Is it a bad idea to write a letter to a serial killer?

Is it a bad idea to write a letter to a serial killer?
I have a crush on him and want to know how hes doing I think hes lonely.
He lives in russia but I think online it said he did well in english in school.

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Fine but... i wanna say "don't let it geet too far" but fine.

When my gf said, "I think I'd be really easy to kill" twice in one night, it made me think of shit like this.

You're making it hard for me!

Whats that song?

What do I say to him? I want to make him feel at ease by saying how I can relate with the misanthropy. But I also want it to be kinda casual and get to know him. I'm not sure how much he may have changed from psychologists or if being in prison for 13+ years changed him.
I would probably not want to include my adress and or contact him by email. How do I do this?

GIRL no he’s gonna want money from you for commissary and shit

it’s just a bad idea overall i wouldn’t do it if i were you it could get dangerous

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What about his friend that already got out of prison? He seemed less violent and forced by the other. So I dont think he would ask for money since hes out and they probably wouldnt have let him out if they thought he would murder someone again.
How would I contact him and what should I say so I dont fuck up my chances with him?


Take this

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I laughed internally, thank you.

In all seriousness they may appreciate a letter, and you both satisfy your egos.

Is this a false flag?
Seriously why do women love psychos so much?

cause violence is human nature and exciting. Why do you think all our movies/games are about violence?

That’s a pretty halfbaked postulation, part of the reason those movies and games are so enjoyable is knowing that nobody was hurt. Fake violence is exciting, the real stuff is traumatizing.
It’s part morbid curiosity and part power fantasy or something idk

Uh yeah it is a bad idea.

I want to think hes not a psycho
What should I say? What's something he would want to hear?

I bet he gets a lot of letters from disenfranchised women.

Do you really think so? What makes you say that?
A lot of people online hate them because of how brutal they were. I've never seen someone hated so much. I'm maybe a 7/10 girl but idk if I have a chance.

You do realize all of humanity loved going to war, hunting, torturing, very violent sports, etc... up until modern society pussy whipped you by saying it's wrong and uncomfortable? If anyone you're the one with a half baked opinion. Humans are designed with violence in mind. It's how we survived

There is no shortage of primitive societies in the modern world or in past history that saw violence as an intrinsic part of their culture. Many just made violent stories, but there are still tribes today that actually commit murder and cannibalism among their tribe to perform rituals

yea, you're not onto anything new. Serial killers getting lots of letters from women is a phenomenon

These baits are so lame lately

Most of the common offenders are getting modded on sight. Brandonposting is probably bannable at this point.

This isnt bait. I had my heart broken by a regular guy and I want more of a thrill. I want to make this killer guy smile he has a interesting personality and a unique life experience.
Has someone else really had a similar post?

hard to believe someone is more fucked up than me. Why not Ted Kazynski? A little on the older side, but what a brain

OP here. What kind of girls do you think he likes? I'm kinda shy.

You should learn their philosophy. People like Ted Kaczynski spend all morning answering letters and have strongly formulated worldviews and motivations. If a person can't resonate with it, he's not very inclined to accept them

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I just looked him up what a coincidence. Hes from the same state I'm from.
Hes a bit too old and too smart for my taste. One of the things I like about my guy is that he was a teen in the 2000s and got imprisoned in what I beleive was the last good year in society. I wish I was that age during that time.
It seemed like he liked playing god with his victims, like choosing who lives and who died. It seems like he had strong opinions about facing fears. To him murder was a hobby and he was sentimental about it. But it's hard to gauge if he would be open to replying.
How do you feel about Ted Kaczynski? Have you written to him?

How about just skip all the effort and just mail me instead

Too Close by Next?

This is all true.

I admired Ted for his intelligence and forming his own moral beliefs besides what society says is right. No, but lots of people do. If you ask him, he'll do your mathematics homework for you. He's a reasonable guy

What someone wrote a while back about your guy is probably right. Serial killers often receive a lot of mail in prison and being bored, going through it may be one of the highlights of their days. Serial killers are probably thinkers with lack of empathy for humans, dichotomy thinking, with different moral principles.

What do you think of this guy's philosophy?

Why do all women with no friends get wet for serial killers or mass murderers?

Yes it is a bad idea. Stop it get some help

what's the difference

I can respect that. It's nice to see people who have their own belief system and arent just sheep. He sounds pretty cool.
That's the thing. I don't know what his philosophy is. He definately was happy and looked at it like a joke.
I think that he has apathy towards life and thinks that life is about getting thrills for your own sake. That the world is all ants and he was meant to prey on the weak and hate them just because they're ants.
But I wonder if he has become slightly reasonable over time and has more interest in talking to people rather than manipulating them especially since hes older.
His partner in crime was more book smart and more of a follower to him out of fear. They're both pretty cute but I think it would be easier to contact the first one.
I can kind of relate to these types of people. I tend to think in black and white sometimes and can think about what they've done objectively.

Yea, I don't really see how there's much to lose by writing them. It's very possible he might be interested in talking. Although the conversations might be grim. When a person lacks morality, but still thinks objectively they can be led to destructive or hedonistic beliefs. I think a lot of what society considers growing up is admitting defeat from these beliefs and falling in line in the world.

This is the worst idea I've ever heard. Dont do that. He will kill you. He kills people.

You need help
You need Therapy.
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Tell a law enforcement officer.

How did people fall for the literal Jow Forums bait picture and normal ott fembait that comes with? Jeez

It's not bait it's just the closest pic I could find bc I didnt feel like getting a different pic.

>So I dont think
Clearly, seeing as you duped yourself into thinking that having contact with a SERIAL KILLER is a good idea and somehow romantic.

Chicks like you end up being victims of people like Ted Bundy, not a side piece.

It's clearly bait, good newfag haul tho

What this user said.

Seriously think, what would set you apart from their latest victims? Institutional reformation bs aside think for a second, do you fit their general victim profile? Even if you don't it's still an awful idea.

helter skelter

yes. but every prisoners lonely and you have a captive audience.
>>nothing stopping him from breaking out to kill you
serial killers are drowning in pussy. because he is litterally a bad boy. ted bundy used to get hundreds of letters a week.

>He has already murdered people but i want to think he is not a psycho.

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I dont think I fit their victim profiles. Older people, animals, kids, but not a cute 20 something year old girl.

Just stop trying to justify this terrible idea.

Just stop.

Go to a bdsm club if you have a thing for dangerous men and being dominated. You'll at least live and probably find someone who clicks better than some russian fuck with bad english you'll never get to realistically meet.

Can you explain the appeal, mentally ill femanon?

When I first heard about women sending love letters to serial killers I thought it was a meme, but apparently it's actually happening. How was your childhood? Do you get along with your dad?

I think that casual sex stuff like that is degenerate. Yeah they are rapists and I am into rape but only if its special. I'm not normally into dangerous guys I usually like awkward shy guys. I guess something about the isolation appeals to me. And I guess the idea of less competition appeals to me even though it may not be the case.
My childhood was okay but pretty lonely. I got along with my dad for the most part. My parents were overprotective but also ignored me at times, but I was also a spoiled brat because of them not knowing how to say no. My harsh caregiver caused me to be mute and have no friends.
I dont really think that's relevant because I like to think I'm normal. But I can sympathize with people who feel alone or hostile. I guess like the others, it would feel nice to be the one that changes him or gives him the happiness he never thought he would find.

I never understood that kind of mentality. So many of them end up marring them only to divorce like a year after with ptsd symptoms. He won't be any different than the guy who broke your heart he probably will be even more domineering and abusive.

Do you have any evidence of this?
It's nothing but a cheap thrill seeking for the groupies. I also read an article about a woman who married a Danish serial killer, Peter Lundin. She confessed how stressful and unbearable her life was during their marriage, even forbid him from ever seeing their son again. Also alot of people just marries serial killers in order to get fame or money out of the relationship.

Are you russian? What do you gave to offer?
I'm not a gold digger and I dont want to manipulate him I want to be his waifu :/ I am willing to put up with his anger issues I just want him to not kill me I want him to protect me

Lmao you’re destined for a fucked up life

>classical hybristophilia

>alot of people just marries serial killers
I thought only women did that.

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