After 1 year and 2 months my fiance told me she is not virgin anymore...

After 1 year and 2 months my fiance told me she is not virgin anymore, I feel ripped off because she always told me she was, i invested a lot in our relationship and honestly i wasnt expecting such dissapointment, problem here is that i already invested a lot of money in the ring and the wedding (that is in 2 months) my family would feel dissapointed if i just cancel this whole matter because they invested money too, i feel like i hate her, i deserve better than her, im not like the average beta males that marry single mothers because that the best they CAN get, i feel like im entitled to marry any woman i WANT because im a winner, i dont want another guy leftovers, im better than that, i refuse but at the same time all the time and money invested demand a refund, what shouold i do? fuck at least if im dammed to marry that whore ill make her life miserable.

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You deserve each other.

You're a loser

If you cuck and marry her you're not the winner you say you are.

OP you should probably call it off before you resent her for the rest of your life. Not joking. Cancelling the wedding will be like 30 days of asspain, versus a life of resentment.

I dont get it. Your fiance wasnt a virgin, so what? shes still the same person.
You should break up, user. The women deserves better

Very shitty of her to lie to you but let's be honest only you can decide what to do from here. Did you make it clear it was important to you?

Well she definitely lied to you so you know that she's a liar no matter what other positive traits she has in the end the decision is up to you op

The real question is when did she lose that virginity? Come on dumb ass, did some bro beat that pussy up while you two were together.? Or did she lie and prior to you're relationship let Tyrone hit it? Either way, it's obvious she deserves better.

>I am unable to conceive of values differing from my own.

not OP but i can see your female brain showing up, you are femanon, not surprised you cant understand.

Dump her, she is not worthy of marriage. Sex is just for shallow people that seeks for their own pleasure, but making love is about coneccting with your partner. Also she was not honest, she might be desesperate for getting married

Your fault for not having sex with her. She got bored waiting for you. Probably thought you are gay. Which you could very well be since you don't want to have sex with girls.

Dump her. She lied about something important.

She didn't lie because OP never asked.

I think she's a fool for saying anything, you would have never suspected on your wedding night, so her motivation must be she wants to have you end the engagement. For all you know she is still a virgin, she just wants out, likely because you are an overbearing, arrogant bully that makes her life miserable now.

>she didn't lie because OP never asked
Are you retarded? You dont have to ask and be lied to. It clearly states in OPs statement that she always said she is a virgin, and that was a lie.

It's a sunken cost fallacy to think just because you spent x money and x time you have to see this through.

Dump her. She lied to you for more than a year. Not only isnt she a virgin, she is not trustworthy

>just abstain from sex until marriage bro
>don't have sex in a relationship it will make you happiest and not cheated on

Right on.

Did you save your virginity, too?

She lied to you because she loved you enough that she knew it was important to you. If you can't see that and find a way to forgive her, then the whole year and two months was for nothing. She's still the same person she was. I don't think you loved her, I think you just loved the idea of getting married according to some unrealistic standard.

lol my ex cheated on me and told me she didn't tell me because she 'loved me', what you think of as 'love' isnt the same for other people.

yeah, notice how OP left that one out and when asked he's silent