Is there hope for a 33 year old virgin that works at a fast food restaurant?

Is there hope for a 33 year old virgin that works at a fast food restaurant?

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If you fully embrace the teachings of julius evola then yes

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Yes. Do something about it other than asking a bunch of autistic weebs on a Chinese basket weaving forum.

Pretty sure you're exposed to all kinds of puss.

If you are attractive, women literally could care less about where you work or even if you work.

I hope to achieve a similar level.
>nobrain job
Of course I won't be a pathetic loser like you crying because "muh i'm a virgin".

You've reached a new level. You don't have to worry about societal restraints of having a family, or a good job, or any of the other bullshit they lied to us about that would make us happy but doesn't. I envy you. Trust me when I tell you the pressure of maintaining a career, mortgage and girlfriend is draining. You can live your life the way you want

Probably all high schoolers half his age, working at their first job.

Absolutely false. At that age range almost every woman picks money. Theyll use terms such as stability and security. Dont get me wrong theyll cheat on the cucked guy for the attractive one, but the guy with more money will take her back

Exactly. And degenerate trash women. OP is standing on pussy mountain and doesn't even know it.

Nope. Like legit nope.

Your formative years are long behind you.


OP, the only hope you have is to pull a Richard Branson. Turn your life around. Start a crazy, ambitious business. Become a billionaire or die trying.

You won't be flying virgin airlines after you've got the monies.

Are you at least the manager?

I know a 29 y/o who was a 28 y/o khhv until he got his first ever girlfriend recently, he's a manager in a maccies. There's still hope bro, you're just a bit slower than most in this area.

There's always hope. If there we no hope in you, you'd already be dead.

Yes. You're working with young women with little going for them. Get your McPromotion and get a supervisor level job, give out favours to the attractive women. Get drinks and fuck them.
McDickmeat's was the easiest job I ever held for fucking women, seriously I did volunteer work as a policeman (that's a thing in the UK) and didn't get as much pussy as I did in fast food.

a) He won't become a billionaire though he could make serious monies.

b) All he can get now is golddiggers.

I love it when other Anons can hop right in when I'm asleep at the wheel. You have done me proud as punch.
Age can provide wisdom. Lasso an 18Yo who appreciates that you can buy dinner and a movie. She will grow to help and support you and make you a better and more successful man. Happy ever after.

get a car, then join a union.


Flirt with the young girls you work with, maybe they like older guys

>get rich, get dumb young girls

Jow Forums gives shit advice.