Is it possible to stop being an incel?

Surely the belief that women want men at the top of the biological and social hierarchy is a perfectly rational one? Critics of inceldom treat this as absurd and unfounded in fact. There are plenty of 4channers who claim that inceldom is a self-fulfilling prophecy and all an incel needs to do is "try" and they'll find a woman.
Many young men are dealt a bad hand in life, genetically, socially, or both. They have a distinct disadvantage compared to high-value men (aka "chads") who were born or raised with the tools to attract women.
There are men out there with crippling anxiety disorders due to mental illness, bad upbringing, bullying etc. A lot of the time this goes hand-in-hand with their appearance. Men who are short, unattractive, physically deformed etc. are bound to feel inferior and self-esteem issues which are reinforced by society and women who overlook them.
I guess my question is: taking this into consideration, how is one ever supposed to stop being an incel?

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Being an incel is a choice. This is a fact. Incels will scream until they are blue in the face that nothing is their fault and everything is the fault of women and society. To stop being an incel, you just need to realize truth. That the one and only person who made you an incel is yourself. And the one who can make you stop being an incel is yourself.

>Being an incel is a choice.
Yes, it's the woman's choice. At the end of the day, women are in control. Dating apps are a meat market for them. Even an average-looking women can attract scores of potential sexual partners and weed out the trash. The majority of men don't have that luxury. What chance does an incel who usually has a personality disorder or unattractive appearance stand?

It's an incel's choice. He chooses to join an evil death cult, and swears to abstain from doing anything that would land him a girlfriend. One of the core beliefs of incels is to actively avoid getting girls.

Yep, there is nothing more unattractive than a guy with low self confidence, self hate, and general hatred of the opposite sex.

You need to get rid of some of your insecurities to have a chance in the dating ritual.

Then of course, some people are naturally gifted and some other are not. But come on there are plenty of women for anyone. Even if you are ugly you can have a lot of other attractive qualities
>inb4 muh parreto law

Literally every hobo couple in existence is defying incel theories. The problem isn't that they couldn't find women, the problem is that they don't want women in their league.

Boo fucking hoo, you'll never fuck the likes of Beyonce or prime Madonna. Woe is me.

There aren't enough women to go around because the majority of them only date a minority of men.
Again, what is wrong with the statement that women only want men at the top of the biological & social hierarchy?

You're born an incel, then shaped by your shitty childhood. So no, it's not.

I tried that shit, and I got myself nowhere. I got healthier mentally and physically and have a decent support network, but women still won't even give me the time of day

This thing called math disagrees with you. How can the majority of women date a minority of men when the number of men and women is about equal?

>I tried something once but it was hard so I gave up

You have no idea what I have done or not, so it would be nice of you to not assume.


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The problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to do the right things that would get me into the realm of actually getting a girlfriend. I am not an incel and I am not Chad. I just can't find a girlfriend and I don't know how to start looking for one.
All the "focus on yourself" advice is geared towards people who is too broken to talk to girls. I am not broken, I just never talk to girls because they don't exist in the same world as me.
The "lower your standards" / "bee yourself" advice doesn't work because I don't choose between women and being myself means stop trying.

I often hear male friends complain about how rough it is to date and it has been X months since they had a date. I am always surprised because I don't think this way. Obviously I know being single is bad but going a month or two isn't changing anything for me. The worst part for me is I naturally tend to forget women exist and I should make it a priority to seek them out. When I get drunk, I get into deep conversations with my friends, I don't abandon them to chat up some girl that doesn't want to talk to me. When I do something fun, I always focus on the thing I am doing, I don't stop everyone and make my friend take a picture of me for my dating profile. Getting 12 pictures of myself in different positions is such a challenge I never get around to it. I have work to do, friends to meet and things to do. I don't have time to force a hobby on myself I don't care about with the hope that someone likes those photos.
And now I am forced into documenting my life for all eternity because otherwise the robots in charge of breeding won't let me.
I never consented to this. Now I am paying for robots to rape my life just so I can be one out of many men who pester girls online with the hope of getting to know them.
This is why I don't ask out a girl once a week. Dating is a hell that only drains you and never gives me any incentive to keep going. My life is better when I don't try.

I don't know, man. I've stopped considering myself an incel at this point because normies insist I am just a regular celibate. That's fine with me because it gives me the illusion of choice. And yeah, I admit fully that I don't want to become attractive. Whether it's laziness, stubbornness, or plain disinterest, I am not putting the energy into appeasing women. A big part of it is that the reward doesn't seem to be worth the effort. Of course having sex/relationship would be the only way to fully verify that, I'm not interested enough to find out.

What does an incel meme diagram prove? You still haven't explained how it's possible that a majority of women date the minority of men. Or why you think something so ridiculous in the first place.

You don't have to date someone to have sex with them. That's been the thing the whole time; majority of women have sex with the top minority of men.

Attracting women is a skill set you can learn.
If you don't, that's your choice.

>Involuntary is voluntary

Lol, not true.

Who told you something this retarded? It's obviously complete bullshit.

Celibacy is voluntary. It is impossible to want sex and not get it.

It's pretty obvious if you go outside. Try it sometime.

It is true. Why are incels such pathological liars in denial?

How about if you have no penis?

Lolwut. I do go outside unlike you. And can confirm what you said is complete bullshit. Why do you even try?

>ask out several girls
>they all reject you
>somehow this is voluntary

Not having a penis usually kills any desire for sex.

But you haven't asked out any girls.

Girls go with attractive guys. Girls go home with attractive guys at clubs. Girls go home with attractive guys at bars. At concerts, raves, and festivals. And so on.

bruh you didn't even download grindr or look for a hooker or prowl a dark alleyway looking for someone vulnerable to rape, are you even trying?

But I have.
Been on a few dates also, but been rejected for 3 years since my last date and still a virgin because of the 80/20 rule.

No shaft but balls. What then? It's the balls that make testosterone and the yearning for sex.

Women want attractive men, not average men.

Proof? Of all of what you just said. Of the dates, too.

And guys go home with attractive girls. Are you trying to make a point?

Because you believe in the 80/20 meme you mean? You don't get girls because you belong to the cult of incels. This religion forbids you from getting girls.

You see average men with attractive girls all the time. Not so much the reverse.

But you guys said that I don't ask out girls, all of which I've done, but been rejected. What now?

I'm asking for proof, champ. Proof that you asked girls out. Otherwise you're a liar.

Not one you'd understand

You gotta keep trying dude. Evaluate what went wrong and if there's anything you can change for next time. You can't give up after a few knockbacks

>You can't give up after a few knockbacks
Not him, but why not?

Yeah, let me just show you all the recordings I've made, translate those into English then translate all the screenshots of texts I've sent, just in case some pussified whiteknight faggot on a Mongolian throat-singing board asks me for proof of that.

How many times? What context? Chad gets rejected more in one day than you have in your entire life.

Kek. All you incels are pathological liars and you exemplify that. Keep living in your lie. Just try not to kill anyone, ok?

Chad does not get rejected. He would not be Chad if he did. You're talking about Brad or Steven, Chad's slightly less attractive friends.

I am not lying though.

Well, you CAN if you want to be single and hope that a girl miraculously falls into your lap. If you want any kind of success in life you have to persevere.

But you are. You have no proof of your claims. You are an incel, and like on, you lie. *one,*...

Is it that hard to believe that an average-looking guy like me gets rejected? Or you think every guy has a 100% success rate when they ask a bitch out? You must be quite delusional.

I see that no one has still not answered my question: What is unreasonable about women wanting men at the top of the social/biological hierarchy? For some reason incels are treated like flat-earthers for believing this perfectly valid statement.

No. I know you never asked any girl out at all. You were never "rejected" because you never approached.

Because it goes against the normies' just-world belief. That's it.

This Chad you are describing does not exist outside of incel fantasies.

Because incels are like flat earthers, so deeply indoctrinated by their belief system that they refuse to look at any facts and evidence contrary to what they believe in.

Women want top men, men want top women. This is obvious. Why do you even being this up? It has nothing to do with the subject.

You're partially right. He exists mainly as an ideal. However, there may be men that approach this ideal and have a very high success rate 1) because they themselves are attractive and 2) because they know which girls will be open to their advances. Those two together could yield probably a 90% rate of success or higher.

>I know you never asked any girl out at all
Lmao, what the fuck? Are you a female or just seriously mentally retarded? Did you just forget that I've been on a few dates, but haven't had any luck for 3 years since my last date? Go kill yourself.

I asked for proof of you going on dates. You don't have any. This is how I know you're a liar. You can't trick me, incel.

Because I'm not in contact with those girls anymore. I'm not a liar.

Yes you are a liar. And you continually show that. You're so wrapped up in this fantastical narrative that you've created that you can't realize it's not real. You never asked anyone out. You never went on dates. You were never "rejected."

I am not and all those things have happened to me.

No they haven't. You have no proof of their happening. Your incel narrative falls apart here. Right here.

Yes, they have. I experienced it and that's why I'd like to experience it again, but I haven't had any success with girls for 3 years.

Let's stick to the matter at hand. Incels feel lost because they see women dating male specimens who are biologically and socially superior to themselves. This begets resentment, bitterness, misogyny etc.
Men are not as choosy as women. Yes men might jerk off to pornstars and celebs but they do not have lofty ambitions when it comes to dating. A lot of men are desperate for any kind of female attention. Women, on the other hand, have more options available to them and this leads to entitlement and hypergamy. Even an average-looking woman will strive for a stud instead of an average-looking guy.

No, they haven't. You aren't convincing anyone here with your continual lies. You've been outed as a conniving snake. You're free to keep going but no one but your incel buddies believes you. Sorry.

Heal from trauma.
Get back into society and find an acceptable version of yourself in the collective.
Then you still have to be genuinely empathetic and unselfish.
After you fix these, then you may have a woman that is of the equivalent degree that you make/made your effort.


Yup, they have. I even fingered a girl at a park and sucked her tits. I am not lying, but you're free to believe whatever you want.

Lost my virginity at 21.

23 now I have had sex with 13 women and 1 man. Most were tinder hookups, 2 were prostitutes, 1 was a gf I had for a few months, and a couple were one night stands from bars/parties.

They were all in the 6-9/10 range. The other night I fucked a girl who was a genuine dime insta model type. Her pussy was good.

I'm not going to "believe" your lies. I know you never did any of what you say.

What you said is simply not true. Only a few men are desperate, but incels project their own desperation on all men. You see average or even ugly guys with attractive girls all the time. The reverse, much less. Women do not in fact have more options than men. Because all the best men are already taken.

Like I said, you're free to believe what you want, but I haven't told a single lie in this thread.

Here's an exercise: Create a fake dating profile using an average girl's photo. Watch the messages/likes etc. roll in. Then do the same with a guy and mark the difference.

Everything you've said is a lie and I know this because you have absolutely zero proof of anything you've said. My advice to you is to actually try for once in your life.

Kill your self then, if you think lay down and rot is your only choice, the rest of us have women who want us around.

I've probably tried more than you have in your life. I don't have to provide proof for the validation of some strangers because I know what I've done.

Yep. Sure you have. I'm going to go now. You enjoy your fantasy world. I sincerely hope this works out for you.

Not a fantasy world. Alright, take care. I'm going to the store myself.

I'm looking for people to challenge the fact that inceldom is deterministic. If you are born ugly and had a shitty upbringing, you are severely handicapped compared to other guys. Let's see some evidence that these handicaps can be surmounted when it comes to attracting women.

Let's see proof that these "handicaps" actually exist, bud.

They talk about all the time but they should consider the rope. I’m tired of trying to make them see the point they’re missing by believing in a death cult’s ideology. They don’t want women, they want little girls who are underage. they should all just end their lives alone in private and do humanity a favor. I’d actually respect them then, they should only kill themselves and leave strangers out of it unlike that closeted homosexual Roger Elliot. I really mean it, kill yourselves and stop bothering humanity with your pathetic ignorant drivel.

>wants proof that ugliness and low self-esteem are unattractive traits

If you cannot make them see the presumed error of their ways, the fault could lie with you? I've seen people on here try to "help" incels/lonely guys and it usually comes down to the same tired platitudes "hit gym, bee urself etc." This won't work. A lot of incels have personality disorders because they've spent their lives on the fringes of society and been ostracised. These are not the kind of men that women are looking to partner with.

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I don’t care whatever your argument is, go fuckin kill yourselves. I’m done listening to you retards cry and blame women while acting like pedos.

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And? What point are you trying to make? You said both that women have plenty of options and that women all get top men. These both obviously can't be true at the same time. The fact is that women and men both have more options today than ever before.

>what is a gold-digger

They don’t want to put the work in, they just wanna cry. Instead of helping incels we need to attack them before they become a mass shooter.

LOL idiots, pics from pua sites showing a bunch of retarded women who are the EXCEPTION to the rule. The rule is, if you're ugly 99% of the women will skip you.

Even if what incels say is true, why do they consistently focus on it? Its such a colossal waste of time, if you truly believe women won't love you move on, make friends, take care of a pet, buy a onahole, etc. This isn't caveman days anymore, you can have merit just in being skilled in something, you'd be happier for it too, not depending on another, uncontrollable person for your happiness.

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My point is that an average woman will receive more interest online dating than an average man, thereby proving women have more dating options. Women will get with the top-tier men, who despite a minority still exist in large enough numbers.

You’re jealous, and they have wet dicks. Is any of that untrue?

I swear, white western men are entitled pussies. You and your first world excuses for shit. How about if you couldn't function because there wasn't food to go around or you had no choice in anything because you were sold or your whole village murdered and you are found with a belly full of dirt. Billions of men learned to cope long before your whiny spoiled ass was born so suck it up and COPE.

You’re alone, and that’ll never change. But for other men who have skills beyond shitposting and acting like a sex offender, they get to have what you cry yourself to sleep over every other night.

I don't really care. Those pictures prove nothing. You will always have rare exceptions to any rule. It doesn't change the fact that the overwhelming majority of unattractive men will struggle to find a woman.

You do care or you wouldn’t respond, who’s coping now bitch? Die in a fire you fucking loser.

Seethe harder