Do you think we’ll ever understand women?

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Easy. They're whores. “They muddy the water, to make it seem deep.”

I think there is reason why men and women dont understand each other. Maybe it's better this way.

Ive heard that theres 3 kinds of men:
>men who naturally understand women
they get tons of pussy
>men who dont understand women and dont care what they think
they get some pussy
>men who want to understand women, but dont
they're what are known as "betas" or "incels"
In short, if you dont understand girls, dont bother trying.

spot on if you replace muh understanding wahmen with good looks

There are two kinds of women

They are trash usually white
>christian asian wife
Better than all white roasties combined

Incels don’t understand women, soi boys try to understand women

Hey pal, this is the advice board. Do you need any advice?

Do you have advice on how to understand women at all or is there no hope?

Women become much easier to understand once you stop expecting them to be logical like men and start treating them like children.

Could you be more specific? What do you mean by understanding women? Things like:
- When they poop?
- How they poop and do not smell after using the toilet?
- How they choose what food to eat?
- Where is their natural habitat?
- How menstruation works?
- How much time they spend dressing up?
- Why they are not tidy when they live alone but they like to tidy when they are married?

Why do you think women are difficult to understand? They are not

3 types of men.
Alpha chads
Beta bobs
Omega ugly guys

Does it ever get tiring being so basic, or is this level of predictability just a safe space for you?

Please explain the tidiness one. Absolutely baffling

>implying any latina exists who isn't a whore

the poster saying christian asian women are the best is wrong, the best and most loyal women are actually christian latinas

>he thinks religion determines a woman's character
There is only one star player in all of your failures. Remember who that is.

not without understanding nothing

Explain why it is or what is meant by it?

fuck no, all of the latinas I know are "christian" whores.
They're all talk when it comes to morals, just like everything else they talk about.

Religion does play a part it just depends on how serious they are about it a godly woman is one you want to keep