what she said.

sweet! so pick you up at 8?

Kinda based no lie

>yeah, whatever, you virgin
Yepp, I'm the last one you didn't try out.

If it's a girl. And if you want war.

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