Nirvana (pt.2)

I am an enlightened being. Please feel free to ask me any question.

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How did you become enlightened?

I didn't become enlightened, I only stopped believing the lie that I was not awake.

How to improve my beat production?

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How do I make women want me to dick them?

Study and listen to music that you admire constantly. Devote yourself to your craft and you will soon be admired and studied.

You cant control a person, but you can increase your chances of success by utilizing the law of averages in your favor.

Just ask as many women as possible..

Why is OP a faggot?

mfw he attained bodhi but doesn't realize he isn't on reddit

How do I influence a girl to go through with something she suggested?

Tips to be better at mediation? I feel like I got in the zone one time. Can't make brain shut up. I do best while snuggled up in bed.

Is that where the "cool kids" hang out these days?

Is it okay for me to end my life if I accomplish one last thing that I will be proud of? Will there be peace if I go that way?

My health will not permit me to be around much longer in any dignified fashion.

Do you still feel torment and frustration ? Are you at peace ? How does it feel to exit sorrowful spirals ?

Focus on your breathing, the noise in the room, temperature, etc. Get all of your sensory organs involved in order to stay in the present moment. This should keep your brain too busy to think.

Curious, is there a goal you are trying to accomplish by meditating?

I am not that person. I don't know what that word means but I know that it is a fighting word. I ignore those who use it. They mean only to anger you.

She's dropping's your turn to make a move.

I moved to a new city and can't get dates. The racial demographics are much different in this city, and I have always been a minority in life. My headspace is slowly deteriorating, and Tinder is only making it worse.

I can only move back in a year's time, but is there something I must do to change my situation? Not incel but it's getting pretty nutty spending so much time alone.

You are free to do as you wish, and peace will absolutely be waiting for you, but I wholeheartedly believe that the most valiant way to leave this earth is to devote yourself to some virtuous ideal. That is my opinion.

Keep fighting until your last breath, for yourself and for those that will benefit from your efforts. I am with you.

Well, I think that the world I see is a creation of my perception. I want to see the man behind the curtain. I hope to see situations from perspectives that I'm not looking from. I know there must be other angles. My points of view isn't working in the new position that I find myself in. I can't change the outside but I can change within.

I have accepted the entirety of life; the ups and downs, the calm and the storm. I know what I am and what I am not, what to do and what not to do, what is and what is not. I have confidence that I am doing the right thing all the time.

Nothing has been added to me, but lies and impurities have been shed in order for me to see that I am and always have been awake, enlightened.

What is it that you really want? Do you know? Can you say it in one sentence?

Well i was thinking of betting the international lottery and maybe more worth with the one with confirmation and dont know how to enjoy the winnings... what do i do

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Could you describe that peace in terms of the life we know?

Also, is there a resurrection?

Also, thank you for the kind words. I needed them.

This dipshit again

The man behind the curtain can only be "felt." Please excuse me, this topic is extremely difficult to explain because the mind cannot comprehend the Self. The Self is superior to the mind and cannot be understood because of this reason.

I hope this helps. Please accept my blessings and I hope to remain in your thoughts. Your success is imminent.


I feel you. I go practice now.

You know this peace already. It's our most natural state of being.

Long ago, you felt peace and security, love and wholeness when you were a little baby. It never left you, because this is what you are at the core of you.

As you grew, you learned new ideas, concepts, language, behaviors, and other things that made you forget this most basic and simple fact; you are serenity.

This peace can be felt sometimes after a deep sob. After all the emotion is let out and before drifting into a sweet sleep, there is a peaceful air that seems to surround you.

Remember this feeling. I am with you always.

how can i embrace detachment without fear of losing my identity

You know what to do.

...hire a financial advisor.

Thank you for your answer.
Then, how does one accept changing in tone with this fluctuating world ? How can I accept cycles of storms and calm times ?

This makes sense. I can't imagine much better.

Thank you.

can you just ignore physical / body impulses ? Coming from the depths of your gut?

AND: does "it" become fake by fighting this?

Bodhi, help me. I don't believe humans have an afterlife or a soul. I believe our belief in a soul or self is just a lie to make it seem like doing actions which will benefit us in the future are good ideas, when in reality there is no "I" to benefit in the future. This leads to my hedonistic lifestyle and abandonment of ambition, trapped in this cruel existence

What is the most efficient way of inflicting the maximum possible amount of pain upon your fellow human beings?

Something to do with breaking their heart surely

Are traps gay?

Bodhi, how would you go about forgiving cheating? We've been together for 2 and a half years, I feel like she's the one.
tldr; she got kissed kind of unexpectedly and she froze up in the process and kissed back, and only pushed the person away within a few moments when she realized what is happening. I am trying to find peace with this and to rebuild what once was, but it's too hard sometimes. I really don't want to leave her.

Pass a bill that bans all cellphones

Yes to an extent. We don’t have to pee the moment we get the impulse, we learned to control that as a child.

Same thing with other impulses, though some get unbearably strong over time

What’s so cruel about it? And yes we have a soul dipshit, what do you think we are just here randomly? Nope

Why my dude? This sounds like the thoughts of a child. You don’t have to be so dumb.

Liking traps or being one? Traps can be gay or not

That’s not even cheating. She didn’t initiate, she acted surprised, pushed him away...and it was just a kiss. No big whoop

You shouldn’t. Detachment is for morons who can’t handle the world. Rather you should learn to not care about stupid shit and care about important things: finding love and enjoying the world while you are alive

When you detach yourself, you do not lose anything. You simply realize that you are not the emotions, thoughts, pain that the body produces. This makes it easier to accept all the circumstances of life as perfect and abiding. Good luck.

You will accept life as perfect and just when you realize that true self as a separate yet integral part of your life.

You are playing a part in a grand movie and your eyes are the camera..

Why do you believe all of the circumstances of life are perfect and abiding?

Why do that? Most times “gut feelings” turn out to be correct.

Please be careful who you take advice from and pee when you get the urge to do so..

“Do what thou whilst”

Know that what ever you do is the right thing so long as you benefit yourself and/or others. This is my opinion.

Attack and deflate their beliefs. Especially ones concerning God or some lofty ideal.

It makes sense, I'm glad I'm on that path then. Wish you all the best !


You didn't attain; keeping on doing these threads is sure to be very detrimental to you once the karma ripens.

that's pretty bad, user
Saying "peace will be waiting for you" to someone suicidal
that's pretty, pretty bad

Know that your feelings are valid. If you feel cheated, then you were cheated. I grieve with you.

If I ever feel wronged, I first remember that there are two sides to every story. There is a reason for everything.

Perhaps the other person feels that they are justified in their behavior? Or is altogether ignorant of their actions. Regardless, my feelings are valid and so is this person’s reasoning. I may not agree, but everyone’s reasoning and feelings are valid and true.

Do what you need to do to get closure and move forward, with or without this person in your life. The choice is yours always. Good luck.

I know that all things are perfect and abiding because it’s been proven to me. I stand and act based on facts. You must prove this thing to yourself before you can stand fast.

That is your opinion and is right and true to you, but let the reader decide what is good for themself.

If I’m not mistaken, this person thanked me for my kind words. I cannot say the same for you, unfortunately.

Who promoted Peress?

In Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep, who killed the driver?

What was the Albigensenist Heresy?

“Many good works have I done in my father’s name
For which of these do you stone me?”

What do you know?

"I have shown you many good works from my Father. For which of those works do you stone me?”

John 10:32

Is that so?
And how was this proven to you?

You're pretending karma doesn't exist. Peace doesn't await people if they aren't finished when they die. That user was not finished. That's not my opinion.

You haven't shown me anything good lol.

How do I switch between multiple universes?

I know myself, I know what is right and what is wrong, What to do and what not to do, what is real and what is not real.

I know what is not real, but I choose to dive into each and every question and the people behind them and I find a way back to where I am. I work within a person’s belief system to bring them out of ignorance; and at the very least, out of suffering even just for a little while.

What is your objective here?

You haven’t given me a reason to show you anything at all.

Do you believe that you are right sometimes? Well, would it surprise you that others may believe you to be wrong at the same time that you believe you are correct?

Stop deflecting and face what I'm saying properly.
It was a polite way to say that what you're doing in this thread is bad for yourself and for others.
You don't have the eye and you don't have the function, and your path isn't finished.

Why are you believing?

If you believe all is perfect then you leave no room for the imperfect. If you believe all is abiding you leave no room for the ephemeral.

Believing is clinging, it's not letting go, it's not having faith.

How do I keep calm around people? When I am around people, I am always thinking what do they want, how to behave so they like me or atleast don't get them mad. It is quite tiring. I see other people in public transport are able to fully concentrate on music/book, but I can't bring myself to do that. I lose my concentration and start thinking about people around me.

How do I keep my nirvana permanent?

Because I choose to do so.

It’s because you have fear and insecurity. But...why? Why do you care what every moron thinks? It’s dumb

There are a number of things to do to get rid of this behavior, but maybe you can use it to your advantage.

Why don't you try striking up a conversation with someone who is looking around like you?

You should learn to mind your own business, my friend.

Other people are quite capable of deciding what is good and not good for them.

It seems that every person is the center of a unique and beautiful universe.

Look for one that seems interesting and beneficial and dive in.

This is similar to what I felt. Wrong curtain? Are there other curtains?

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It's effortlessly permanent and natural, but sometimes we dive into the world to have a little fun.

Think of a bird that soars very high above the clouds and sees all the happenings down below. Even the bird swoops down for a meal sometimes or for a bath.

This is just an example. There are an infinite number of ways to describe Nirvana. Most are probably better than mine, but I'm working on it.

A curtain is meant to conceal something. I would say, do what you must to remove the curtain that is hiding you from your self.

This could be a certain belief, behavior, idea, etc.

Is there anything we dont know about Saturn?

I shall search. I think that I have abandoned most of those... except those that smell true. I could see that you are where where I am headed and have helped to name you because I recognized you.I will continue the path in the direction you have pointed.
The TAAT transmission was an automotive innovation that is now commonly used in supercars.

You have revealed much.
Mostly that you lack true wisdom.
I wish you luck.

This is your opinion and is valid, although I disagree.

Let the readers decide for themselves.

is pursuing an mba a good idea? cruised through undergrad and been working a tech job for a few years. mortgaged a property which pays itself off through rent each month. have a small business on the side right now but am thinking a top 10 mba might be able to get me some great opportunities. what do you think?

It sounds like a good idea to me. I can tell you're also leaning towards it. The only thing I can think of is practicality; can you fit schooling into your schedule and maintain the same quality output into your current job, business, social life, etc? If it requires some sacrifice, would you be willing accept that?

Yeah you sound like a blustery moron. None of your advice is meaningful

Maybe because none of it is directed towards you.

If I am not perfectly enlightened, as you say, then I wonder where you rank with your inflammatory and hurtful words...

Whaddup nerd, I'm enlightened too.
Just stopped by to say hey

I achieved satori and turned away from it. Annihilation of desire leads to serene contentment. Achieving your real ambitions leads to much higher peaks even if you have to suffer deeper valleys as a result. I learned that I'd rather be powerful and accept the costs and sacrifices necessary for power, than be meek and content with nothing.

i would have to stop working and go to school full time for 2 years. money isn’t an issue; i’m just unsure if it’s the best use of my time

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you

You’re a gd moron why would I take advice from you.

Nah dude, you think you escaped enlightenment but that's the big cosmic joke, everyone is enlightened.
You do it just by being you.

I think I understand what you mean. Correct me if I'm wrong; being and moving within society, owning a business, raising a family, etc., requires effort, but is necessary for worldly success.

Living in a forest or being a poor monk is serene, but we've chosen to play the game of life (I have a family of my own), and experience the pain and stress of everyday life.