How do you become a gigachad not physically, but mentally?

How do you become a gigachad not physically, but mentally?

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What I'm doing is being volcel. Nofap for only a day or two right before sex if I do decide to pick up a female. However going full volcel feels better because I'm also getting Jow Forums as fuck and if I become something women want? I don't want them to have me. I want them all to just melt and be frustrated. Feels pretty Chad.

I guess if you can't get Jow Forums just be ugly and STILL turn them down. I've done this before, I was actually too shy to say yes but telling my friends about it they were like "holy shit she walked right up to you and you turned her down? How heavy are your testicles?"

what a fucking retard

What? In comparison to paying for sex? They practically pay me. Kiss my nuts little buddy.

take the magenta pill

I wouldn't do that after all the dirty whore juice that's been on it

By not saving meme pictures and posting those pictures all over Jow Forums. Delete your gay ass cringe pepe and chad and wojak folder and stop saying and thinking terms like Chad and Normie and all that dumb zoomer shit.

Be an adult.

>if I do decide to pick up a female
pick up a female cat from the animal shelter?

I can get a fat ugly girl right now homeslice.
Lol I probably have aids after all stupid shit I've done.

Is that what the user said when he hurt your feelings, Projecto?

yeah man feels pretty chad to gloat on Jow Forums about how you think you can get ugly fat girls

What's this world salad I'm reading? You replied to the wrong post.

Not really gloating, it's just facts. You could go out and get a fat ugly girl. It's still sex, you don't have to marry her. Maybe it's just that I have more confidence than you?

No-no I was talking to you. There isn't a single Pepe or wojak in this thread, youre projecting something either rehearsed of you're trying to role reverse something that happened to you, my presumption because again, no Pepe's or wojaks here. Only word he said like that was 'chad' and that's been around for almost 20 years now, so that's not really a zoomer term, millennial term sure- maybe you shouldve just called him a millennial, but then you're mad at him for being 25-35 meanwhile you'd be what, 45, 60? Lol

>There isn't a single Pepe or wojak in this thread
That Chad picture is a r9k meme all the same as those. Sorry that memes are such serious business with you and that I offended you by misgendering your cartoon animals or whatever it is you're even mad about

>recognizes Jow Forums shit
>pissed about "memes" and zoomers on Jow Forums
Ha haha hahaha ha hahahaha

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Not the same guy but you are retarded. He clearly used wojack and pepe as examples of personae and nothing else. The chad/incel discourse it's pretty new and has replaced the cuck related terminology. Trends come and go but actually believing them is the most incel thing ever. Actually learn comprehension, faggot

>Trends come and go but actually believing them is the most incel thing ever.
>Trends and buzzwords are bad
>You incel
You've gotta be fuckin with me, you're fuckin with me lol


Where exactly in my posts does it sound like I'm pissed?

Dude asked for advice on how to be "chad" and told him that "chad" doesn't talk about "chad" or have chad pics saved on his computer. Then you got mad because I included keke the frog as another example of Jow Forums behavior.

Lol ok dude whatever you say.

Red pill me on the magenta pill