I cried in front of my gf last night. And I’m willing to do it again...

I cried in front of my gf last night. And I’m willing to do it again. I don’t care about the “men don’t cry” bullshit. What’s your opinion?

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>men don’t cry
Who told you that?

Society, user. It's one of history's most common stereotype for men.

probably his dad

As long the reason wasn't about her, you should be fine

It's okay user, don't be afraid to show your emotions, especially with someone you're supposed to trust.

Real men dont give a fuck what others opinions are of their emotions. Crying included.
>unless it was over something really gay or your gf calling your dick little

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I agree that you should be able to cry in front of those you trust and care for. Just remember that you need to focus on getting better, glorifying reveling in sadness or grief is a hard rut to get out of the farther you let yourself slide.

I don't know your situation though. Just a thought in case that's something you needed to hear. Cry if you have to, but be strong for yourself when it counts.

I only cry when im alone in the middle of the night.

I wish my boyfriend would show his emotions sometimes

>crying in front of people
Unless a person in my immediate family or my dads immediate family dies or suffers debilitating injury suddenly and before their time its not going to happen, literally had the worst 12 hours of my entire life on acid and I held that together for 12 hours while with my best friend

Dont cry in front of your gf unless death of a loved one or something tragic,.Try to be strong, show her whos dominant

Why did you cry though

As a guy, I don't really know how to cry

Cried in front of my girlfriend a few weeks ago after having a breakdown explaining to her the trauma I experienced as a child.

> "Baby, let me take care of you. It's okay. Baggage doesn't bother me."
> Proceeds to take me by the hand inside of her apartment, undresses me and washes me while kissing me and caressing me along the way.
> Promises she'll never leave me and that we'll always be there for each other
> Proceed to have great, passionate and genuinely loving sex
> wtfisthis.jpg

> Broke up with me a week and a half ago because she was being a belligerent retard while she was drunk and I yelled at her to focus and control herself and she had a complete breakdown and said she couldn't deal with all of my issues anymore (anger being one of them).

Last thing she said to me was "Get help user."

We went from speaking to each other everyday to not speaking once since. Her parents don't want me anywhere near their house or her or the family.

I've had my revolver loaded and next to my bedside all week. I want the sadness to stop.

Sounds like she broke up because you cant control your anger, not you crying...

And listen, I totally get the whole "Women are not your personal therapists" thing,

but I honestly feel like this generation has taken it to an extreme point where we just don't want to bother with being there for other people emotionally because we fail to do that for ourselves, or don't know how to be.

This is literally a huge part of the reason why I doubt the possibility of Socialism ever taking root or working enmasse in any society because Western women, in my personal experience especially, if they're left leaning and generally not a moron and have some taste in art and literature, claim that men should be more open about their feelings, it's okay to cry, so on and on forth.

But literally every fucking time I have ever talked about my feelings in depth with a partner of mine, they have left me. Literally every time. And every relationship that I withheld my most personal problems, they went smooth as fuck.

There comes a point where the forced narrative of "a free and open society starts with a free and open relationship" reaches its zenith of efficacy and begins to degenerate and cause more problems than it solves.

TL;DR I don't trust women and my personal faith in humanity has significantly deadened in recent years.

I can control my anger quite well actually.

She's a great person, and in my view, I still think shes's got a great heart at her core. But at times she was just so immature. Ridiculously so. The night before we broke up, she was absolutely cocked and I had to drive us back from the club. She would not stop talking and I had a massive headache from the few drinks I had (I don't drink often, super light weight) . She was vacillating between trying to give me directions back home and pointing out pretty colors and lights. She asked me "Are you mad at me?"

And I said something along the lines of "no but you are getting on my nerves because I'm trying to focus so please shut the fuck up." Silent treatment till we got home. Then she starts crying. It only got worse from there.

I never hit her or abused her physically. Or any woman I have been with. If anything, I think that she has some maturity issues in some respects. I apologized to her the following morning for being so mean, but apparently that wasn't enough.

From personal experience, it sounds great in theory, but feels like you're constantly carrying more weight on you than you signed up for -- even if he's only shown his emotions once. :/

Can’t wait for you guys to break up

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Bad move tbqh. Learned that ze hard way

>it sounds great in theory, but feels like you're constantly carrying more weight on you than you signed up for -- even if he's only shown his emotions once. :/
lol this really sums it up. You're all full of shit. Say one thing and mean another.

>don't be afraid to show your emotions to me, sweaty :)
>uh I'm leaving now. Good luck coping with your dead father!

>dead father


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After I touched my wife’s mother’s still semi warm dead body and said goodbye for the last time I walked out of the room and started uncontrollably sobbing. I don’t regret it a bit. We kept watch until the very end.

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men's emotions are fucking wild because we dont have the time to dwell over them so we put them to one side whilst we do shit.

then they hit us like a truck when we're not looking.
if you're not in a relationship or have nobody to talk to then it's basically game over either you're gonna neck rope or you'll spiral into depression.

if you are in a relationship then maybe your gf will console you for a bit then modern ficklety will hit her and she'll suddenly realise that you're not fun anymore because you are literally dealing with mental issues but she doesn't care because it's not about her anymore. she'll realise there are thousands of other guys who are mentally stable and would give their legs to be with her so why stay? you think you're worth it? lmao no. not in these times.

she'll end up leaving you and you'll either blow your brains out or live with suicidal thoughts for the next few years.

if you don't sepuku in that time then you might end up losing your job or failing exams etc and may be kicked out of said establishment. Time to consider kissing a muzzle again :)

it's a sick and twisted flowchart where the top path always lead to death or pain. successful people learn to live with the pain by repressing it. emotions, especially emotional attachment, are literally just a weakness that can be exploited

follow on

its so weird how girls will always stick with a guy who is broken in the hopes of fixing him but that's only for poor attitude or personality. if they show any kind of mental health issues they just dip because its too difficult for them to deal with themselves. news flash, if it's too difficult for you to deal with as a spectator then imagine what it's like being in the ring bitch.

guys never really change, shit just happens to them and they react. smart women notice that and stupid women find a 21 year old teenager with anger issues and a childish personality and think they can change him for the better.

yes I'm pissed off, yes this is the situation I'm in, yes this is a Japanese cartoon appreciation site.

Listen, man.
Crying means you were overwhelmed by your own emotions. In other words you were too weak to handle your own impulses.

Make no mistake. Crying is weakness. And men shouldn't be weak. Society is correct about that.

But obviously everyone has a weakness.
And if you're comfortable showing weakness in front of your gf like that, go for it.
Would take me a long time before I were capable of that.
Except movies. Movies and theatre plays get a pass. They're often there to overwhelm you in the first place.

>Make no mistake. Crying is weakness. And men shouldn't be weak.

only retards say shit like this. retard

>nno... being overpowered is not weakness ... it's not that you lacked strength it's ... somethiNG ELSE! RETARD!
lol weakling

only a weakling hides himself being weak. retard

Prepare for a possible break up

Congrats she will now dump you

i've cried multiple times in front of my gf and she never dumped me

already happened, she dipped because she was always worrying. now she's got a new toy and I haven't a clue what she sees in him. maybe she thinks his childish attitude and reliance on his mother is a turn on

you can only cry in front of people you trust
never trust a woman

it'll happen eventually unless your as good as she can get

>only a weakling hides himself being weak
is that why your intellectual disabilities are up for display?
do you think people think better of you when you show them your weak muscle-less body? do you think it's a good thing when they think you're mentally challenged? are you boasting about your mental instability for any other reason but to get pity?

face it, you archetype of a sheltered kid, being weak is bad.

>can normally function as an stoic machine
>quick to cry when gf gets mad at me for legit reasons (if it's bullshit i can just ignore it, but if i do consider i fucked up i just feel really bad and guilty about it)
>9 out of 10 times i make gf cry i end up crying together with her
Fuck this weak heart of mine

Sounds like a good relationship.

Honestly, if you feel comfortable enough to cry around her, that probably means she's a keeper, and you should stop listening to these idiots.

Unironically this. Emotional openess is a healthy thing in a relationship.

i mean you didn't have to word it like that i would be really sad too if the person i loved most told me to "shut the fuck up", just being a little nicer about it, i don't think you're a bad person, she said it's not enough which gets me to ask do you talk to her harshly regularly? it might have been that she meant she wanted changed behavior rather than a sorry, but if you don't.. i'm really sorry

Thats fine, men also cry, but dont do it too often, or she will start seeing you as weak

My man, you bought yourself a one-way ticket to being single; it's just a matter of the when the train will arrive.

You're comfortable in the relationship and she is probably willing to help you. As a female, I'd rather have a boyfriend crying in front of me than pretending he's cool and collective.

I honestly cant remember the last time i cried,I think it was the beginning of UP

I`d say crying is strenght. Pretending not to cry and act tough sounds more like a weakness to me

Being a pretender is such a pussyshit thing to do
You women are such fake retards.
I opened up to my gf and kept talking about an issue trying to get help, keeping in mind that she said she'd be there for anything, and then when I want to tell her my progress on processing that whole trauma, she tells me to stop talking about it because "I'm not a baby, and I should handle it like a man". I felt betrayed, and really stupid, because I thought that she would care enough and love me without giving me shit like that. I spoke to her about that issue I had 3-4 times over the course of 3 months.
Although, yes, I like to admit that my past troubles have negatively impacted me, the one time I open up, thinking it'll get me somewhere, I got fucked over.

The Cure

that's how the pros do it

Crying is just release of tension. When you release the tension you relax. Nothing wrong with that. If you hold your tears you will cause more damage to your body in the long run. Plus, those tears are yours, be proud of them.

I cried in front of my girlfriend once.
Now it haunts me about everyday of my life, and im scared of having a relationship and showing any weakness because of it

You wont remain her bf for very long if you keep doing this

Bro, you do not control your anger well if you tell your girlfriend to “shut the fuck up”. Under any circumstances. She was correct for leaving you, as that is not how you treat someone you care for.

Even if a girl told me to shut the fuck up, I’d be out of there. That’s incredibly immature and I don’t have time for that. Ironic that you call her immature but you speak to her like you’re 16 when she annoys you.

This shit right here is what I thought of its true society fucking ruins us


You NEVER show your weakness to a woman, she will exploit it.

You need to grow up, son. Why would you equate all women to the way one woman treated you? You dated a shitty person, it happens. Men do the exact same shit to women.

The fact is some people aren’t in a relationship to fully take care of their partner, or help them with their personal issues. You speak like you’re 16-19 years old, (“all you women are retards” seriously? Maximum cringe.) so I understand that you probably haven’t had a lot of real world experience. But there’s tons of wonderful, caring women out there. If you don’t let that one experience turn you into a bitter misogynist, I can guarantee you’ll find a woman who will love you and listen to you.

I read the first 2 lines and was not sure where this was going

She will have lost respect for you.

I did this too and thought we would bond by me showing emotions.

No. Women want you to be stoic and keep emotions inside. They don’t care how you feel.

Subconsciously this made her pussy dry.

You need to start acting manly again or she will cheat or leave you.