How do I stop desiring women and wanting a relationship?

There are plenty of other things I'd rather care about but my mind always drifts towards finding a relationship somehow.

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in the same boat op can't go gay either

if only we could control what we desire.

Isolate yourself from everything.
Worked for me, the thoughts stopped and I could focus on something else.

get a hobby
relationships aren't going to fix you

what do you mean from 'everything'?

I rarely leave the house, just to go to Uni. Absolutely no social media or anything where you have to interact with people virtually. Nothing that involves any form of socialization with women unless it's absolutely necessary. Anything that reminded me of women, no matter how small, I tried to take away from my life.
I'd like to say it pays off, I feel more comfortable and at peace not having women in my head all the fucking time.

you are browsing Jow Forums though,you don't browse other boards?

Your instincts tells you to procreate

Become gay.

How is that different from a relationship with a women?

They notoriously will just fuck without the kind of desires and wanting a relationship in the way heteros do

that's not what I want man,gross.

Well what is you want then? Like being asexual, just void of attraction?


my life was much simpler back when I was kid without feeling the need to be in a relationship.

In my experience the for sure answer would be to fall in love and have that woman absolutely burn and crush you. Other ways could include hating women in gneral or literally putting everything else in your life at the forefront of your mind so that these desires dont even come up

How did people like newton and tesla did it?

The option where their path in life meant more to them than vagina. In newtons case, to the point where he died a virgin

too bad I am not smart and ambitious as them.

Also if this is your standard and also want to do anything in life i would recommend committing every moment to your cause and get to developing things on level with changing how the whole world operates.
>einstein still fucked on the reg

Newton was religious, and Tesla was mysophobic.

>einstein still fucked on the reg
Honestly, if Einstein were alive today, he'd be #MeToo'd by now. Nowhere near as hard as Feynman, but still.

Why do you care then? If theres nothing in life that has a reason to supercede relationships, why eliminate the idea?

I don't want others like me in this world.

He was wanted as hell back then and absolutely wouldve been stripped of his nobel prize in this society

> (You)
>I don't want others like me in this world.
Lets take a dive into this hole.


>i dont want others like me in this world
>doesnt want to put a Tesla level effort into their pursuit
>doesnt want to be gay
>doesnt want to be emotionally scarred to the point of not caring
I dont know man? You havent given reason to why liking women isnt for you

because I don't want to procreate and my kids will suffer in life just like me due to my shitty genetics.

Then why not spend your time getting so unbelievably good at something. You wont have time for other shit

I plan to do that I hope my desire will go away.

You need to leave this site immediately then. Unironically find something you can devote an autistic amount of time too, and just let your headspace clear itself.

You literally cannot have both and be great. You devote yourself to a girl and maybe come into a job you hate and a family you can brag about while you and your spouse cheat on one another. Become great at advancing makind by devoting yourself to something that helps everyone but at the cost of thinking like someone that wants a family. Do neither and kys. Do both and be miserable. Thats pretty much the layout by age 30 if not sooner

I see

what happens when you are 30?

i did this, 2 years, doesnt work, need of women has remained the same

Chop off your balls. EZ