Are open relationships the only hope for average men...

Are open relationships the only hope for average men? There's no way I can keep my girlfriend interested and the moment some Chad comes along he's just gonna steal her and people will say it's my fault for not making her happy enough to not cheat. Should I just make my peace with it and open the relationship?

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How can such an insecure faggot with a cuck fetish like you get a gf?

Goddamn that meme is bad, also, don't be so insecure you little twink

It's not being insecure, girls jump branches all the time and are always on the lookout for a better man.

What's going to stop her from just dumping my ass the moment one appears?

No they usually don't, even if you are average (scaling people is also dumb as fuck).

What is going to stop her is her love for you.

Protip: your fear of being cucked will in the end lead her to cuck you. So don't be a cuck in the first place.

>they usually don't
People cheat all the time.

Men are the same and some times even worse. The only thing they want is sex and sexual stuff.. Women want a relationship

Some people. Most don't.

Most people will upgrade the same way they'll upgrade their car if a better one comes around for the same cost.
That's just how it is, relationships are just transactions.



Stop dating weirdos frens. Most people I know don't cheat. The one who does have issues.

There are statistics out there and they show you are dead wrong. You are projecting your cuck fantasies on everyone else.

Let's see them then

Pretty much every friend I have has been cheated on

Getting numbers on cheating is difficult and they vary wildly but generally speaking some 20-30% of people have admitted to cheating. There is simply no way that cheaters would make up over half of the population.

That's just cheating, and self reported as well. Doesn't count people just jumping ship because a better choice has appeared. Doesn't seem like good odds to me

You don't want to believe facts because they contradict your incel beliefs.

By your own admission 1 in 5 to 1 in 3 people admit to having cheated. If those seem like good odds to you then idk

Why would people (here: females) ever admit to cheating? It serves them no benefit. At most they'll tell their closest girl friends but even then probably not. They keep it inside themselves.

He's a braindead normies. His just-world infused mentality doesn't permit admission of simple and evident facts, such as the fact that the majority of people will upgrade partners at the first chance. It's amazing that he stated the 20-30% figure.

No. Cease this faggotry.

>implying it matters whether the relationship is "open" or not
Just a way to save face. If you're unattractive, a loser, weak, etc., she will have sex with other men regardless.

But you said that 100% of people cheat. Did you change your mind?

If she would dump your ass the moment she can get Chad then why the fuck would you want her to be your girlfriend? Why would you want to donate resources and time to a treacherous, abusive whore like that?

Get a girl who you can trust not to do that shit to you, anything less is not worth dating.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy you dumb cunt. There's nothing women despise more than weakness and insecurity in a man, so if you continue to be like this she will obviously cheat on you and want someone better. A woman will not jump to the first "Chad" if you actually have some confidence and self respect. Women need to feel protected and taken care of. Of course if you're a cuck who thinks about opening up the relationship you will lose all respect from her. You need to stop being insecure if you actually want a normal relationship.

They don't 'cheat' per se. They find a situation more suited and then leave you, and if you say they cheated they'll be like 'I broke up with you'...yeah to date another man you met.

Lol what? Are you crazy?

How do I stop being weak? Not OP but I constatly feel a brain fog that prevents me from even talking to women. I don't feel insecure, I feel like I physically cannot talk to people because it requires so much energy and wit when most of the time i'm numb.

How does that work though, when if that were true all the best men would already be taken and only the bottom tier men would be available?

Because the 'best men' don't get into relationships. They are either weird hermits focused on work or fucking as many girls as possible because they've mastered the game (as a result of abundance)

This desu. Cheated on my girl. Got my dick sucked by my ex on a moment of weakness and that fact is now between her, me, and a divine creator

While I agree with you at the same time women are strange creatures man. I've seen women be in 20+ yr relationships, kids and whole 9 yards and still will throw it away on her boss. Never say never homie.

This. Women will fully invest mentally in a guy before she leaves the other, it's never random. There will always be signs when shes doing this.

>While I agree with you at the same time women are strange creatures man. I've seen women be in 20+ yr relationships, kids and whole 9 yards and still will throw it away on her boss. Never say never homie.
Not to mention the women who'll appear trustworthy and stay in a relationship with the man, but will literally cuck the husband unbeknownst to him, and continue extracting resources while "staying together for the children". There are quite a few studies on this that show single to double digit percentages of this happening. Some of these studies were discontinued, claiming it was immoral to expose the women and risk destroying the family.

None of the incels here have explained how every woman will have ten top tier men available to her anytime. The math just doesn't work.

You need to setup a relationship the other way around. In my position, my gf is the one who gets insecure that I'd leave her, check other girls out constantly, or have sex with someone else lol.

She's very much into keeping her partner count low, putting all her bets on me being her last partner

>extracting resources

Are people means of production now?

Find a smarter girl

How do you do that

I don't do anything, really. It's just how she was raised. She's not the prettiest or was the most popular girl in school, but we have alot in common and she has her cute days. I met her online. After multiple failed relationships, it's all a numbers game until you get the right one

For a lot of women, yes. It's called hypergamy.

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Don't date hypergamous women perhaps?

Incels use that word without knowing what it means.

You can't, it's in their nature from biology, and rightfully so. Getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and successfully raising a takes a lot of resources.

lol but it doesn't take billionaire chad you cuck. you give them excuses

smarter girls aren't single past 20

Most are.

Most of the ones I've known for long enough aren't.

They're either in stable, long-term relationships or they're constantly making stupid or irresponsible decisions like constantly cheating or dating drug dealers.

>Are open relationships the only hope for average men?
I know plenty of average men, none of them are in open relationships (to my knowledge).
I've met two people in open relationships (as in their girlfriend/wife fucked other people), both were absolute losers who thought they were smarter than they actually were, they also had dirty long hair and dressed in graphic t shirts despite being older than 20.

A relationship's success relies on winning your partner over, you are worried she will fuck the first attractive guy who acknowledges her and I suspect your friends are advising you that you're not making her happy.
So your solution is to just let her date other guys until she finds someone who isn't pathetic and lets her fuck other guys?

OP you need to go out and buy your gf a dress and make a reservation for dinner somewhere, buy her a cheap bouquet of flowers every 6 weeks and make her talk about things that make her happy.

>lol but it doesn't take billionaire chad you cuck. you give them excuses
Hypergamy isn't exclusive to billionaires. Stop projecting.

This “chad” shit is fucking dumb. If you have fear your gf will cheat she probably will because your fear will be smeared all over the relationship.

Stop being such a gd pussy. If she cheats it’s because she is a coward or there is something wrong with you or her.

Your girlfriend's gonna dump you because you live under the thumb of your insecurities

open relationships make you the chad my friend