What the actual fuck am I supposed to do about being a short male...

What the actual fuck am I supposed to do about being a short male? It feels like no matter how much time I dedicate to self improvement, lifting, seduction techniques, whatever, it just can not override the way that girls just dry up when they see my height. Is there anyone here 5’7 or below who has been truly successful with women?

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plenty of girls that prefer shorter men. just completely ignore girls that do this sort of shit, they know what theyre doing. you'll make it man, just keep trying. make sure youre doing everything you can to keep your appearance up otherwise e.g. gym, grooming, skincare, nice clothes

t. 5'7, never really had trouble with girls, have a beautiful gf right now

*tries donating sperm because regular women won't have his kids*
Heh. Nothing personal, kid.

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what the actual fuck

This hurt me right now, I didn't come to this site for this

based sperm banks trying to decrease the plight of manlets in the world, by extinction

Pick really short women.
But beware, if you're ugly on top of that, you really are fucked.

This. They're doing you guys (in an abstract, multi-generational sense) a favor. Eugenics, plain and simple.

>Is there anyone here 5’7 or below who has been truly successful with women?
5'5. All women I've ever dated have been taller than me, tallest at 5'10. Shit was cash.
>It feels like no matter how much time I dedicate to self improvement, lifting, seduction techniques, whatever, it just can not override the way that girls just dry up when they see my height.
Quit being weird and find some shit you enjoy outside of women.

From the Q&A of some elite millionaire matchmaking service:

>Some of our female clients have requests such as height, age or ethnicity, and just recently I have had a female client request a male partner who plays a musical instrument.

Perhaps getting a guitar will help your chances?

Bitch, this shit just preferences. You think some girl going to throw herself off the roof because I don't want to date someone with brown eyes, or a cups or something? It's no different. Quit being a roodypoo about it and be charming and funny.

This. Become an entertainer like a court jester or something. They'll never take you seriously so you have to compensate by making them laugh

you couldve played that off with a sexual joke but you are neither good at seducing or witty

Forgot to add - I hope you're white, OP. In that Q&A article when talking about men's preferences they mentioned all sorts of ethnicities, but the women's ethnicity requests having been not further specified leads me to believe they want white men only.

5'7" here. This is unironically Chad height, multiple posts on Jow Forums always confirm this. It's just tall enough to not be considered too short, and you get max bonuses to looks and body.

Tallest gf I've had is 5'11". She approached me, not the other way around. I have no trouble attracting girls of all heights.

>5'7 is short
Are you being legit here? 5'7 is average height. Maybe not the tallest but come on

You are simply wrong and there is a metric ton of studies that prove it.

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How exactly can that be made into a sexual joke?

>"what she is looking for"
Lame and lame. Show me a chart with a few thousand women and what they *actually* go for. Not "what [they are] looking for."

"Yeah, well, I like incest."

Go on the sources about height and see the one showing that taller men have more kids and more sex.
Literally read any fucking study that was done about this.


>metric ton of studies
>posts one meme chart based on a troll article

I'm 6'3 and I have no sex.

Can you fuck off and stop spamming your gay blog link on every thread?

Have sex.

I can't. No girl wants me so I can't, feels bad user.

Can you fuck off and provide some sources for your wild claims?

Have you asked out literally every female in your geographic region? Because if you haven't you haven't even tried.

Do you really think we will believe something that was posted on the website called 'incels'?

I think that's the reason why I have no sex. I have never asked any female.

Can you actually stop sophistically denying what is obvious and address this serious problem not like a piece of shit?
The amount of incels is growing fast and that brings a lot of suffering into the world.
When the fuck will you finnaly give in? When school shootings are even more rampant and suicide reaches Russia numbers?
Buncha fuckin retards.

Haha incel incel incel Incel INCEL InCeL LOLOLOLOLOL

Just let them continue living in their just-world. Fate is unkind to those unprepared.

I've never said I hate women so shut the fuck up retard.

Bwaahhahahahaha hahaha ahhh lmfao you are a quintessential INCEL aHAHAHAha Hahah

You can't reason with an incel. He's indoctrinated by his cult. Facts will not work on him. It's like trying to argue with a flat earther.

At least I'm not a manlet like you. How's your 5'3 height user, huh? HAHAHHA

The amount of incels is going down actually, the tiny irrelevant fringe group is dying

The site literally has cited peer-reviewed articles. Maybe open your mind a little?

>He still hasn't posted a single peer-reviewed article from his clickbait site

I'm 6ft and showered in pussy you little faggot. I had two girls last night and a different girl the night before. Grow up, champ

Still the website is called 'incels'. Whatever they touch or speak about is irrevelant.

>Stulp et al (2013) used a sample of 5782 North American speed-daters making 128,104 choices to determine preferences for partner height and how height influenced the formation of a match. They found that women were most likely to choose a speed-dater 25 cm taller than themselves, whereas men were most likely to choose women only 7 cm shorter than themselves. As a consequence, matches were most likely at an intermediate height difference (19 cm) that differed significantly from the preferred height difference of both sexes.
And then there is a link to the PDF they used. One example of many

Will my height help me have sex even if my face is 4/10?

Wow. So this is the rationality of normies?

You can wear makeup. Just fucking approach them, bro. Go in with reckless abandon. Keep going until you score

>he thinks everyone who isn't incel is a normie
Your brain is degenerated, sorry user. Have sex or die as an incel.

Vast majority of people are, in fact, normies. But no; not everyone who isn't a normie is an incel. Incels make up a small sliver of the non-normie population. There are people more isolated than incels on the lower end (people such as hermits, wizards, and actually insane people) and then there are hyper-succesful people in the region above normies.

Saw my ex gf over 2 years, she has grown taller and is now same height as me. Asked if I have got shorter in these years, I laughed it out but it really hurt inside. What a bitch :D

I'm from a Nordic country and 1 cm shorter than average male. When I lived in Spain I was quite tall compared to locals, I should go back there or to Asia since I think it helped a bit with girls.

Still, I think I wouldn't make a big deal out of it if I wouldn't visit Jow Forums so much and read all these manlet threads.

And what is the point? Nothing in that article supports any of the incel claims. Not to mention this is cherrypicking a very specific example. You can find other studies that show different results.

I did not read it or any other claim they made on the website. I was merely demonstrating that they do in fact cite peer reviewed articles on that site. You can debate them or dig your line in the sand and continue this shit-flinging contest that has been going on for several years now. Doesn't matter to me. I've made my peace with the situation

>5'7 if i keep my back straight
I'm actually surprised by how this seemingly normal line manages to convey such strong insecurity.
Only solution is to find a girl shorter than you

Just read through the link.
That shit is absolutely brutal but attraction is multifaceted. I think we can all agree that women are pretty shallow when given the opportunity.

I dont like my height(5'9") but nature is cruel. Just try to ignore it and make the best of life.

It's a collection of spam. Retarded incel blogs, outright made up shit, and a few legit studies that have nothing to do with anything incels say.

This is retarded. Minus online girls and size cunts, tall girls actually kinda easy

Did you seriously expect something truthful from an incel?

>*ghosts you*
What a great joke

If it makes you feel any better I'm 6'5" and am constantly getting told to fill out. Wish I had a cute girlfriend who cooked for me all the time.

Pretty sure this is actually meant to dissuade midgets. A 5'4" person might say "we'll I'm good in every other aspect so lets see", but a midget will probably not want to humiliate themselves.

Or it's meant to target pajeets and changs.

I'm 5'4'' (seriously).

You are two inches (or more) taller than Tom Cruise, Al Pacino or Martin Luther King. Find another excuse

Be more like Seth Green.

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I'm 5'4" I've fucked women 6'3". Quit making excuses.