Girlfriend of 3 years meets some dude at college

>girlfriend of 3 years meets some dude at college
>tells me they are only friends
>dumps me so she can fuck him
>a month later she texts me saying she is sorry and still loves me and wants me back

What do I do? I planned on marrying this fucking girl. I love her.

Does it make me a cuck?

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This thread again?

No, it makes you stupid and self disrespecting for going back to a whore.


>Does it make me a cuck
Yuppers duder

Tell her to take a hike. That opportunity has passed . She should’ve thought about that before she started smoking pole.

Don’t do it, retard.

If you take her back that most definitely makes you a cuck. But hey, if you love her you'll also love her new boyfriend.

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Hard question man. Depends on your experience and approach.

Is she really the one? Does she love you? Would she forgive in the opposite situation? Will she be commited to you in the future? Think over why she dumped you, have you done something wrong or she just a thirsty bitch.

I would tell her, it was a disgusting act and don't know how further. If she will struggle for you to fix the relationship instead of texting boring "im sorry" messages, maybe I'd give a chance. If not, leave her.

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Things didn't work out with the other dude now she tries to go back to option number 2 which is you. Don't accept that

Sex is the ultimate expression of intimacy for a woman. If she is fucking another dude, there is no connection at all between you and her.

You clearly love her enough to EVEN want to consider taking her back. You already know our answer to your problem, the only one that can help you is yourself.

If you really love her, another shot is worth the chance. However, you must remember that a random guy was enough to end the relationship in the first place. Would you have done the same thing? If not, dump her. If yes, take her back

Block her number

Ghost her obviously like how dumb can you be?

I'm sorry that happened to you, but if she was willing to throw away a 3 year relationship to fuck someone, then she isn't worth it. She my not have actually cheated, but what would happen if you guys married and she meets another guy she wants to fuck? Do you think she would be faithful?

Run away

Agree user. She meets a new guy, knows him a short time and willing to end a 3 year relationship for him. If she now thinks she was a bit capricious then thats too bad. She has the audacity, after kicking OP to the curb, to ask him by TEXT to fix her because she feels bad.

And for you OP. It was 2 not three but I had one do the same shit and I refused to speak to her again and guess what, I lived, self respect intact.

>I love her
well she loves other dick way more than you and if she's already tired of the one she dumped you for she'll meet another and another and another and get rid of you again.

She has feelings for you but they are mixed. She will always always hear on you, and she does not love you.


Always cheat

block that bitch she has got a two face

Good for you user! Fuck that bitch!

Marriage is so overrated. It only benefits women in the long run who want to sit on their ass and let the men do all the work. This is why to this day there are stereotypes against women. As far as taking her back, don’t be dumb. She’s a cunt that will most likely use you, that’s why there are bitches that cheat and not breakup their marriage because they refuse to be independent. Disgusting.

Your partner going away to study and going to prison have one thing in common:
If you don't trust your partner or know for a fact that they won't see someone else, they will end up fucking someone else.

>Does it make me a cuck?
Only if you consented and watched them do it

Marriage, to the right person, is awesome and beneficial to both but most of us choose wrong.

Like OP here, he wants to marry this girl, convinced she is the one, and its highly likely they will get back together, marry and guess what, she will fuck around on him again. Could be avoided during the courting and engagement period if you have the balls to take a stand and walk if things start to stink.

Seriously. This again.
The bait isn't even different at this point. At least janny trannies nail the Brandon threads outright; now we just need the other 20 flavours of everyday bait threads knocked off too.

based user.
OP this is what you should do, cut her out of your life completely.