How do I tell my parents that the only way my mental health will improve, is if I can be intimate with attractive women...

How do I tell my parents that the only way my mental health will improve, is if I can be intimate with attractive women? It sounds absurd but it’s the 100% truth. Over 25, still a virgin, haven’t kissed anyone in about 10 years. Think about women all day. I really don’t think anything else will help me other than just being able to be in a relationship.

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If you aren't happy with yourself then no woman will make you happy. If you really want to have sex then fuck some hooker and see if it will improve your mental state.

>is if I can be intimate with attractive women

You and every other heterosexual male on this planet. You gotta learn to be happy by yourself, then women will come to you.

You are literally wasting time trying.

Think of it this way; You’re playing the lottery, when you should be training for the olympics. You are just hoping your number comes in one day by pure luck, so that you don’t actually have to work on anything. If you were to train and hone your skills, you could compete in world class competitions. Sure, there’s always a chance you’ll lose, and someone’s always better than you, but at least you have more of a chance than sitting back and wishing.

How do you know it will work? Because if that's all you need to be cured then go out and have sex with an attractive girl already. Why wait? Or do your parents not let you go outside?

ITT: Mentally ill person establishes that the only way to cure his mental illness is to have sex with an attractive woman; a hot take which none the less makes him sound mentally ill.

So how is that their responsibility or can even do anything about it unless you need to borrow some money to pay an escort or your parents can shop around to buy you an attractive woman?

he's not mentally ill but sexually frustrated and he's not the only man to ever be sexually frustrated.

>the only way my mental health will improve
>my mental health
Sexual frustration is not a mental illness, OP is just retarded.
Imagine not getting satire.

>25 year old virgin
>hasn't kissed anyone since freshman year of high school
>wants not just sex, but sex with "attractive women"

I think for now you need to just focus on getting laid, period, regardless of how she looks. Get the monkey off your back that is the whole being a 25 year old virgin thing and just get comfortable with knowing how to perform sexually, knowing how to secure sex if and when you want it, and being able to interact with a woman without the pressure of being anxious about "does she wanna have sex?! was that a sexual advance?! what do i do???!!!"

THEN you can start worrying about how they look.

Being sexually frustrated makes people mentally ill

I don’t live with my parents. But I also live in a small town and don’t have the ability to get with women. And I’m so socially awkward that it’s basically impossible. I have tried going to bars and clubs alone but getting with women that way is impossible. My parents often ask me if I am depressed and I don’t know what to tell them.

Go to r9k and tell them that sexual frustration can't make you mentally ill.

just say, I'm a young man in a small town and lonely

Get on tinder. Or get a hooker. Or go on vacation to a spot with lots of girls.

Because you are not going to get better by telling them this. The best you can do is start working towards your goal which is getting intimate with attractive women.
For this you will have to make improvements in several areas:
- body: You have to take care of your physical body and the way you look to increase your chances of reproduction
- mind: You have to be knowledgeable of several topics in order to be able to woo the women.
- soul: You have to get in touch with your creative side and create artistic works (songs, poems, paintings), something that will attract the attention of the women when they come to visit
- surroundings: You have to clean your room in case you choose to invite a woman to visit you.

This all requires hard work. So to solve your problem, start now. If you cannot prove yourself worthy, you won't make it.

Having a pretty face should be enough, right?

Not if you cannot back it up with something else. Nobody got anything by saying: "I should get this because I am pretty." If that were the case, those with best looks would be rewarded from an early age.

Move away from your parents. Mommy's influence will keep you a virgin for life.

>If you aren't happy with yourself then no woman will make you happy.
Empty normie platitude.
OP is unhappy because he's a frustrated virgin. If he had sex with a 9/10 everyday he wouldn't be unhappy anymore until a different problem presented itself.

Request denied. No woman could want you.

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user, I'm in a similar boat.

I'm 41 and a virgin. I have severe psychological problems and have been institutionalized in the past. However, I know for a fact that I could cure my problems and become a normal person if I was just able to wear the skin of beautiful females. I keep trying to explain this to people, but every time I do, the authorities get involved.

I've been waiting for some pretty local girl to get in a car accident or something so I can raid the cemetery.

I believe that we have a lot in common, OP. Hopefully we both get what we're looking for.

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Ya the amount of desperation apparent in ur post will surely drive off any potential women lol

>The 100% truth is that my mental health will only improve if I get intimate with attractive women
>I'm a virgin and haven't kissed anyone in a decade that proves the issue is with me but I know this is the only solution to my problem
>I think mommy and daddy will buy me an expensive escort if I tell them this
>I share a lot of tactics with drug addicts who seek strong opiates and relentlessly visit doctors hoping to be prescribed them

Either you're the greatest troll I've seen since the guy who claimed to have vaped Belle Delphine's bath water or you're the problem.
You haven't kissed a girl in over 10 years, you haven't gotten laid, you need to fix yourself.
I'll add more in my next response.

Fixing your fucked up social skills:
1) Talk to people. That's it, talk to your parents, then talk to a friend or colleague, then talk to someone new. Don't share anecdotes that aren't relevant at that moment, don't share anecdotes that don't have a predetermined start, middle or end, don't share anecdotes that require they know everyone involved.

2) fix your fucked up appearance or lack of hygiene. wash your face with face wash, use shampoo at least every other day, brush your teeth and floss, wear deodorant.

3) wear clothes that suit your shape, wear clothes that suit your age, wear clothes that go together, don't accessorise, a fedora isn't "you", a strange colour belt isn't "you", graphic t shirts should be avoided, band t shirts should be worn around the house or to gigs.

4) get a hobby that involves other people in person, once you have something interesting about you women might just want to acknowledge you or even listen to you.

I feel like this should be a "these 4 simple tricks" landing page.

"The getting laid method by Anonymous"

Why does it have to be attractive? Why don’t you just start with passable female and work your way up.

Would you apply for a job that you had 0 qualifications for, or a lower no. You were qualified for?

Stop being an idiot

Chads don't start with ugly chicks

Oh yeah dude I have the same thing! Sign me up to bang hot women. Calling my mom now to tell her I need to do secs with hot wimmin

Chads fuck ugly chicks all the time. And the women chads fuck are all dumbshits, why would you even bother

Imagine thinking a relationship will make you happy.
This is how i know youre a virgin

i've fucked maybe 5 girls my friend 50+

i can tell you only 1/5 of those were worth looking at. the others i struggle to get names out of him.

not every attractive girl and guy just end up fucking. you get what you're given sometimes it's just about wanting it.

Dude, just go work at a morgue.

How would one go about doing that?

The 4 incredibly overlooked basics.
It's hard to go in depth because most people crying out for advice on here can't look people in the eye while talking, have absolutely no self awareness and nothing about them.

Many people who live through their screen also have no idea how to talk IRL, my little brother would approach women and talk about WoW raids, he thought they were cool, women didn't. He also went on weird tangents telling you 7 stories before he finished his first one.

Many people who dwell on the internet are raised by social retards or parents who just gave up, without leaving the house they don't know how to dress beyond themed clothing they think looks cool and clutch at it being their "identity" when their dress sense or hygiene is challenged.

It's not a definitive list, but it's a damn good start on fixing the core problems in 90% of the "baawww why don't wimmins like me?" threads.