Me and my bf are in a dispute and its threatening our entire relationship

me and my bf are in a dispute and its threatening our entire relationship.

when we met I told him I was straight, which indeed I consider myself to be, so thats never been a problem. however, as we were discussing the new batwoman trailer, I told him I dislike the actress because she reminds me of a chick I dated in college. I forgot I had never told him, but Ive been with some women. he then started inquiring about that and I went through how for a period of time I was seeing mostly girls out of conveniency, including a 2 year relationship with one particular girl during college.

he became enraged by this and asked me if I ever went down on them, which obviously always happens in girl girl relationship. now he is convinced Im a closet lesbian because I do oral on women but I refuse/dont like to do oral on men. I know I am 100% straight and I tell him that but he wont accept it anymore and hes acting like HE knows my identity better than me. hes very insecure at the moment and closed up

how to solve this fucked up scenario?

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Obvious bait is obvious.

Come on user, you can do better than this.

there is such a thing as heterofluid sexuality, you should look it up. meaning a person can be straight and sometimes hook up with other sexes. ultimately its the individual who decides what they are.

Hes angry you would stick your face in a pussfilled crevace but you wouldnt suck his pixiestick

Make a settlement with him to leave it be for a blowjob

It's not fucked up, stop being melodramatic. Firstly, he's right. No sane woman that I'm aware of would get told by her boyfriend that he sucked several cocks throughout college, but is absolutely not gay. You're claiming he's insecure, but what about? He thinks you're lying, meaning he's unsure about you, not himself. You seem to have pretty big identity issues and if your excuse for that sexual activity is "convenience" then you're laughably retarded. I mean, fuck me, that is the worst thing you could possibly say in that scenario.
Since when are you beyond the opinion of others? People can label you whether you like it or not. Stop being a snowflake and accept others will judge and label you regardless of what you have decided for yourself.

>I have had sex with other women but I am not a lesbian
How does that make any sense?

Here's your (you).

I'm sure you'll still plenty of idiots screaming about how "HOW CAN YOU CLAIM TO BE STRAIGHT??!!" just like you wanted.

2/10 bait.

literally just do research instead of being bigoted

Didn't think this was bait at first but when you only respond to the bitter faggots of the thread it kind of proves it.

>>I have had sex with other women but I am not a lesbian
>How does that make any sense?
Cause she likes both men and women. If she was a lesbian, she wouldn't have a bf.

You dumb idiots fall for the easiest bait

Your bf sounds like an insecure lil bitch. So what? You licked a few clams back in the day. Big deal. Kinda hot tbqh.
Also quit being a prude when i comes to choking on the shaft. Gotta reciprocate the favor

there hasnt been enough meat yet for me to respond otherwise. I knew people were gonna be saying the same shit Ive heard for years but its simple, to me what you ARE is based on who youd marry for the long long term. would I be with a woman? at the right moment yes, and the girl I was with the longest was my roommate/best friend at the time, so it was convenient. would I marry and spend my life with one? no, only with a man. so I am straight. if I would marry both, then bi. if only girls, lesbian.

Sorry, he's insecure and you're not going to fix that. He needs to fix it himself.
You can talk to him but don't expect any miracles.

men only think they are entitled to bjs because they dont deal with dicks. a lot of them are crummy, coarse, dry, hairy, even kind of dirty with sebum or whatever. at least vaginas lubricate themselves and are generally shaved

Then tell him to clean his junk then. Get on the phone with his mom and bitch her out on his poor hygiene. The crummy, coarse & dryness means he's cut. Bitch her out for that too. I don't get near my wife unless I'm freshly scrubbed and i scrub her muff myself. Cleanliness is next to godliness

What's the point of a label if it doesn't mean anything?
I could say I'm lesbian, and you couldn't invalidate my thoughts, but I only fuck dudes and am repulsed by vagina.
Words mean things. You're bi.
Stop being a cunt.

Also this is bait but I wanted to tell you to stop being a cunt.

1) You're bi
2) You lied to your bf
It's normal that he is mad
Either he forgives you or the relationship is other

Break up

nigga you gay af

I have had sex with a man before but I'm not gay.

Just wanted to try and sucking cock is like you know?

>I have had sex with a man before but I'm not gay
Same for me, I'm bi
Sucking cock feels great

Sounds like you either blow him or break up, probably the latter

You could not have lied to him in the first place.
> refuse/dont like to do oral on men
You're just a piece of shit then. Be a good girlfriend.

Just give him a blowjob, what’s the problem?

If it’s just that you don’t like doing it well tough shit you’re in a relationship and partners do stuff to make each other happy.

>I told him I was straight
>seeing mostly girls out of conveniency
>including a 2 year relationship
two convenient years of completely straight girl on girl sex. im being serious right now. are you fucking retarded? you lie to the dude, refuse to blow him, call him insecure. you solve this scenario by offing yourself

Almost all lesbians are fake lesbians. That said most women can date women, they are just barely hetero.

>That said most people can date people they are attracted to, they are just barely hetero.

Nope. Women are barely hetero, most men are more firmly straight or hetero.

Bi men are very rare, bi women are a lot of women

>Bi men are very rare, bi women are a lot of women
That's true but I think most people have the potential of being bisexual


>including a 2 year relationship
your bi OP but you prefer pussy obviously

Eh, fucken 0/10 bait, you know you can do better you failed shitlord

Bait or not;

>like giving oral to other girls
>doesn't like sucking boyfriend's dick

Straight or not, it doesn't matter, I'd be pretty passed off too, could even break up depending on other possibilities.

to this and all the other "just give bjs" answers: I dont mind doing it occasionally, but its NOT something I wanna do routinely or regularly. some men dont like going down on girls as well thats normal. I dont mind junk inside me but near the mouth it just grosses me out a bit to be honest. I hate the shape and the fact that most men want you to basically gag on the thing

yes, convenient, we were sharing a room and we were best friends. sex is a necessity for a human being, and most people who have an active sex life feel horrible going even two weeks without it. I was a student at the time and couldnt go out and meet people all the time

>this whole post
Y'all sucking down bait this hard, might as well pass some of that succ on to her boy so he can get a decent nut.
Don't worry guys, we're not gay for going down on a guy if OP isn't gay for going down on a girl, y'all dig?

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men dont know it but to go down on a girl you basically just have to stimulate the clit, which is a pretty little thing that sits at the top of it. its a million times easier than choking on a huge bagel like thing that someone is trying to violently shove in your mouth. give it a try if you dont believe me

>men dont know it but to go down on a girl you basically just have to stimulate the clit, which is a pretty little thing that sits at the top of it.
>its a million times easier than choking on a huge bagel like thing that someone is trying to violently shove in your mouth.
Both are easy and if the guy is violent, just stop doing it

this thread is bait and oral sex doesn't change that, 753
don't (You) me, vile baiter

bait, the image, the story, everything.

Straight up you’re unintelligent. You’re slow. The purpose of this entire post is to get at least one poster to make you feel like you’re in the right, purely because you’re insecure. And you should be insecure, because if you won’t suck his cock he’s not gonna just think “oh I guess no gawking for me” he’s gonna get his top from a real woman. You are a hypocrite and you deserve to lose him.

Seriously, I know there's nothing else to reply to on Jow Forums but bait and bait-in-essence, but shit

Ignoring the specifics, if you are in a serious relationship it is absolutely your fault for hiding important information to your partner.

>now he is convinced Im a closet lesbian because I do oral on women but I refuse/dont like to do oral on men.

he's right. and he should dump you honestly. let me guess he eats you out too?

Any sane man would dump you if you refuse to suck him. The fact you did oral for your previous relationships just makes it worse.

This is a very shallow reason to dump someone

People have needs. It's not your call.

First off before I answer Im gonna need you to answer these.

>How long have you been dating
>At what point in the relationship are you at (living seperately, together, long distance etc)
>Did you have any reason to not tell him prior to this
>How open did you feel where being about communication?

>did I suck cocks, take dicks in the ass and gargle my best friends cum?
>yes, but I want to marry a girl, so that means I'm straight

and yet people will spout "any sane women would dump a guy who didn't go down on her" if you reversed the gender here

finally real questions

>8 months
>living separately
>he never asked, he just knew I was straight
>pretty open, I wouldve told him before, he just assumed I had never done it

Ah ok
>8 months
Ah that is a little to long to go without addressing your previous relationships imo. I find its not too good to really make them a focal point 2 months in or so but yeah eventually you should talk about those. Failed relationships are a big part of the foundation of what makes us who we are.
>Living seperataly
Ah ok so it isn't quite too awful emotions aside if you break up. Emotions are still enough of a roller coaster to handle though.
>he never asked, he just knew I was straight

Well when someone assumes it just kinda makes a ass out of you and me. Just kinda like how you assumed he would be ok with your past relationship being another woman.

>Pretty open
I don't quite know about that I think you need to make a effort into letting him know who he is dating and he probably needs to do the same for you.

All in all, I think whats done is done and you will either stay together or break up. If you stay together make sure this dosen't become a point of contention in the future. Its not really about what you did but its the fact that you never told him about it. When that happens a guy cant help but think "What else did she do without telling me???" and its not a good place to be mentally.

Also honey if you ate pussy for 2 years that does infact make you at least Bi. I know you prefer hetero-flexibility but that is really just a security blanket term for Bi people who are just slightly more picky with there partners (as they should be)

That's also shallow

I totally get where you are coming from. The person you are with should be with you because they appreciate the person they are with in the present moment. You past should have no bearing on how he feels for you. You weren't dishonest, you just omitted some information which is fine because you are free to tell him shit at your own pace. He should also respect the fact that you don't want to go down on him. You experimented in the past and realized that it wasn't for you. If it's a deal breaker for him, nigga can hit the streets.

How to solve?
Have him dump you.

Just inform him lesbians aren't real and you were on zoloft.

Not OP but I think I'm bi and my gf doesnt know. What do

go down on him. simple

Tell her. If she doesn’t like it she can fuck off desu
>t. bisexual user

We've been dating for over a year now and when it came up in convo a few times she was like "wait but youre straight right" and said if i had a disease i didnt tell her about. I love her and while im with her i might as well be straight so i could just continue but also i wanna be true. And im not even sure if im bi ive never been with a dude. Fuck

Wow, summer bait

Don't tell her if you want to stay with her. But remember the converse of it, staying with her means keeping this part of you a secret.

>This is what western universities teach now

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only women can get away with that shit and only because literally nobody things it is "that bad" and most guy find it hot anyway.

I agree on most things except the ending. I am still straight and will be referring to myself as that in the future

this is mostly how I feel. at the same time I understand if he thinks its "unfair" that I dont wanna do something Ive done in the past, but we can only learn from experience, meaning I had to do it before to realize I didnt like it

Personally, I think your bf probably has more of a problem with you willing to go down on other people, but not on him. I would be insulted, especially if he goes down on you. Why do you think guys go down on girls? It's because they love it and it makes them feel good.

You have a strong disposition to be recognized as straight despite having a same sex partner for two years, is there a reason why you don't wish to be recognized as Bi on a anonymous chinese cartoon board?

>Heteroflexibility is a form of a sexual orientation or situational sexual behavior characterized by minimal homosexual activity in an otherwise primarily heterosexual orientation, which may or may not distinguish it from bisexuality. It has been characterized as "mostly straight"
>2 year relationship with one particular girl during college.
>Also a bunch of other girls out of conviency

So you just hooked up with another woman... for two years straight? Why even question your sexuality at that point or make it a point of contention in the thread your bi at least.

I'm straight but if it takes long before each lay I'm not going to say no to fucking some man ass just to get it out of my system.

That is actually really gay lmao.

once again... we were roommates. if its late at night, Im in pajamas, suddenly I realize I need sex, and theres a girl more than willing to fulfill that role when I dont wanna have to bother going out, why not? I can close my eyes and imagine its brad pitt for all I care. her mouth feels no different. doesnt mean anything.

You are not straight and no modern label will change that, biscum.

Do oral on him.
You think every strait guy likes giving oral to a girl?
Practice with giant Popsicle sticks or something.
Also are you 100% strait, or like 99% and 1% bi? or?
Either way, doesn't matter.
Get with a guy who is ok with you like girls too.
as long as you don't plan to become 100% lesbian.
Also hope your ok with guys imagining you sucking their dick at the same time as another girl and stuff like that.

and despite all that rare shit you just mentioned you still allow one to be rammed in your body and theyre STILL cleaner and more low maintenance than vaginas.

You're not 100% straight. As long as you insist that you are, contrary to all evidence, I wouldn't be taking you seriously either.

you are delusional. even being straight I would 100% rather do oral on a woman than a man. girls shave down there, some even wax, the skin is smooth and hairless. they moisturize. the skin is soft and smells good as a result. they wash it well and are generally cleaner. men arent known for being gods of hygiene, but every girl grows up with that

Just get a guy who shaves and washes his dick with soap and water.
Also spit is a good lube, use flavored lube, or whipped cream, syrup, liquid chocolate or something

Suck his dick.
No, really.
He feels like hes not enough for you or that you prefer women. Acts speak louder than words, suck, dat, dick.


Holy shit, why didn't you use this bait in the first place?

I'm going to not only take advantage of the decline of western civilization in the next 20 years or so but I'm going to enjoy it the whole way.

Either weak bait or retarded. You're bi. Telling him otherwise is deception and he is understandably upset. Stop being stupid.
t. bisexual male

>crummy, coarse, dry, hairy, even kind of dirty with sebum

if you weren't a lesbian this would turn you on

What the fuck are you on about you bi faggot. I have never, not even once considered to touch someone of the same sex.

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Are you sure you're not a lesbian? I don't mind eating out my girlfriend, but I can assure you she gets way more smegma than I do.

Also, I bet if you told him you'd suck his dick if he washed it and shaved it he would get it sparkly clean for you.

women are way more fuckable than men and Im comfortable admitting that. thats why in society everything we do is sexualized. the female body overall is more harmonic and aesthetic pleasing to look at.

''heterofluid'' pff go study psychology and learn before shitposting on the internet.

I really don't understand why people are so obsessed with being sexually diversified.

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Okay just suck his dick. I have difficulty to believe he is still in relationship with you if you don't suck his dick. I would leave you for a girl that would suck my dick.

Tell him hes a moron.
I can guarantee you 100% he has also had SOME gay experience in his childhood or teen years. Everyone has one.

Question him about it and then question his sexuality in a sarcastic way. Then tell him "see? It sounds ridiculous when i say that about you right? You sound ridiculous accusing me of the same thing."

Just suck his dick god damn it

who gives a shit?

My child gay marriage has been illegal in most places for a long time and many men don't want to marry at all. Many men gun to their head would rather die than give you an answer.

>everyone has one
No faggot

>I can guarantee you 100% he has also had SOME gay experience in his childhood or teen years. Everyone has one.

Dude, sounds like you're deep in the closet. The vast, vast majority of men do not have a gay experience.

Stop projecting and deal with your own house.

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A line was crossed they gay now faggot

>Using Wikipedia to source something
Guys it might not be bait, they might actually be retarded

Call it what you like, but to say that OP is 100% straight is disingenuous.

To call yourself 100% straight is disingenuous.

This, but unironically.

Labels aside the fact that you went down on other people specifically women and refuse to do it to him, it's probably not making him feel any good. You prob made him really insecure which you shouldn't have

This, but unironically.

Labels aside the fact that you went down on other people specifically women and refuse to do it to him, it's probably not making him feel any good. You prob made him really insecure which you shouldn't have