The only thing you can really do is lower your standards.
If you are not taller than her she WILL NOT give a shit about, if she dates you, the relationship will be shit and and she might cheat.

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2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11
I can pick up 5. Where's my babe?

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Why do people work so hard to convince themselves that they are incapable of getting girlfriend and then complain about not having one despite never having tried? Honestly its probably easier to actually get a girlfriend.

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How many women have you asked out this year?

If you seriously want a gf you need to have an accurate idea of the factors that play into it. Otherwise its like navigating with an incorrect map. Furthermore all this im posting helps lower mens standards.

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one, 10 times

Im 5'7 btw.

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>If you seriously want a gf you need to have an accurate idea of the factors that play into it.

Naaa you just have to actually ask women out. I got a girlfriend by doing that I didn't have to read your 500 pages of propaganda as to why it's impossible to get a girlfriend.

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They know they can probably get a fat slob girlfriend with a room temperature IQ but we all want pic related.

A virgin carved by divinity specifically for our readied cocks. Society suffers from a unreasonably high standards problem. In reality though, the most attractive people hoover up even the fat bitches so anons feel defeated when they have to fight for scraps.

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Fucking stop it with your retarded spam.

But people told me height doesn't matter haha that's why parents nowadays give children height hormones to make sure they're at least 6' and can have fulfilling lives haha

The fuck are you on? How tall are you and why are you such a retard?

This is the only true one here. Stop complaining about the rest. I got laid more when I was a selfish alcoholic workaholic jerk assholes who just wanted a cockskeeve than when i ever tried to give a woman what she said she wanted.

...this is so beautiful and romantic, did she ever say yes?

Who cares about height lol noone cares about that especially not women haha

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>memes of incels and bitter virgin lanklets totally reflect the real world!
Take your incel garbage to Jow Forums.

Dude I'm agreeing with you being tall is wack hahaha

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Is there a point to this thread other than OP loudly proclaiming to everyone he's gay?

>8.24 inches
>any number measured in inches
>especially in reference to men
I'm 29 and still can't read this shit maturely.

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OP plz continue

I don't get why people need to go the other way for the sake of being contrarians. Being tall is better, you make more money, are happier, people respect you more, and more women find you attractive. There are literal heaps of studies showing this

Actually studies show this is not true. But whatever makes you feel better, virgin lanklet NEET.

When will you kill yourself? You're literally here 24/7 posting the exact same shit every day.

How tall are you?

Here's an actually relevant graph

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>Being taller is better
How come you're 6'3" and a khv then?

Fake news user.

Do you not understand statistics?
Are you fucking 12?

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Dude just go to the incel wiki, the scientific blackpill section has a ton of shit like this.

Im not a khv, im just a v. I worked hard to lose those first 2 letters.

Pick one. Blackpill is incel pseudoscience.

>heaps of empirical studies arriving at the same conclusion is pseudoscience.
This cope is not very good.
Im sure you can up with something better, even though you are retarded.

>that thing
Oh man. That's rich

It's hard to hang yourself when your feet touch the ground

Those "heaps" are either completely made up bullshit or legit studies that show absolutely none of the conclusions incels say.

Here's a challenge for you: post just one of those "scientific" studies that you claim is legit and supports incel beliefs.

Literally go to the fucking link.
Everything is fucking sourced you sophistic piece of shit.

You are trying to backpedal by dumping a heap of spam. Pick one of those "studies". Just one. We'll verify how legit it is and if it supports incel beliefs.

You can go ahead and do that with aby fucking study in there.
Im done directly addressing you fucks.
Im just gonna post shit, and you're just gonna come up with your retarded fucking copes and sophistry.

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>mfw bald 5'4
I know its inevitable

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>tfw 5'5 esoteric musican aesthetic

3 strippers, 3 milfs (of em my moms friend), 4 party chicks, my sisters friend on her 22nd birthday and now I have a long time girlfriend and moving in next week incels just refuse to face the fact its not society thats shitty its them.

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cope, you're probably extremely facially attractive and have hair, its over for fucked genelet manlets

Fuck you I won't cope I'll watch the vid of me that leaked on pornhub instead.

Your apathetic pity party makes me sick.

You aren't ugly. true incels like me, are ugly. height isn't the end of the world, unless you have other shit stacked on top of it. that's it

I'm 5'6 and I'm balding pretty badly. I fucked a rich hot chick like a month ago.

He's asking for a link to one of the actual studies cited, user. That should be easy to procure. You didn't just take the incel wiki interpretations of the abstracts at face value, did you? And you count that as actual research? Please tell me you didn't.

>fucked genelet manlets
Literally me and I've still had sex. Everything in life is networking. Dude, its like getting a job or anything else. Its not what you know, its who you know

you can still have sex sure, but they're never gonna stay when they can get someone way better so easily


you guys believe this big ass lie ?

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That will continue to be true unless you are literally the top .001% of the world population.
You think a male model couldn't mog you to hell and back as a 7-8/10 at a club? Get real.
There's always a bigger fish is a proverb as old as civilization.

that doesn't apply here, when you're far below average in genetics. sure any woman would gladly settle for a 5-7/10, but the men who are far below that for reasons out of their control? they are absolutely fucked.

You know that 70% of this type of articles are garbage. Just pure garbage that scientists printing out to not get fired

>Fuckers know damn well they can go the site, follow the sources and see the studies
>Instead choose to retardidly go "nuh uh" and basically tell themselves they dont exist.

Absolute state.

Incelism is literally built on lies

Male models attract gay men, not girls. You are so obviously closeted. But most incels are.

>spams his blog instead of actual studies
>can't provide a single legit study when asked

Different types of male models are used to market products towards men and women.

Think of the old spice commercials. The "I'm on a horse" guy is clearly marketed towards the ladies. Meanwhile what appeals to the male fantasy is the grotesquely oiled up, musclebound, screamy guy who punches through walls.

Do you even for a second think, that Terry Crews is unattractive to women?

You can have a recessed chin and still be average. You can have wonky cow eyes and still be average. You can have a honking jew nose and still be average. Now all 3 combined is getting into bad territory, but how many people posting their pics here actually look that bad? And if you do? Go to someone like Guyuron who is basically a ps God and he can at least do your nose and chin for like 10k.
You completely missed my point because you're butthurt that looks do matter. My point was that dwelling on the differential is pointless. You will rarely be the most attractive person in the room, so worry about building yourself up in other ways. The only reason these incel talking points get any traction at all is because retards like you try to deny literally everything instead of just the hyperbole and pseudoscience. Tough shit cupcake. The halo effect is real. Doesn't mean you have to be that attractive to have sex tho.

Well there you go. The average height for women in the Netherlands is like 5’10”

>incels are punished for being ugly, not for being lazy pieces of shit
>can't even be bothered to post a single direct link to a study when asked several times, when they're screenshotting from the wiki that has these "sources"

Lel. Not even close. It's about 5'6".