My pet of 7 years died today

My pet of 7 years died today

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Fuck that user. That's half the reason I went atheist. What kind of piece of shit god would make pet lives so much shorter than ours.
I'll pray for you tho.

Thanks atheist user, I appreciate that.

There's 2 ways you can think of

Either believe that there is an after life where you could met him/her there.


Everything dies and you help him/her made his/her life more fulfilling because of you.

Sorry for your loss user

well if it was a shelter dog (or cat) you saved them and gave them a good home
if it was some random ass wild animal then maybe you just tried playing god and it didn't work out

I've been going with the first option; however, I find myself thinking that I need to feed the empty tank out of habit.

Sorry, I ment the second one. I'm not feeling the best because of this to be honest. Today was a lot, first day at a big new school and now my pet that I cared for years now is gone. The worst part ist that I did my best to care for her, but she got tumors and died, meaning my efforts were in vein.

Sorry to hear that user. Good luck on your new school, just remember you at least tried

Thank you user, I'll keep that in mind.

The worst part of the next couple weeks is when people ask "so when are you getting another one?".

Get a another one.

I got to bury the 1st one before, all in good time user.

I feel your pain OP.
My doggo of 12 years passed on Saturday.
He was my best friend and I miss him so much.

How long did you expect it to last? Forever?

It is going to be normal to be depressed. That might be right away, or it might happen later. Everyone experiences loss in their own way. But just remember, just because it is normal. That doesnt make it ok. If you need to reach out to a friend, or someone you can trust, do so.

I'm sorry for your loss man. I think reaching out even to a group of strangers is sort of healthy in it's own way. Shows you want to process this. I think you will be ok.

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Sorry to hear it. You brought your pet a lot of happiness and joy in that time, I'm sure. I hope you two both enjoyed your time together. Take care user.

Absolutely true; however, I do intend to get a new one after a substantial break from pet ownership and after I'm done grieving. It's must be a coincidence, but a friend of mine just lost her dog too on Saturday as well. I'm sorry for your loss user and know you're not alone in this. No, I just didn't expect it to happen so suddenly and at such an inopportune time. I also miss her, which throws salt in the wound. I really appreciate this sentiment user, I want to let nature take it's course and walk away better for it. However, my head and heart hurt from all that has happened and I would like it to stop. I find using Jow Forums as a sounding board helps a bit. We certainly did user, you take care too.

not to sound harsh but 7 was old for a pet even a doggo a cat will live for about 12 years but cats are cunts they live just to piss ya off lol. but a human can expect to have about 3 or 4 pets in their lifetime. you may not be looking for your next pet but sometimes your next pet finds you.
>>where else can you get free uncondtional love?

See, I have had the exact opposite experience with cats and dogs. I've gone through many cats in my time and my dog has continued to outlive them.

My boy is more than a decade old I guess I should be grateful he's still with us. The day he's gone I will weep when I wake up in the morning and he's not there next to my bed in his usual spot anymore.

Take some pictures with him and keep them close.