Where else besides Jow Forums?

Where else besides Jow Forums?

I'm way too old and socially retarded for this place now.

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The real world

Way too late to go back there.

Then you're fucked
Get a hobby

Such as?
Gaming is kond of dead to me.

If you live in a decent area for it, check out hiking trails

This. Go you retarded boomer


I'd probably have to go out the city for that.

I'll have a look.

>In a city


There is no such thing as being too socially retarded for Jow Forums

bump because i would like to know the same.

i dont watch vidya anymore, dont play games. Jow Forums is stale and i hate all the zoomers on here, real world still scares me so where the fuck do i go

Google it

Jow Forums is a giant LARP these days.

Plus the average age here is probably in the teens or early 20s. Every zoomer here is appropriately "awkward".

He means urban exploration. Exploring your town. See what you can find. Go somewhere you haven't been. Abandoned buildings and stuff. If you find yourself to be not the adventurous type, try some simple hobbies, like gardening, bonsai, chess, reading books, exercising, bird watching. You can get inspired by finding a list of hobbies online.

If you have no direction in life, it is better to start with the current situation. What do you have now and how it can be improved? Are you financially stable? Are you in debt? What are your likes and dislikes? What are your advantages and disadvantages as a person? What can you change if you knew how? Once you get a clearer picture on what can be done, you proceed from there. Even a simple question "How to change my life" in a search engine, will provide some inspiration.


i need a job and more money but i am chronically ill and paranoid. i just have a dumb online job. until my health gets better im stuck feeling like an empty ghost everyday trolling on the interwebs, also im moving to a new country in a month maybe so lets pray that'll be the kick state to a new & different life

pick up a guitar or something, get back on that skateboard and fling yourself into a bush to make you feel something. Have a fucking pet or sow or something anything can be a hobby these days

Why bother? I mean, none of these threads ever have a positive conclusion. I'm almost certain that I'm in hell.

I just want to get away from the world.

Alright, tell me how not to envy and resent young people.

Life is rigged and when you call it out, people say it's all your fault.

No, we just wonder why you're both dumb enough to keep playing a rigged game despite apparently being smart enough to peg it as a bum deal.

As much as I'd like to kill myself, and I came close but pussied out, I can't do that to my parents. Raising a 30 year old waste can't be helpful to their mental wellbeing.

One pointless bump.

I would get a dog and get into hardware electronics or becoming a certified radio operator.

I don't really like dogs but I'm curious about what you mean by hardware electronics? You mean just in general?

>too socially retarded for Jow Forums

jesus christ man, try one of the other chans I guess if this frogposting hellhole is too much of a cool kids's club for you

The bar

You can always go to Russian 2ch. It’s only fap roulettes, Ukrainian jokes and late night threads about being sad and depressed there.

>too socially retarded for Jow Forums
>jesus christ man

Not as a far of a leap as you think it is. Jow Forums is not the same and hasn't been for at least 6 years.