Why do you guys consider girls with colored hair as red flag?

Why do you guys consider girls with colored hair as red flag?

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No but the false eyelashes are shit

Answer your own questions much?

From my experience

>daddy issues
>lots of sexual partners
>on average more kinky
>they act fake depressed but are not really
>will cheat on you

Heightened levels of narcissism and attention seeking behavior.
Problems stem from problems.

I lack the intuition of a young channer. Is this pic related, we are talking about? You think?


Just like certain types of piercings (what a surprise, septum piercing in the OP)- it's a clear sign of immaturity.

Probably not.

It shows a certain level of decision-making that most reasonable adults have no business consorting with

Men want traditional women. The guys who don't care are degenerates themselves. We want women who are comfortable with their own body and seek a higher reasoning for existence.

Women who color their hair have mental issues because they can't accept the color of their hair or skin or their heritage/ethnicity. It screams insecurity and a lack of purpose. It signals to us- like the poisonous neon-color in the animal world that this woman is to be avoided. Everything they would stand for are meaningless as they are always on a edge when it comes of choosing any sort of morality. They have that mindset that there is nothing good or bad in the world and its all subjective.

That makes for a poor wife to start a family with- henceforth makes for a poor relationship material early on. Plus those kinds of women usually jump from man to man and it is painfully obvious. The same goes for women who wear those dark lipstick or actually have tattoos on their body. Avoid at all costs.

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Because women who have colored hair "generally" have the same issues.

It's a cry for attention:
>Wants male attention (slut)
>Daddy issues

It's a need to be "different", to "change" or "stand out"
>Commitment issues
>Mood swings
>Never satisfied

Not always the case, which is why I said "generally", but it's a pretty solid guideline.

I don't think I have ever slept with a white girl who didn't have dyed hair.

T. Negro

Sign that they want attention and probably have issues

They exist for an easy, and kinky fuck. Dont get attatched

Stick with me bro. Show me the way. I bet the farm that I have more actual life experience than most of the crazy larpers doling out Jow Forums. But I have little knowledge of "the community "

It's a sign of mental instability, it's not even anecdotal.
People with some mental illnesses don't know who they are/ want attention so they put excess piercings (on odd places - nose), tattoo themselves, brightly coloured hair.
Last one I hooked up with admitted to me that she has depression and other issues. Everything pointed at borderline.

That's your signal black man. Colored hair or tattoos. White girls who can't accept they're white for some sort of early educational indoctrination. Those kinds of women, though I feel bad for them, have no future and will be used up pretty soon.

There you have it, folks...

To pra conhecer UMA poliana que preste.
respondendo o op pq quem faz isso normalmente so quer atençao

news flash: we don’t care what you want

start walking the straight and narrow or enjoy your cats and wine later in life

we know, that's why we leave you to pump and dumps and the absolute state that is polyamory
It's why people get mad when you suggest monogamy is a display of raw character and positive character traits, because the opposite-- polyamory-- is where the sick go to fill a void fruitlessly

good lord all the assumptions in here

i go to a fashion school where 1/4 of the student body has extremely tasteful and well done colored hair

colored hair might be juvenile yes, but i don’t necessarily think it’s an indicator of mental health issues... the people i know who have colored hair are just really artistic and like adding color to their life

What lies are these? What have you to gain? Are you trying to turn women towards you? Plenty to go around, my lezbo user. I know that we could hook up irl.

i have a long term boyfriend LOL

i love my cats, wine. and my bf

well i hope it works out and you raise a happy family but you'd be an exception from the neon haired bitches i know


It's a shame, some are real sweet and ready to love but you can see their minds have been filled with trash. No reason y'all shouldn't do it too. Enjoy the fall and all that.

>White girls who can't accept they're white for some sort of early educational indoctrination
Reminds me of one I went to high school with.

she ended up marrying a Latino and going full Ariana Grande with a fake tan and hair dye (Naturally blonde, decided first to dye it a retarded dark red when she was a junior, now it's black), and making spanish facebook posts.

way ahead of you. Some are hard to spot when they're just getting started. They look absolutely normal. But as a based asianbrochad, you wonder why she would even go for a brown skin like myself. The fall is kinda sad cause you looked up to them growing up.

Little did we know, not but two decades later that they all are just succumbing to the easiest of ploys- things that could be avoided if they just picked up a book or had the courage to question what life was like in the recent past. Shame really. Ultimately, they just want an dominant male in their life, I don't know why white men aren't doing that anymore today- it is no surprise their women are leaving in droves.

This guy gets it. Had verbatim same experience

enjoy being used repeatedly because you refuse to fulfill your societal and traditional role of being an ideal woman to raise children.

You will question what went wrong later but it would all be your own fault.

He's only there for the short term or is a disgrace himself. You know this as truth and yet you cannot accept it. It's not too late to walk the right path and be a proper individual. Short-term trends are not to be followed for the long-term goals in life.

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It means they're not fully satisfied or comfortable with themselves or are more creative than most people.
Both tend to be promiscuous or kinda crazy

its fuckin stupid as fuck thats why... nothing dumber than a bitch with dyed hair forget the social connotations

my hair isn’t colored. it’s naturally blonde. my comment was geared towards other girls, who shouldn’t give a fuck what other people think of them

my boyfriend and i are getting engaged next year. i’m about to graduate with an accounting degree and he’s about to graduate with a poli sci degree with a job already lined up

my main point was that why can’t people express themselves how they want to? from what i’ve seen nobody over the age of 25 even has colored hair it’s more of a “fun” juvenile thing

leave it to the blonde bitch to not grasp the social contract


men are just too easy to replace

Same lesbianing.

Forgot the smooch. We start with the eyebrow.

so are women, even better as you get older

College freshman are entranced by older cock

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mom first let me dye my hair blue in 4th grade and throughout my teens many different colors so to be honest

>daddy issues
yes, never knew him
>lots of sexual partners
its turned out to be true
>on average more kinky
i never thought about this much but been told i'm wild
nope, rarely depressed but am manic at times
>they act fake depressed but are not really
nope, more like morose, like during a goth phase and a guy i was with
>will cheat on you
i only had one real bf, the goth guy, but he cheated on me so so far no

Easier to spot when they behave in a conventionally "bad" way. So confirmation bias too I guess

Because it screams "I'm mentally unstable and grew up in a dysfunctional family".

i have found this to be true

Yusss girl. Preach! Judging someone based on a hair color is ridiculous and shows that the person judging is only capable of low level thinking. If it doesn't have any effect on your life then why should it matter?

It's judging someone based on their actions which are conveyed through their choice of artificial hair color.

There's a degree to which anyone's appearance in general reflects their actions, whether it's simple hygiene or piercings, tattoos, hair color, etc.

please date me

all depends as everything else. its like what is a true whore? a chick that slept with 30 people but always wore condoms, always took birth control, never lead guys on, , never cheated on anyone, never lead niggas on, is always honest about what she is, and only had sex for fun, or the chick that only been with five guys but keeps cheating on the guy with the other four and used sex as a means for resources attention? the first ones just a nympho, the second is the true whore. if you just did it because you just wanted to then fine. but if you did it because youre making a "statement" or its an excuse to act like a bitch because "I made it obvious that im crazy" then no I would want nothing to do with you.

the first is a roastie, the second is a whore.
New science.

not saying id date the first or that I wouldn't. I just wouldn't judge her nearly as harshly as the second.

Same here, I have a roastie friend that I would consider the exception to most of my rules because I know what she's about.

yeah. they'll also protect you from real whores.

also, op, your self awareness means you in first category. you probably okay.

she didn't, granted it didn't help that she probably didn't know the girl I was dating was a whore, and once she found out she didn't go to me directly because she figured I wouldn't believe her and it would drive a wedge between us.
Little did she know the whore tried turning me against her after she found out, which actually made me side with her against the whore.

Same. As much as I'd like to fuck a mentally ill colored hair White girl I know it's better to just stay the fuck away. These type of girls dont really fuck with niggas anyway. They love their MCR twink crushes.

Something about dying your hair a unnatural color screams you have the same boring personality of "unpredictable lifestyle and lots of bad decisions" that a lot of people fall into.

Not a fan of it. Also always looks dirty and no shower can fix it.

does she know better now?

we've been in an odd place since then so we haven't talked about it yet. She probably doesn't even know that I took her side, or generally trust her more than anyone else. She's the kind of person who demonstrates herself through her actions more than her words, so she's very reliable.

tell her that you did. let her know that having your back is much appreciated.

>BTFOing the one guy who speaks for all men
You're alright roastie


thissorry im drunk


1) because it s attention seeking
2) 95% of the time it means they don’t have a very professional job or career set in mind
>inb4 ur wrong

Being a hair stylist isn’t considered a conservative, professional career. Neither is being a tattoo artist, or preschool teacher.

VERY rarely do companies allow their employees to dye their hair excessive/vibrant colors, especially in America.

This is true by a lot.

Though in my early 20's I only wanted to use older women as personable fuck pigs, not really start a relationship with one. Nothing to really connect with emotionally unfortunately. It was more a awful fetish then a strong attraction.

I had my fun now and I am with a wonderful woman around my same age and I am really quite happy. We both have similar goals and its quite nice I love her lots.

"Red flag" is usually just a code for "I don't find you attractive."
I mean, think about it, how fucking boring would someone have to be to not put up any red flags? Just no fucking signs at all that you are, in some way, fucked up? It's like "baggage." Your parents are going to die eventually, that's baggage. Your dreams aren't going to come true. BAGGAGE. You didn't get the first girl you fell in love with and you saw her kids. That's baggage too. You're not wrapped up in fucking bubble film, though, so of course you're going to have baggage.

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>"Red flag" is usually just a code for "I don't find you attractive."
Not really, it's something that points to a major problem. Granted it's up to you how you feel about whatever it's pointing to.

Most red flags are behavioral, this is just one that you can see before you get to know someone.

>From my experience
>>daddy issues
>>lots of sexual partners
>>on average more kinky
>>they act fake depressed but are not really
>>will cheat on you

Sounds about right.

looks stupid

what's to learn. Don't reddit space, be an asshole, and use greentext

Why does a woman feel the need to stand out? Seems to me mental illness.

Probably the same reason you would wear a clown wig to your work. For attention of course

i know perfectly sane and wholesome women with dyed hair, be wary but they're not all bad.

I hate that I’ve colored my hair, blue, purple, red. And have daddy problems and bipolar FUCK

Don’t fight with that fucking retard

"Red flag" means danger for commitment, user.

These kinds of girls are just for P&D. They're are mostly like what this user has described.

>We want women who ... seek a higher reasoning for existence.
That's your only flaw in your argument. We prefer women who reason their existence through child birth. So, accepting their fate as mothers and temporary housewives are the best choice they can make.

Actually it is, since women's natural behaviour is to mingle with the group, that is collective thinking or herd mentality.

Coloring hair way too many times means the girl dyes her hair as a way to receive a quick mood boost (not always the case, but tends to be common).
This also indicates impulsiveness and willingness to do something drastic only to fix a bad mood.

This "impulsiveness" might fester in other situations, such as cheating, starting drama out of nowhere, etc.