So basically

So basically,
I met someone from r9k. We started dating and seeing each other.
I never loved someone like this in my entire life and we are both virgins.
He want us to have sex for the first time this friday but I'm extremely scared because like every r9k poster he got a preference for innies because of the roast beef meme. And ofcc i don't have an innie eh.
i don't know what to do i feel like it's gonna gross him out.

i don't know how to hide it. i really wanna have sex with him but i'm just so scared he'll hate it.

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I broke up with a chick because her cooter had flaps. Good luck to you though.

cut them off

wait what are innie and outies?

Any guy this shallow isn't worth being with anyway lmao

what's so bad about it?

that would hurt..

he's probably going to break up with you.
so break up with him first, trust me.

In order to give better advice, sometimes more info helps, in some areas of the world certain types of advice help and in other parts different advice helps. So specifically what specific part of the world are you in, town+country.

Also if your willing to go to a dr and get your vagina looked at by a professional doctor, that doctor can help give proof your a virgin.
So unless your lying, that would work.
Also why not date a different guy from online?

I mean he’s from r9k bitch better be ready for worst

That faggot you are about to have sex with is a virgin. He should be thankfull and not a whiney ass bitch. Shave/groom your pubic area and shower.

if he honestly cares, he's pretty lame. It's honestly a meme guys don't care about. Yea, I guess an innie would be nicer, but I don't think it really matters. I think guys joke with it on Jow Forums, but it's more the idea of being a slut that repels guys which you aren't.

>Jow Forums
Are you a trap?

>like Jow Forums posters
he bloviates about what he likes and dislikes because it's much easier to make a whole stink about 'innie' or 'outie' than it is to think these kinds of things are barely if at all relevant and he's going to find a woman he loves (You) with an outie and he's going to have to deal

If you really want to break it to him, just sit him down sometime and tell him straight

Outies look way better to me. Am I insane?


Hers was atypical. Like you could pull them down over your ears and wear her like a ushanka loose. Going down on her was like being consumed by angry beef taffy. Shit was straight up gross.

Outies are more fun to eat out because of the lil flaps. If he is a virgin then he might not be ready to give oral and If he is prepare for some awkward porno impersonations. Just tell him "hey I know this is your preference but mine isn't like that, let me know if it's a deal breaker" most preferences such as this are not deal breakers. Heck there are men who love tiny waists on a girl that end up marrying the opposite.

>And ofcc i don't have an innie eh
Do you masturbate? With penetration?

If this is not bait then break up with him he has deep issues and you shouldn't date men that go on Jow Forums unironically

He’s going to call you a whore and a liar and sperg out on you. They unironcally believe in the roastie meme. Good luck, have fun.

if hes from r9k he'll take any vagina offered and be grateful. most of them actually talk about having sex in a butthole anyway

so, i had a name of an ex tattooed on my mons an worried but shouldn't have the poor guy thought he won the lottery

if there’s those flaps in the clit or not

>from r9k

Back down. Now.