How to tell a woman you like her butt? (Cold Approach)

So we've all noticed there's women with really big nice unbelievable asses, and they wear clothes that really show it off. Do we not live in a universe where I can say "Hey I like your ass." in any way whatsoever? I'm dead serious. If I go out with a half chub and I'm really straining to hold it while wearing something that shows it off nice- well it'd be pretty neato if a female said "Hey, nice dick". Just to regress, how to compliment women's butts, when they're clearly wearing something that shows it off? (Yoga pants, Daisy dukes, w/e) not saying I want to rape them just damn it'd be nice to at least voice my erection.

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I like your pants
Nice figure
Do you work out?

There’s many ways if you’re creative.

Slap it.

I'm serious.

That's direct sexual assault. Sucks but it's true.
I forgot that was a thing because there was a point there where I realized that's what ALL the creepy dudes do, say they like one thing but mean something else, then smile and nod and stare practically drooling meanwhile her vagina gets so dry an environmental team helicopters in to declare a tiny area of severe drought. But yeah I guess dudes stopped doing it recently so that window is back open.

If we're dealing with 1) thots really showing the figure 2) your urge to specifically comment on their butt, then best approach is slapping their ass. It's all the same really, sexual assault of that level or sexual harassment.

But then again you can just say "you look fantastic" etc and leave the butt comments behind.

Don't compliment on butts alone. And if you must, go full man mode and slap that whore's ass.

You look really good in your pants
Mind if I touch them
Then just slap her if she says yes

Ok nah I'll stop the well poisoning troll fest right now. You don't walk up and spank them. A friend bet I wouldn't do that to a girl in middle school, so I did it. I almost got fucking expelled.

You don't do anything with no risk. Of course, that's the price of reward.

I've done exactly the opposite to your story and didn't get in any trouble. So that's the value of anecdotal evidence.

Just be confident.

To put it in r9k terms. That shit only works if you're Chad and you're approaching Stacey.

If you're not Chad and you cold approach Stacey, or if you're Chad but you approach a normal not-retard girl, it's not going to end well.

What the fuck is a Stacey lol

I've always wanted to try "Excuse me, but I need that ass in my life."

I drove past a really hot black girl earlier today, her ass was ridiculous, couldn't roll down my window in time so I just yelled out in my car

the female equivalent of Chad. Blonde hair usually, 80$ worth of make-up on her face, only cares about shoes and clothes, gets by on her looks and body while being borderline retarded, etc.


Don't do it. It's just plain disrespectful.

lmao no girl would ever say yes to that, unless she’s a mega slut, you’re both at a party or club, and she’s fucking wasted

Act like a full blown faggot and you could probably get away with saying "nice ass gurl"

That only works on drunk girls

>op is into being reduced to his genitalia because he is a man and men don't recieve that attention
>So women should just be fine with being objectified by random beta losers regardless of attraction or social etiquette.
>he also wants others to think that his sexual response to other people's image is not his own damn fault.
Hahahaha, no.

>Doesn't have an ass
>Never been told she looks pretty

>fucking women that remind you of your dad

What? Also

Don't sexually harass women you fucking retard, we do NOT live in a universe where you can say "I like your ass" unless you're a 10/10 no woman's going to think it's "Neato", they're going to be seriously uncomfortable. Get some self restraint you fucking manchild. Pathetic.

Is it possible that women are people and dont want to be treated as objects?

Imagine getting so triggered by a critical response that you have to adhom cus you can't argue with it any other way.

You must be new here. That person comes in and bans themselves in every thread they post in. Probably hence their choice of name.

Jfc every time I see you you're either bitching about despair spreading, or you yourself are despair spreading, how have you not been permabanned yet I've never seen you post anything positive or productive for anyone
You're being just a tad bit out of proportion. It's just complimenting someone's body. It's not like I'm straight up saying "hey I want to fuck your pussy", no, it's just their ass. If the dick example bothers you THAT much (BTW EVERY GUY EVER WOULD BE OK W THAT) then fine, if she complimented my muscles then "Hey I like your biceps" then I'd feel good about that too. Call it objectification all you want the body is a physical object, organic yeah but Jesus Christ just because you're sentient/self aware doesn't mean it's not ok for other people to be aware of your physical presence as well. Not trying to argue about it either though so let me put it like this
>Does anyone know the answer?
>Raises hand,
>I DONT know the answer!
That's you. If you don't know the answers, maybe just keep quiet. I am well aware that women have feelings. Anything you post replying to this I'm just going to regard as bait because really it's not that complicated. I even asked point blank "can/can't", if you believe "no" is the answer then that suffices. Resorting to "beta loser" comments are just unnecessary immature, ignorant, assumptions.

Don't compliment women on their looks, pal.
Unless it's a ball or a wedding night and she's put 10 hours into it, then you can compliment it and technically even then you're complimenting her work, not her looks. Which is the way to go.

Why don’t you just tell a girl you think she’s hot and see what happens? Or do you think there is a magic combination of words that will come across as charming instead of aggressive and creepy? No matter how you phrase it she will hear it as, “I want to fuck you”. Ask yourself why you want to tell her in the first place. Are you hoping she reacts positively and compliments you back, or are you doing it to assert your own agency on the situation, to take control and speak your mind?

No retard you don't even understand what sexual harassment is. You don't go around saying you like her ass because you're too lazy and inept to hook up with someone like everyone else. As a guy I'm sure you would enjoy it but women don't, they get this shit all the time. Nobody called you a beta loser. Everyone in the thread is telling you that's not how the world works and you're just rejecting reality. There are people on this thread with real problems and you killed a thread so you could ask if you could sexually harass women which the answer is no. What's immature is being unable to control your hormones and throwing a tantrum because you can't spit out "I like your ass" without looking like a slackjacked sex offender with zero understanding of how the person feels in that situation.

Ignored. You probably shouldnt troll/post bait on Jow Forums

Just don't. It's not worth the risk.

If you don't mind being labeled as a creep, then ok.

Nowadays, it's just not worth it. Women approved so many bullshit laws that even a whistle is considered a sexual assault. "My feelings, my reality", it's just disgusting.

This isn't an incel thread either, I don't want this turning into "women have mystical legal powers" thread, I don't believe things are like that. Surely there is some way to compliment a woman for her butt. There just has to be. Women can say "Damn dude you look hung" if you walk into an elevator in gym shorts packin a 12in or something, why not? You ARE hung and at 12in you'd probably be aware of it and cool with it. We all know women look at their asses in the mirror, we know! There wouldn't be so many pictures and videos floating around if they didn't do that. They know it looks good, hearing someone say something about it shouldn't be that weird, that's just my logic on it.

So do it faggot

I suppose maybe it's just getting compliments from people you aren't attracted to feels weird.
Do what? I'm not trying to be convinced to do anything lil buddy.

Tell the bitch you want to slide a finger down the crack of that ass.

>I don't want this turning into "women have mystical legal powers" thread, I don't believe things are like that
Facts are facts regardless of your feelings and wishes.

Haha that's not what's going on here lil scout. You see, you can tell someone they have a pretty smile and not want to kiss them. Sure you might think about it, but it doesn't mean you're going to act on it that second. It's just seeing something nice and vocalizing it. That's all.

They don't. We aren't arguing about it either. Lawyers cost money, they don't just magically appear when feminists get triggered from tweets.

>voice my erection
for a man everything is about his erection

think about this a minute

laws had to be passed to keep men from talking about their erection, what they were going to do with that erection and pressuring women to take that erection IN THE WORKPLACE. Like without a law men are so uncouth they couldn't restrain themselves

Damn I wish a guy would tell me I have a nice ass. Must feel nice getting compliments m.

You don't use words.
You walk up behind her quietly and then grab a buttock in each hand and squeeze.

Laws don't stop people from doing things. They just detail consequences. Murder is illegal. Still happens.