I don't get this

>Sitting in coffee shop
>See schlubby manlet with glasses, no definition and pale skin
>Girl opposite is a smoking hot latina with big boobs
>Laughing, flirting and touching hands
WTF is going on?

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Welcome to real life.

It doesn't make any sense.
He must be rich, right?

her father looked like him

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Why does it not make sense? Because incels don't want to accept it? She likes him, that's all.

>She likes him, that's all.
Why would she like a guy that's inferior?

After getting burned by chad, they turn to betas and omegas for emotional support

>smoking hot latina

doesn't exist. only pale aryan girls are cute.

That would make sense.

What makes you think he's inferior? And inferior to whom? You?

Look, women tend to like subtleties and nuances in someone's character. Which can bypass physicalities and other looks when under the right circumstances. I promise you these blokes have at least something to their character that makes the women prefer over the others. It's weird, and it doesn't make sense half the time because, again, a lot of is in the nuances of the character and relationship. But it's neither a new issue, nor an unusual one.

Height and dick size arent subtleties and nuances user

What do they have to do with what attracts women?

Nothing. Im a manlet with receding jaw

Imagine being this boring that you can't comprehend that people want to be with others that entertain them all because they're not 10/10 in asthetics?
This is why you're single

Sounds like your theory of how attraction and dating works has some empirical flaws.

>WTF is going on?
That shlubby manlet has game... and you dont. Social skill holds more sway in face-to-face interactions than any other factor. Thats why there's so many 7-8/10 autistic guys with a terminal case of no gf.

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No dude. Its just that some women get tired of being #7 on chads role call so they shack up with beta billy for emotional support.

Me? Yes I'd say I'm objectively better looking. She could be with some chad but instead she's with this manlet? I think has the right idea and she's on the rebound.

She finds him attractive. She doesn't find you attractive. Therefore it's you who are inferior.

He makes her laugh and feel safe.

>pale aryan girls are cute
But thats all they can ever be. Latinas are hot

How do you know she finds him attractive and isn't just using him?