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Best complaining thread at the market since 2003. Now with Raul.

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I can only hope that the pessimistic 'hard greeners' are right and humanity gets exterminated within 30 years, I am making sure to contribute to it. Let's keep polluting, time to suffer motherfuckers.
You all neurotypical morons deserve to die in a slow agony because of what you have done to oppressed, disabled and needy people.
Let's only hope Trumps nukes that hurricane.

Make no mistake, I am not crazy, I am 100% sane, you deserve this. This is justice.
Do a flip motherfuckers.

Going on a date this sunday and im not as confident as I felt when i asked her out, I feel like seeing her before the date will cause me to blow it for some reason even though I know that isnt true and I just hung out with her 2 hours ago idk why im feeling this way all of a sudden. Im 23 shes my first date im not a social autist anymore but ive never kissed a grill before and im kind of unsure how to deal with my lack of experience

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Oh thank God the job interview has been moved. I was trembling and sweating on the way there. I was not ready today.

Realized recently that I'm a textbook coward and I don't know how to fix it.
For background, I work retail in the midwest, and a lady came in, and said she talked to my manager(mentioned him by name) the day before. She said her house burned down, and he cleared her to take some things 100% discounted from clarence to help her out(he did not). Too cowardly to warrant an argument, I decided to look the other way. I looked the other way when she carried off about $500 dollars worth of merchandise and I looked away when she came back the next day and did the same thing.
Today my manager called me and said "Some lady is telling me you let her carry off $1000 worth of shit, and wants more, is this true?" To get out of trouble, firing, not having a decade sized hole in my resume, and crippling fear of judgement, I blank face lied to him(even though he's someone I respect) and said she was lying, and stealing from under our noses.
I'm racked with guilt about lying to him, and I'm guilty about having to make up a whole bullshit story to save my own cowardly ass, obviously not that it deserved to be saved, from something that could've easily been avoided if I had any semblance of a backbone. Also I am completely unable to sleep, in fear that they'll look at the cameras, then I'm not only fucked, but I'm caught in a pure lie.
This isn't totally an isolated incident, after ruminating on it for this long, I've come to realize that most of my life ricochets between naivety, gullibility, and cowardice(ie. total avoidance of any sort of risk taking, inability to talk to, let alone ask out women, I'm too cowardly to ask for a raise, people have manipulated me for as far as I can remember, etc.)
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could not be such complete and utter coward, or at least how I can be less gullible? Or am I fucked.
I'm sick of living this way, I just want to the man, I wanted to grow up to be.

Talking with customer service agents makes me feel inferior because of how well they speak contrary to me who can't get through a conversation without stuttering.

I don't really need to get this off my chest, but there isn't a 'stupid questions' general on Jow Forums.

Is there a way to quietly remove a relationship status on facebook?

Yeah, while you’re editing it there should be an option to keep relationship status private. If that doesn’t work, you should also be able to change the privacy of the post itself

The hardest bit is over with and now you're over thinking it.

Relax, watch a movie, have a shower and shine your cock because you're fucking on Sunday.

I no longer want to associate myself with a girl I used to be friends with but she keeps on coming back to subtly signify her presence. I don't know how to cut ties with someone without appearing like an asshole while the other person will act like she's the victim in the situation. She's been resharing this facebook-tier posts and quotes, and even made an indirect post about me and my bf although she deleted it afterwards. For fuck's sake, it's been months but she can't even let things go. As much as I tried to be sympathetic, I'm just getting tired of people being bitchy. Maybe I've messed up on my part too, but please give me a break.

slow and steady wins the race

I'm feeling the same (also 23yold) but I haven't asked her out yet. In my case it happened to me because I started thinking about her and as the time went by I made this perfect image in my head of all the great times we will have and now my self esteem is shattered. Maybe it's the same with you. Keep your focus on the fact that she's interested in you, be cool and be yourself. I wish you the best, be brave!

I wish I could give her a hug

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I miss having a pet, but I can't adopt one in my current situation especially after having to rehome my previous dog. I've never been without a companion and I hate it, but I'm doing my best to wait until I'm in a better place to care for it.

Why don’t you want to be friends anymore?

You have never been too brilliant at picking euphemisms for sex.

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You should tell her if you can.

We were enmeshed and I know the way things are now is healthier but I wish we had talked about it. Your silence on all issues is shit and you should know that. I’ve made new friends and I’m crying because I now see clearly how you’ve treated me so poorly, especially the last few years. I can’t believe this happened between us. I love you but you’re toxic and unfair. I don’t know what to do. I know I played a part in this but I’ve tried to get a conversation going.

It's hard to tell when it's coming from a dog

At least I’m cool shoob dogg.

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I think I have bpd...

Or ADHD not as severe but still.

Why symptoms?

I'm probably gonna fail my econ final. I'm doing the course online and did all the course work months ago. I tried doing practice problems yesterday from an old final and I couldn't do any of them. The final is 70%

I don't want to spend my time with someone who's filled with envy and negativity. I've seen her acting all bitter and passive-aggressive when things weren't going out of her way. I've also dealt with her during the time she had her personal problems, but everyone who tried to help her were dragged in as if it was their duty to fix her life and pull her out of her """shell""" or whatever. She'd be cold and rude, pushing a lot of people away, yet she was expecting them to keep up with her shit. In turn, some people were even stressed/depressed because of the poor behaviors she's displayed.

>fear of abandonment
>unstable relationships
>self image problems
>impulsive, self destructive
>suicidal thoughts
>extreme moodswings
>chronic feeling of emptiness
>anger management issues
>out of touch /w reality
I cling really hard to the very few friends I keep, usually ending in disaster. I deal very poorly with disappointment and rejection, like someone calling off or just showing up late. I get paranoid over their motives.
At multiple points in my life I have dropped entire groups of friends, usually over a girl/obsession. Sense of self is unstable, always looking for meaning.
I have dropped jobs and education just to try and cope/separate myself from a bad situation.
Actual suicidal thoughts are mostly a thing of the past, but the ideation is still there.
Every once in a while I get in bouts of intense and rapid mood swings that can go on for weeks(longest I've had was couple of months).
This isn't common, but sometimes I get very suddenly and intensely angry about something small and unjustified. I always question people's motives even when I know I shouldn't.
Also a black hole is trying to consume my heart.

I do have a psych appointment in a week because of a recent bout of whateverthefuckiswrongwithme.

I’m sorry I treated you so poorly. I probably has never been a good friend. I’ll try to take notes and not to be like this.

And I should probably mention the idolization/devaluation of people. And the guilt and shame that comes with it.

I am seriously going to be forever alone. I don't want to use dating apps because that's comparable to fishing in a sea of garbage. Also, it seems like these days a lot of men use these apps. Not only that but everyone is glued to their phones as if it's an extension to their life. I'm not sure where I will be able to find a good, level headed man who is not on a dating app and is present in the moment.

Final addition: anxiety and panic attacks are a big part of those bouts.

Ask about DBT it’s good.

Femininity is so overrated

You’re making a healthy decision. Tell her why you are distancing yourself. She needs feedback.

If the only way to get rid Trump is to temporarily really tank the economy, I really hope that happens.

Jow Forums just warned me, I wish they banned me. Fuck you cowards.

That seems like the way to go, thanks.

Do you know how I know what I know? I fucking felt strong enough about it to actually study it and pay to study it. I'm not some bimbo that makes porn then decides to look like a good person and hypocritically states they hate porn. Fuck you and fuck your sleazy, no good friends.

Why being glued to the phone bothers you when you chat with them online. Isn’t it good knowing that they are always online to reply to your texts?

Jow Forums mods are a bunch of losers that can't even think independently.

I feel like you’re getting too demanding. Probably I’m just an egotistical twat.

I thought I'd wait until September but I changed my mind.

>Probably I’m just an egotistical twat
Remove the probably and you have your answer.

You expect me to worship you because other people do? You obviously don't know me at all.

I prefer face to face interactions. If both parties have a busy life its not practical to text each other especially if they see each other after or live together.

Wait to do what?

Okay, but well, I love and accept myself the way I am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These people stole me life. I never asked to sign up for my entire life to be a lie, to be on display. I never consented. I know you will be punished eternally for this.

Tell them irl and not just here. How can they work on an issue if they don’t know how you feel?

Of course you do...that's why you will never better yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’m not reading your silly fanfic, get out >_>

Where are you going?

I want my fucking money.

I wish we never were a thing.

That makes 2 2 2 of us.

Go get them back, I never mind it, you know that.

post link and i will

Life's an unfunny joke when you're subhuman

I just want to keep this space between us.

At least nobody can kill you, you are subhuman!

Why? You don't want to be close?

If you mean subhuman in the way Bill Gates/Espstein look at people, then sure it is unfunny.

I wish somebody would or that I was suicidal though so it would end

Every time I feel like texting, I remind myself of the lies you told me and your years of selfish behaviors. I will not allow myself to feel guilty for not responding to you.

I’m sorry for being this neglecting and nasty. I’m just so jealous of how good you’re doing.

Time to go for good.

What kind of lie did I tell you? Go and call me out directly.

where are you going?

I'm leaving all my online 'friends' for good.

Take care!

it's sometimes good to spend some time alone

I hope you get a bad batch of Molly and OD.

Jow Forums mods, you're a bunch of losers. I'm reporting your bad posts, bad moderation, bad existence.

I have real friends. I don't need to be alone.

Good for you champ, real proud of ya

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>just a friend
>sm accounts
A few

I can tell about first one, because I have no idea what do you mean in the rest. I’m not really sure about my attitude towards you. Also please understand that it’s FUCKING DUMB to say love about someone who you only saw anonymously. I don’t really know what kind of person you are, man! You told yourself I can’t read you, I really can’t. My attitude towards you is probably not that passionate as you would like or deserve, sometimes I used to force it.

At this point, if any of them died, I'd have the same emotional reaction as I would to any stranger dying. Too bad but it happens. It's nice to not be attached in any way.

>only saw anonymously
Take off your mask

The number of people that I know have cheated on their SO's is phenomenal. It genuinely makes it harder for me to trust others when even the most innocent looking people stab their "loved" ones in the back.

Also this job hunt isn't going too well. Seems like every place for the position I'm after isn't doing too hot, and the only one actually offering full time is in a bad area.

Why? What happened?

Before I go....
Thank you, by the way.

Your digits are my mask on cocaine.

I'm sick of being misrepresented. There are only a few people that even remotely understand anything about me. I'm sick of the ignorance, greed, arrogance, hatred, misogyny and vile nature of them.

wow, wait.... are you arguing with me or sending hearts? wtf is going on?

There is no way of me knowing who you are so I've compartmentalized you into good and bad people, based on past and current behavior.

I really hope you'll be into sucking dick more, even though you just tried it for the first time, but it's really important to me.
You have a really good sense to passion, so it would be a waste too if you didn't enjoy it. I want you to enjoy it and do it for your own pleasure.

Good luck out there.

kys, no one cares about your dick.

I hate myself. I hate that ican't understand simple social cues. I hate that i can't tell if anyone i know hates me or not. I hate how I'm always initiating conversation, less i get left alone. I hate that I'm gay, that i can't simply be normal, that i have to be part of a niche of people, most of whom i hate. I hate that i come off homophobic because I'm insecure, and i hate how that looks.

Why did i have to fail in suicide. Why couldn't i slash my fucking throat with that knife. Why do i have to persist in this damned life i left myself. I hate that I'm 18 and stuck in this existence.
I want to die.

My bad behavioooooour! My bad behaviooooooour!
I told you I was troubled with my bad behaviooooooour! Ooh, oh, oh, ooooooh!


too easy

am I still supposed to take your genitals into my mouth? because eww

Just say congratulations and don't worry about. Good shit will happen.

why shouldn't my gf care about it? i think it's normal

I have a lot of problems that all average/ugly males have, but I don't know which one to post about...

Emily Addison is tagged as milf this days. Time is merciless tho.

>but it's really important to me.
>You have a really good sense to passion


I wish you would check up on me occasionally. If only you knew...

It wouldn't save me but it would surely ease the pain. It would let me know that at least someone cared enough to ask. I shouldn't have to tell someone to ask about me, though.
If it mattered to you I would already know.