So I've been talking to a girl a met on a night out 3 weeks ago after we made out. Past week we have been sending nudes to each other and me cuming. Only thing is she lives 200 odd miles away. How do I do this as she thinks I'm going to be amazing in bed and I've not had sex in months?

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Do you own a car? 60 miles an hour down the highway will get you there quick enough.

Yeah but can I last a full weekend with her though

Find the opportunity to tell her it's been a while for you. Aftet that, it's contingent on how much she likes you. If you get some flaciddity on the first meeting, and she likes you, then she won't make a big deal about it. If she's a cunt she'll make it awkward.

pleasing a woman is as simple as giving a shit about her needs and placing her first. easiest thing ever.

I said would ruin her though lel

Sounds hard

they literally have an easy button on the front of their pussy.

I've made girls cum before but how do I guarantee it every time?

simply give a shit. ask them what they like. also don't be a faggot over toys.

I'm not using toys on a first fuck senpai

that's your choice then, but youre failing because youre more focused on your pride then satisfying them

Hahahahaha OP what you're doing is stupid. Odds are, your "girlfriend" is some fat old black deviant (maybe pedo) using pictures to confuse you and mess with you. Even if not,
>lying to your internet girlfriend and then meeting her
It's like an old wives tale to me, I've seen it and heard it so much.
>I told her I was 10inches
>I'm only 4 inches
>She didn't measure it she don't know

easy button don't give a fuck about dick size.

Hahaha right yeah well too bad this thread isn't about OP NOT telling is internet girlfriend lies

he just need to man up and just admit it. simply tell her hes eager to please, she'll handle experience gap if shes actually worth being with.

How do we know that him talking himself up isn't the ENTIRE reason she wants to see him? Hahahaha it's like ordering a good pizza and opening the box to a 99c frozen pizza

then she isn't right for him. that or he learns harsh lesson about honesty

I'm thinking he's going to embarass himself. Harsh? Probably? Lesson? Hahahahahaha come on dude he's on Jow Forums posting about it

What the fuck does any of that have to do with Mormonism?

....who said ANYTHING about Mormonism?

The thread is literally titled LDS, fagit.

I've met her before you goober

He was wearing the magic underpants.