Do you think my parents would be more upset if i stole all their momey and disappeared or if I killed my self?

do you think my parents would be more upset if i stole all their momey and disappeared or if I killed my self?

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I mean both are horrible options..

Unfortunately they're my only two

Why do you feel this way?

what do you mean, I just need some input on which other people think is the better option

There are plenty of options available but you chose these two. Suppose you take the money and disappear? What do you plan to do?

How good are you at disappearing? If they wanted to prosecute you it probably wouldnt be that hard, and you may end up killing yourself becsuse of this anyway

I think they are both stupid OP. Either eay you are going to leave them hurt and disappointed.

Here's another option:
Learn a marketable skill, get a decent job, buy a house and a car, have sex, get married, have kids.

I have narrowed it down to these two options I have to choose one by the end of the year
>Suppose you take the money and disappear? What do you plan to do?
move in with friend and be a neet hiki forever
Yea I understand this and have been preparing and I still have more to prepare but even if they find me ill just kms like you said so not even that big of a deal
Right but if you had to choose an option, which one?
not an option for me, i wish though

I stole 15k from my parents, moved to Cambodia for 5 years and ghosted everyone. Didn’t log into Facebook or anything. I called like two years ago and told them I was addicted to drugs at the time and sorry, and they were so happy that I called, didn’t even stress me about the cash. It’s been a few years since I’ve been back and they might be a little bitter about it but they don’t talk about it. Jack everything, jewelry and all and bounce.

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Do you have a passport, are you in the United States, and how much could you take?

Neet hiki lifestyle will not last forever because sooner or later you will run out of money. Unless you can secure an income, then it is pretty much a waste of effort.
So to maintain this lifestyle you have to find a job.

Whatever the issue is, couldnt you just kill them instead and then take their money?

Teach English in Cambodia. Enough pay for rent, hookers, and booze

Yes, yes, and 400k maybe even more
Nah, my friend has money too it would last forever
Yeah i could, sounds like a bad idea though

If you think that the money from your friend are enough, and that your friend will not mind, you can try it and see if it works out. Be warned however, when it comes to money, friends tend to tolerate you for a while, but at one point they may turn against you if they see you leeching off of them.

depends, on how much they will be hurt by it. poor people will or easier than the rich.

Don't kill yourself trust me you will regret

>sounds like a bad idea
The other ideas are good????

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Fucking based theif. You had the nerve to actually see them face to face too. Do you think they bought your shitty lie?

They definitely bought it, if not, I guess they didn’t care. I was probably acting strange around the time it happened because it was just go time for me; I needed to bounce.

both seems like the way to go

those two aren’t your only options. use your brain for a little. though, it probably would be better for you to kill yourself so we have less retards

what other options do you suggest?

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Really depends on their priorities and how much they care for you. If they love you then suicide would hurt them more; if they're shitty parents then they might miss the money more... even if only at first.

Not gonna lie, kind of sounds awesome

No they aren't you lazy selfish fuck you just don't want to work for anything in your life you lazy parasite, stop posting anime images online and go get a job you stupid asshole.
Smarten up dipshit, there's people on this board who actually need advice.

Why can't you just get a shitty job and move out like a normal person?

Or perhaps you should kill them.

Men sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony.

Get a fucking job

These dont sound like healthy options for you or your parents.

Dont do those things. It's just all bad.

Join the civilian conservation corps!
Or work on a cargo ship!
You con do a lot of positive constructive things to benefit yourself and the world.

Go out their and make a difference for the better.

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why do people just ignore my question and assume I have other options, its very annoying