I want to know what you're point of view is

Please help me. Do you think she's skinny, healthy, curvy, pudgy, chubby, fat or obese?

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She is not thing, she has no curves, but she isn't that fat either.

who drinks red bull in this day and age?
shes not very attractive, totally average. a little on the thicc side but in no place where it adds to her attractiveness. poor distribution of fat.

She's fat but I'd still smash that shit all day. The girl I'm currently fucking is fatter than that, wish I was good enough to trade up to a girl like OP (or better) but hey I take what I can get.

What's wrong with drinking red bull?

Fat. She is many kilos overweight

No. Just ugly

Curvy-pudgy range.

Ha! These tards do not realize that she is yee. I would lick your face. It is only your lack of confidence that is a deflection.

She's obviously overweight. The kind of woman who doesn't care about her own body- despite it being your only true possession in this world. She eats a lot and stores it as fat; her lifestyle is also detrimental to her health. I would avoid at all costs.

How is she overweight? Looks healthy to me.

She’s a good level of curvy imo

Not too fat. She will have a nice thick ass and sexy pussy to pump on. Great thighs as well I bet

Being overweight is not healthy. It is painfully obvious with her chin and abdominal area. You can also see it on her arms.

She seems to have a sort of fashion sense so there's that. Maybe if she just incorporated more exercise and less food.

What do you see in her abdominal area?


Hey abdominal area has a lot of fat that can be easily seen?

Facts are facts. People are fat today (USA in particular) because of the processed food they eat which hides a lot of sugar and carbs. Eat leaner and weight will naturally subside, granted you're not on your butt the whole entirety of the day and are moderately active. Being overweight opens you up to all sorts of injury, disease and problems down the line which can cost you your finances which could be avoided by just changing your lifestyle habits.


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She is weathered and worn down.

Bolderdash! I know three fat bitches that have surpassed 73 years old. Must not be that deadly. I would fuck two of them. Come to think about it. My mom too. You can fuck her.

fashion model so i guess i’m qualified to weigh in here? no pun intended

she looks pudgy/chubby to me but not obese or anything like that

In between healthy and curvy.

Looks like Pudge. Would not date / 10.


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A little bit fat but its okay

Hey bebe?


She looks like a healthy woman meaning she is curvy but not fat.

in my opinion she is pudgy but not the bad side of pudgy. Maybe like "a little too healthy" in terms of weight.

She is cute though, if I was single I would probably be crushin bad.

basic ass women.


what? being healthy is a good thing? no knew this. exercise is healthy? wow! you definitely needed to preach this shit to people.

what you're saying isn't wrong but you sound condescending asshole. remove your head from your ass. your not special for excising and being healthy. shut the fuck up.



Aren't pudgy, chubby, and fat all the same thing?

Pick one (1).

Not too fat, but she has a face the passing of time is not going to be kind to.

Why not noch?


The word you're looking for OP is, unfortunate. She is unfortunate looking.

Why fat?

Looks curvy to me.

Not ugly, as long as she's healthy she's good in my eyes.

a bit pudgy.

Not fat, just little muscle tone accompanied with the usual layer of body fat. Basically young girl who has decent metabolism with little work put into it, which will go to shit if she doesn't adopt a proper diet during college. Seen so many girls blimp out because of too much booze and cheap food and no gym.

Where do you see muscles?

Looks amazing.

what she's wearing and the position she's sitting in makes it really hard to tell.
My guess is pudgy. Definitely doesn't have curves but her clothes and position probably make her look bigger than she is.