Why are women so arrogant?

Why are women so arrogant?

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If you find people arrogant, it's probably because you yourself are arrogant
Whatever you do, don't reply with something atrociously arrogant to out yourself.

People are usually arrogant because of self-importance, though

OP are you really talking about women in general or is there a specific woman you have in mind when making this statement? I suspect the latter.

>If you find people arrogant, it's probably because you yourself are arrogant
not him but this makes no sense

Well, non-arrogant people generally swerve on arrogant people. Non-angry people generally swerve on angry people.

If you find yourself in certain company often, it's your prerogative to first ask how you wind yourself up in those scenarios

arrogant people swerve on arrogant people too, thats what arrogance is lol. wondering why people are arrogant is the opposite of what an arrogant person would do. you just think hes arrogant for generalizing women when hes actually just expressing his frustration w them.

I'm merely suggesting looking at changing himself first could have changes on the people he finds himself encountering, but since you'd rather just be right I'll let you be, since that's not arrogant or anything, lol

I think he's trying to claim that the other person is simply projecting.

Either way, it's simply wrong. Arrogant people actually have trouble identifying arrogance not only in themselves, but in others.

>If you find yourself in certain company often, it's your prerogative to first ask how you wind yourself up in those scenarios
Good to know that the times I found myself sexually assaulted by FOUR ex-boyfriends in my life, I must've done something to put myself in that situation.

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dont date rapists then loser... look at me i havent dated anyone in my life... god i wish just once a woman would rape me

Came to ask this

Why do you internet dwellers think humans that don't vote like you or have your genitals are hiveminds?

theyre not. theyre actually extremely insecure and use their ridiculous standards as a means to validate themselves because "how can I be piece of shit if all these 'great' guys want me?" when in reality these "great" guys are a bunch of potato chads who know nothing about taking care of a women our pleasing tham. the actually ten outta tens ive been with (ten outta ten requires an awesome personality cuz all bodies are flawed) knew that my lack of looks didn't mean shit cuz a few good orgasms would render my looks null and void. if I was having difficulty, they knew simple instructions and encouragement would get us where we wanted. seriously, we need to hold women to the same standards of confidence as they expect of us.

revolutionary post

thank you! :)

dumb post


that's what I thought. incels never have a real argument. :)

There is no argument against dumb post.

not him but how is it dumb, quantify this you inarticulate slug faggot... god i hate when people can't extrapolate on their opinions so they just post some stupid one-liner... kill yourself you shriveled, ashen-brained incel and/or woman whichever...

Women logic, ladies and gentlemen

it did not made sense. Your whole post is just big dumb nonsense.

why did you come into a woman-hating thread to humble brag about how many times you were raped? You're just a weirdo LARPer tranny or something

god what a non-argument... he's saying men should hold women to the equivalent personality standards that women hold men to & that this would result in greater mutual understanding as you would be supplanting any extant beauty standards... it's up to you to poke some holes in this conjecture if you want to have anything to say...

I still dont understand. Men equal to men?


Because everything is handed to them on a silver platter because everyone kisses their ass since they're born until they die, so they're used to being put on a pedestal every time and everywhere without doing anything except exist, I'm not saying all of them are , a small percentage have been cursed to look like Jabba the huts cousin, but for most, that's not the case.


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Don't be sad. They just want a guy who can handle there bullshit.