How do I remove an object that has gone deep into my ear? In order to remove earwax my ears...

How do I remove an object that has gone deep into my ear? In order to remove earwax my ears, I was using a pen refill (I'm not sure what it's called in Western countries) that had a rubber covering at the tip. The rubber covering got stuck in my ear, and I tried removing it with my little finger. However the small rubber object went deeper into my ear, and ultimately went as deep as possible into my ear. I believe it's touching my ear drum. What can I do to remove it without going to the doctor?

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Ask for a friend's help (preferably not a retard). Use flashlight, tweezers (small ones) if there is anything to hold on to on the side facing the exit. Try to also push it further away from the eardrums by shaking your head to the side, might work but since you were removing earwax it's probably stuck there with the wax. Some midly hot water inside your ear could also help in getting it out.

this but prepare for an ear infection

go to the doctor.

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You can clean out your ears with it, it should dissipate most of your earwax (at least the clump holding the tip) will bubble and fizz and hopefully dislodge the tip so it might fall out when you tilt your ear downward. If this doesn't work it's probably doctor time.

Don't use tweezers if it's at your eardrum lol that shit will pop.

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