How do I pass?

I look like pic related what do I need to do to pass? Short of surgery but only because I can’t afford it.

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You're almost there, eat more to get some facial fat

this Girl is a 3/10
her hair is 7/10 but the color takes 1point away
get glasses to shape up your face a little.
and become a makeup pro, girls have that advantage

Get off Jow Forums
Youre never gonna get a good answer from us.
You keep asking and its annoying

more cheeks, that's about it.

Can you just fuck off or are you always on this board looking for a confidence boost

thicc nose

not eating
Thanks for insulting me for no reason, not gonna wear fake glasses or use makeup because that’s visual lies
This is the first time I’ve asked you stupid cunt
How do I get that?

I just want to pass as female you cunt fuck off

I know you've said before you didn't wear makeup for some reason I forgot, but even just a little makeup would help, especially eyeliner and mascara. Also fake eyelashes are super annoying but do wonders. Also lip tint is really really easy and lasts a long time and looks really nice. Another thing I would suggest is maybe just groom your eyebrows a little more. Thinner and lighter brows come off as more feminine. You aren't very clockable to begin with though, so don't worry about it too much.

Well you fucking won't cause you have a dick, all you do is come here and whine but not actually do anything to change yourself

Its a natural body metabolism for girls, but since you're not going for hormones, I'd suggest makeup? Use glowy blush and sensible light highlighter to accentuate them cheekos, try different styles until you find one it fits. I'd also recommend highlighting the cupid's bow.

Also skincare and face massagers work very slighly for fat distribution.

I refuse to wear makeup if I can’t pass without it
Really not gonna do this
Haha I’ve been on hrt for 8 months I’m gonna just fucking kill myself

Stop posting this person. What are you gaining from this

Oh then they will come in time. 8 months is not a lot to change your enitre fat distribution lass.

It's not that you can't pass without makeup, it would just help signal that you're female more overtly. Don't really understand the aversion to something that would probably make you happier.

I AM this MAN
Doubt it
More like get the shit beaten out me for a being a man wearing make up

Other than makeup and surgery, there's nothing you can do. I don't get why you make threads when you fight back on the most obvious answers. If you wore good makeup and not something poorly-applied and draggy/dramatic, you'd look objectively better.

You passed pretty well in the previous picture where you were wearing a brown sweater but the tomboyish look kind of gives off masculine vibes.

No, makeup is cheating and men will hate me and I’ve already said I can’t afford surgery

>only pass wearing female clothes
Shitty and worthless, I’d rather die than not be able to pass in no makeup and male clothes desu, I’ve already cut myself and I one day I’ll do it long on the underarm

>makeup is cheating
It's just as much cheating as doing literally anything else to better your appearance. Why is dying and styling your hair or wearing certain clothes that flatter you not cheating, but makeup is?

I dye my hair an ugly colour no one likes, I don’t use clothes that flatter me and wear baggy ones, I don’t cheat, I am ugly and I refuse to lie to others that I am not

Just be a twink instead dude. This is all the transgender movement does for you. Turns you into someone who obsesses over "passing" which really just means having other people not think of you as a weirdo. Just be what you really are there is nothing wrong with it. Even if you are a feminine man it doesn't make you a loser. And seriously the transgender community is abusive, self centered, self entitled and frankly hateful. You won't find happiness listening to those voices just misery.

Okay, you can choose to not do anything about how miserable you are, but realize no one can help you that way.

I’m not part of some dumbass fucking transgender movement, I want to pass for me and me alone. I refuse to be a twink and debase myself to be an aids ridden husk at 30 that dies alone in a hospital bed. I hate anyone who feels attraction towards male parts of me and have hit people who have before, your suggestion and your life are both FUCKING GARBAGE

No, people can help me if they offer a way I’ll actually become passing or attractive and not just fake it for 3 hours a day

user that is an incredibly unhealthy way of looking at yourself. First of all being a twink doesn't mean being a gay sex slave. Well even if that term is sexual the point is just be a male who is feminine and find a person that will like you for you.

Second of all you should not hate your male parts they are just parts of you they are not special beyond that. I know our culture inflates the importance of sex it isn't truly that important though.

Fuck off, I’m not detransistioning and I’m so fucking tired of faggots trying to say “just be gay” go die of aids you piece of shit fucking predator

>not just fake it for 3 hours a day
That's all you can do user. Look everyone lied to you when they said you could become a girl you can't I am not saying that out of hate. The hateful ones are the ones that tell you that lie because in reality they don't care about you they just say it to feel good about themselves. They pat themselves on the back for being so progressive because being a contrarian about everything especially gender is progressive apparently.

You are one ugly ass dude.

You will NEVER look like a genuine woman with a real vagina.

Watch as literally no one does that because there are no other ways dude.

Okay if you aren't gay that is fine...Look in the end it is your choice but seriously the constant fucking threads you make you definitely are not happy right now and does following the advice to transition really help you? Just ask yourself that honestly.

I don’t accept that, there must be a set of facial exercises to redistribute fat in a more feminine fashion

>to redistribute fat in a more feminine fashion
Why is that so important to you though? What do you gain from having that? Do you think you will be loved then? Sorry user but that is not how love works...


You are a genuinely terrible person.

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I hope you find peace someday user.

Piece of shit fucking gays, stay the hell away from me you penis obsessed fucking freaks

I'm a cis straight woman, so that argument is misguided but not completely inaccurate.

Well fuck off with your advice, you’re stupid fucking bullshit has cis privelage written all over it “just wear make up lol” and yeah I won’t pass then get the shit beaten out of me, maybe killed and you’ll be like “I’m such a good ally”



>I won’t pass then get the shit beaten out of me,
I want to wear a suit of armor everyday but unfortunately doing that would probably cause people to think I am a weirdo and maybe even kick my ass (although in that case I would have protection). Unfortunately you have to compromise with how you express yourself, you don't see men wearing those puffy collars anymore.

You expect rights when you've proven yourself to be homophobic?

Then don’t advise me to wear makeup you fucking dumbass
Gay people have been found as shit more than trans people, every religion has something written on gay people being awful predatory pieces of shit but none have any bad things to say about trans people and some support them. Everyone naturally knows gender switchers are harmless people going towards now they wish they were born where as gays are actively harming society.

You need mental health help way more than facial-fat redistribution exercises (which are not a thing).

You look like a teenage boy in a chinese wig.

Don't dye your hair that color, keep it natural.
Get better eyebrows. Thicker and curvier is probably what you want to go for.
Dress feminine. If you're already on edge about what gender you're perceived as, you can't afford manly clothes.

Make up and surgery would work, but hey.
I'd do fillers if anything, but chin and nose are the biggest ones beside that.

>dress feminine
Are you having fucking giggle over there giving me advice that could get me killed you ugly fucking cunt?

If you want to pass as a woman, you have to dress like one.
If you don't care about passing, then stop bringing your bullshit to this board.

You're going to get murdered because you're making it your life's mission to be the most argumentative contrarian 12 year old ever to everyone you come into contact with.

Literal suicidal advice, trans women presenting female when they don’t pass lead to a lot of pain and death, you guys are literally trying to get me killed, admit it

I hope they are because you are annoying as fuck.
Plus, TERF here. Go kys. :)

>troll thread on Jow Forums
Keep going OP I hate this fucking board so much.

Something just doesn't look right, there's still some masculine features coming through.

>Something just doesn't look right
It's just a kid in a wig, what do you suppose it's gonna look like?

Presenting as female is how to pass.

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Hey TERF is a slur you can’t say that, rude ass tranny
Not a troll thread
Not a wig
How to get killed

About the same way a black kid does.
You really don't, but everyone around you is going to assure you that you did, because you're on one fuck of a testosterone-induced growth spurt and you've been repeating what you've heard your prison monkey uncles saying.

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>reasonless random racist rant

>I refuse to wear makeup if I can’t pass without it
Tons of cisfems can't pass without makeup sweaty

OP looks cute but acts like a jerk

>OP looks cute
this dude looks like a boy in a wig lmao what?

Do something with that upper lip. I know there are tricks bitches use. Maybe just the way you you position it will improve over time. Still, Im only gay for you. Im just saying because you ask.

Cute in my book. I've only dated chicks, but I'd of given op a chance before they told me to fuck off

>I'd of
*I would've.
user! Is your English really that fucked? I'm a different dude. I was just lurking. You need to read something besides the internet. I just want to help you.

Are you from britain or something?

In the states we of this thing where we replace of with of

>Thanks for insulting me for no reason
>This is the first time I’ve asked you stupid cunt
Imagine being you

>visual lies
you have to be shitting me right now.

Hmm. So ugly people are ugly on the inside as well... What a surprise

You look like Adam Driver's female version. Some faggot will probably fuck you

You look like a fucking freak:

The eye of a sick man.

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Yeah, you pass, the rope will provide a tight fit though.

>almost a full sanpaku
You can tell he is an NPC by it.

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imagine being a girl and thinking that "passing" for them is anything more than just existing.

if you think you're ugly, you're probably not and if you are then welcome to the world from a man's perspective . I hope you enjoy your stay.

Jawline lmao
Adams apple lmfao
No chance OP sorry take it to /lgbt/

Oh my Christ, I think she (technically he) is cute, yet it's constantly being spammed here. Your nudes are all over /soc/ and when anyone asks you for location/discord, you rebuff them overwhelmingly.

What drip feed of attention do you want OP?

Still, Slumpy#6930, UK

Fuck off tranny

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