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A general thread.

How's life so far? I've been to get green parakeets to land on my ledge for a few seconds before they left. Not sure what I did to get them there.

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I wish somebody would push me in front of a train, to be honest.

I was so much further ahead in life at 22 than i am at 32

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I hear ya. I think I'm going to jump off a bridge or something before I hit 30. I can't imagine being able to live with myself being three decades old and still a loser.

Death more and more seems to be the only way forward.

Without assuming your circumstance...dont do that man. Mine was feeling sorry for the wrong person at the wrong time...ended up broke and unemployable for the last year despite the education and experience. While that happened though ive gotten in great shape for my age and slowly making the climb back. You care to share, user?

I have chronic health problems- no cure or even reliable treatment, most doctors don't even know about it and the ones that do can't do anything other than suggest a bunch of supplements and dietary changes that may or may not have an effect. Best I could hope for is saving up for experimental stem cell treatments that may or may not make a long term difference. Besides that, I'm nearly 30 with no career, no skills beyond creating web content, and one of my best friends died last year. Just about every day is misery and I can't stand being alive. I wish I didn't have friends so it would be easier to kill myself. As it is, I know I would be hurting a lot of people if I were to do it but life is so fucking bad and I feel like I've lost everything.

Everything is doing pretty damn good. I met this girl and as always I was very insecure since I was a 24 years old kissless virgin and I was pretty sure I was gonna reach 30 if I didn't fuck a hooker. Eventually a grew some balls and I said that I liked her and she said that she liked me too. I lost my virginity to her like a month ago and while I don't feel that much different, I feel a lot more confident in myself. She's really sweet and we pretty much talk everyday. I feel this is a point in my life that I'm never going to forget because I'm having a pretty good time with her. I'm just really enjoying the moment.

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>I wish I didn't have friends so it would be easier to kill myself.
At least you have that. I have only one person who sticks around out of pure guilt that I might kill myself, and by that same virtue, only appears when he realises that I haven't spoken to anymore for some weeks.

Not even 25, let alone 27.

Im already dead

Well, I'll definitely do it before I hit 30. Reaching 25 and above has been bad enough and at some point I've got to know when to call it quits.

This is one of the saddest threads I have ever come across. I'm truly sorry things are so rough for you anons...

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I hate my job and mostly my life, thanks for asking.

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Same as most people: mediocre at best. The only difference being that where most people seem to be content with mediocrity, frankly I'm tired of it; I hate it. But I can't even really take steps against it because I don't know what I would do or have that would, maybe not put a stop to it entirely, but at least stem the flow of it a little.
So instead I've been slowly working my way up to suicide and I hope to be dead soon.

it gets better user just hold on

27. I want to kill myself. Nothing to look forward to.

All my friends are moving forward with their lives and the person i thought id spend my life with is done with me. I feel like the world forgot about me and all i look forward to is more ways to disappoint everyone around me. This world is crashing down on me and i just don't know if i can struggle by any longer. I try to stay optimistic , but god i just would do anything to be looked at the way those girls in romantic moves look at their partners. I cant get it out of my head. I feel empty

Someone tell me it's going to be ok pls

Life is still going awesome for me on most ends. Our kids are getting older. We started having our kids young. They are gaining their independence, and thriving. We home school them, and the older ones now teach the younger ones. So that gives us a lot of free time. We also have really great friendly relationships with them. Not something I experienced growing up with my family.

My businesses are going good. I work 5-hours a week max on my businesses now. I usually check in, hold a few meetings, and meet with outside company executives for drinks to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our investments have been been doing great as well. I'm seeing the fruits of my labor and decisions provide great returns after ten years.

I've been working out more, spending more time in our garden, reading, going on dates, having lots more sex, but I still have a lot of down time, brewing my own beer, and distilling my own hard liquor, shooting guns, etc. I still have lots of free time, so I'm thinking of planning an extended vacation for us, but have to work out the logistics.

A few weeks ago one of my grandparents died. My parents are getting a reality check on how they treated me growing up. I think they're realizing they are alone and will most likely be alone when they die, and that scares them. I've had to put lots of distance between them and my family for the sake of avoiding extra dysfunction leading up to this point. They have failed to many attempts at changing for me to believe them anymore. So I'm dealing with that

How can it get better if I'm not doing anything because I don't even know what direction to go in? I'm 32, I feel like life has already passed me by and I'll never have a chance at catching it again.

It won't get better if you don't do anything. It's never too late. Explore your options in career fields, or starting a business.

I have a few who went from complete wagecuck in their 30s to doing what they enjoy in a short time. I also met people who did the same in their 40s. So, it's definitely possible to turn it around.

Pretty good. I don't speak to my family any more and my wife just got diagnosed with cancer and I was turned down for a promotion.

Ok, have a grad position lined up but studies aren't finished yet. This is my ticket out of minimum wagecuckery at 27.

I also have an absolute qt who I kind of had more than a dozen chances to make a gf out of but she eventually gave up for a couple weeks then contacted me out of the blue again. How do I actually communicate and escalate? Never had a gf and still dealing with crippling mental health issues I keep hidden atm. What do you do with a girl??

it'll be okay, user. hang in there.

i've completely given up on everything

>got out of my NEEThood
Feels good. I can feel the passage of time again.

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I keep trying to get a new career and it doesn't work. I've applied for so many apprenticeships in fields I'd like to work in, but nobody in my country wants to hire apprentices after they turn 21. Mature aged apprenticeships are a myth. I also tried my hand at uni, but frankly it was a massive fuck around and financial burden for something I wasn't even that set on.

I feel like I'm just doing what I need to in order to be considered 'successful,' even though I hate my career. I feel like it's too late to change, too, since I'm currently $60,000 in debt thanks to student loans. The feeling of being stuck and forced to work a job that you only found out far too late is something you dread doing every single day is just a nightmare, and I don't see any financially smart alternatives.

>Mature aged apprenticeships are a myth.
They are? The job centre keeps telling me they accept older apprentices now.

>Mature aged apprenticeships are a myth.

What the fuck? Do they just want you to kill yourself then? Those are potential workers who are being shut out of positions for some likely completely arbitrary bullshit.

>I keep trying to get a new career and it doesn't work. I've applied for so many apprenticeships in fields I'd like to work in, but nobody in my country wants to hire apprentices after they turn 21. Mature aged apprenticeships are a myth. I also tried my hand at uni, but frankly it was a massive fuck around and financial burden for something I wasn't even that set on.
I don't know where you live, but in the states you can still be older and still get accepted to apprenticeships.

You might also want to look at life being more than a career, and your career just supporting you financially to do more enjoyable things.

Shit, $60,000? What's your major?

>Those are potential workers who are being shut out of positions for some likely completely arbitrary bullshit.
Wait till automation starts taking the last decent paying jobs that don't require degree. The job I was applying for is now under threat of being made redundant.

What do you think I need in order to become a robot repairman? Someone has to be around to fix the robots that fix the other robots

The place I work at has machines that breakdown everyday but never has more than 2 people to fix them probably because its cheaper that way

Same. I can't believe I ever bought into the NEET meme in the first place.

>yeah dude it's super comfy dude so comfy you get to see everyone move on with their lives while you get fatter and balder and older and mentally you're still just a 20 year old kid trapped in an old man's body it's so comfy dude yeah bro so comfy oh look here comes your mom with tears in her eyes talking about how she can't sleep at night cause she thinks about how she'll be dead in like 10 years and no longer be able to support your retarded NEET ass that is so comfy dude

Being a NEET for more than just a couple of years, especially when you're already in your mid-late 20s, is just digging your own grave and not even doing a decent job at that either.

They exist in the same way that ugly male/cute female couples exist: When one occurs, idiots like to point at it and pretend like it's the norm, when the reality is that it's super rare and there are usually some hidden circumstances that haven't been widely acknowledged.
Actually it's financial. It's cheaper to hire a 16-20 year old apprentice and pay them chicken feed. But then the same employer will get shitty because their teenage workers are restless, unreliable and slow to learn, but then when they get rid of that young worker they just replace them with another one and then wonder why their problems repeat.
Australia. Like I said, they do technically happen, but they exist in such infinitessimally small numbers that it's hardly worth acknowledging.

Also, forgot to add:
>You might also want to look at life being more than a career, and your career just supporting you financially to do more enjoyable things.
Fair point to make, but it's not really that simple. Most people spend around half or more of their adult life at work, or travelling to and from work. I don't view life as a career, but if I'm going to be stuck doing this shit for a huge portion of my life, I'd like to be doing something engaging or that I view as at least worth pursuing on some level.

I'm 29 and I've given up on having a career when the best I can hope for is a full time factory job that pays $25k a year at most. Just going to leech money off of people and throw myself off a bridge when I can't do that anymore.

Wageslaving is a pain. Days off are just dull. Everything is bleak.

28, spend all my days weeded out and apathetic to the world ayy

Doing pretty well, all things considered. Everything I could possibly need for my hobbies, food and shelter sorted, no need to work. No longer have shitty friends, managed to reverse most of the damage doctors did to me, no longer care about this I probably need to throw some shit out of my apartment and the other people in the block are retarded about bin days, but other than that, everything's pretty great compared to expectations.

27, last year ago I started to get health problems. Docs say its not cureable.. cause of the health problem I didn't got my dreamjob. If I hadn't my mom and brother I would have killed myself..

>cause of the health problem I didn't got my dreamjob
Do you know this for certain? How?

I'm sorry, user. My health has compromised my future, too. I wish I could get on disability but considering that people who are missing limbs can't get on disability, what chance do I have?

Do any of you just feel exhausted all the time? It just seems like I'll never get my energy back.
Not even sleeping more is helping. My diet is alright, though I could probably do without the Stevia in my coffee.
I just want to got to sleep one night and never wake again.

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Mom threatened to move out of the house and leave me and Dad there if I didn't go to university (I already have my college diploma for my field I don't need the degree) so now I'm forced to go overseas to a school I don't want to go to and study with no motivation. While this is going on my mother complains about me not having a job in field when I can't get one because she forced me to put on my resume I was going overseas so now no one will hire me. Why don't I just get a job anyways? Because she ran out of the house to pay the tuition (the improper way) so that caused a ton of stress because we had no idea if the school got the 10k we sent them

Now I'm overseas in a shitty small town waiting for the semester to start

I got seizure at the application..
at least I can try to get a place at a different company.
These seizures are breaking my mind..

I'm sorry for u too, user. It's just so hard to looking forward.
But feel u hugged.

>Do any of you just feel exhausted all the time? It just seems like I'll never get my energy back.

All the damn time. I turn on new games, just to turn them off a few minutes later cos I can't be arsed to move anymore.

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>shitty small town
Which small town? Anons might be able to help you find things to do near their alma mater. Sorry about the crazy mom thing, that sucks but at least you're not living with her now?

How to meet women post college?

I feel this one badly. Zero energy. Work out, nothing. Sleep well. Tired by noon. Go home after work, might as well just lay on the floor and die. The only semblance of peace I have lately is being in bed on my phone talking to you sad sacks. So, thanks for that at least anons.

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>gf lusts after nigger artist
>Gf wants to get said nigger artist logo tattooed on her
>tell her it’s a deal breaker if she does
>she’s shocked when I say this
Why the fuck is this a shock that I don’t want my girl branded with some nigger shit boys? what if I got my waifu tattooed on me with her gigantic titties hanging out would she be cool with this. Thoughts?

I can see where you're coming from, but a couple of things to consider:
1) Real life artists, however cringy, are more widely accepted than waifus and anime shit.
2) Whatever the thing is, however bad it may be, wider society believes that it's not as bad when women do it.

Just checked my email and there's yet another rejection letter from a job I applied for. I know everybody recommends career changes, but I wonder how many of those people have actually tried it for themselves.

I'm in Tralee

Why did you reply to bait?

That's a bit depressing alright. The aquadome can be fun if you like water parks or mini golf. Siamsa Tire (sheem shah tear ah) puts on exhibits along with theatre and such, and a lot of workshops if you're into art or performance (a lot of them will feature Irish language as the primary language though). If you get down to Dingle or see it in the shops, get Murphy's icecream, it's lovely. If you're interested in Irish history or the language, it's a great place, but a lot of Irish people aren't interested that much in it either. Is there anything in particular you like to do as a hobby?

Tear as in tier.

28 here. Worklife is boring. My relationship with my depressed girlfriend is toxic. And I'm starting to lose contact with friends and feeling pretty lonely. Not going to kill myself tho, just hope things will get better in the future.

Posted this before but:

>I need to ask you guys something: Got a new wageslave job in another supermarket for a minimally higher wage, but there's one thing I've noticed. Over the years as a supermarket wageslave I've noticed there's been a sort decline in the sort of people that work there. When I initially wageslaving in supermarkets, there was a varied bunch of people working there, young, old, students, career shelfstackers, from different places in the world and locally, etc. Over the years (at every supermarket I worked at) the types of employees rapidly started to boil down (mostly) to three types of employees: Miserable people who have nothing going for them (e.g. me), old-ass immigrants from 3rd world countries who have nothing going for them and morons who are too stupid to get anything better.

>What happened? Where did everyone go? How come I'm stuck with people who are lowering my IQ?

30. Fulfilled, individuated, enlightened. Got my philosopher's stone even, though I gotta' polish this baby for another 8 years. Birth has ended, the holy life complete. Enjoying the rest of my days as a blissful Bhakta devoted to God and service. Mystic states leave me in an ecstatic stupor most of the time. I'm often praising, preaching or teaching, also maintaining a fairly dedicated autodidactism.

Still living without property or currency as I have ever since dropping out of high school. I look forward to whatever romance God has in store for me. I've no goals or purpose in life besides compassion, but will perhaps enjoy writing a book or two someday. I'd also like to complete more Mysteries, which are easily my favorite events. They're so transgressive and intimate, and the jnana they provide are always priceless.

While I'd prefer celibacy at this point, I still accept about two booty calls a week. That libido could be more efficiently and more pleasurably spent through higher functions, but I do consider it a service. Fucking while in full divine ecstasy ain't too bad~

>Fair point to make, but it's not really that simple.
Sure it is. Find some hobbies, and when you leave work stop caring about work.

>Most people spend around half or more of their adult life at work, or travelling to and from work.
Most jobs are people just sitting around waiting for work to come in. Most jobs aren't meaningful. Most of the time, jobs comes down to making people live longer (mostly due to their own stupidity or other's stupidity), keeping people entertained, and producing more stuff for them to buy.

If you're in a job that has downtime, bring in other stuff to do like a laptop and books.

>Most jobs are people just sitting around waiting for work to come in. Most jobs aren't meaningful.

I noticed people in proper careers have a lot more "free" time compared to wageslave tier jobs. There's rewards for doing well in proper careers that you don't have in wageslave jobs, you do well in a wageslave job and at most you'll get a bag of sweets or the cheapest bottle of booze they can find.

Thanks man my main hobbies are really just playing games and messing with old tech to do whatever with it like cracking old systems or building hobby computers. I like building model kits too

Why is almost every thread written as bait on Jow Forums (and many other boards)? We used to have real conversations amongst the shitposts.


Is there a discord server for us? I feel like it would be somewhat comfy

pretty good. joined an electric union, leaving Monday for atlanta to work at a facebook data center. finally leaving my shithole town and just after I took a bat to my nigger of a cousin for threatening me in my own house. finally let go of finding a girlfriend and my loneliness has subsided. just going to work on myself for a while, going to look into cooking and martial arts as well as work towards a car ive always wanted. finally lost the urge to impress others, and just want to be what the hell I am, flaws and all, because all the "social" bullshit has drained me. have gotten a lot more attention lately though, and ive found out women are a lot more aggressive than ive been lead to believe so there's that. still want to be alone for a while though. all in all lifes pretty decent. its like the moment I turned 25, I got sick and tired of bullshit.

hi there user, 23 here
what should i do?

a) find a job like my parents want me to using my fresh grad CS degree

b) work on my product that i have confirmed the demands for it

I tried to talk to my parents about my ambition, but they looked down on me and still insist on me getting a job at their friend's company.

I'm 27, almost 28. I have a job that I'm happy going to, money is not a problem and I'm healthy.
But as a KV I feel like it's too late for me to find true love and the only thing I will be seen as is a potential financial support for children.

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>Most jobs are people just sitting around waiting for work to come in.
Not everybody works in retail.
>Most jobs aren't meaningful.
Okay that much I definitely agree with.
>If you're in a job that has downtime, bring in other stuff to do like a laptop and books.
I'm stuck in a small, single-cab ute/pickup all day. Not enough room for shit like that desu. It's already jam-packed full of gear for work and there isn't even enough room for that stuff.

Pretty pretty pretty good

On Monday my girlfriend of five years told me that she wants to break up and will be moving out of our apartment at the end of the month. On Tuesday, my car broke down and just this morning I woke up with a hernia in my groin (I’m only 29). Its been a very rough week at work too. I plan on getting very drunk tomorrow night

That depends user.

I established my independence at a very young age, and moved out on my 18th birthday. I had a car and job at 16, and had to deal with my family's nonsense for a while. So when I decided to leave at 18, I was pretty self-reliant and determined.

Personally, I couldn't work in a job that was at the company a family friend owned. First, because you could be manipulated by your parents outside the home if they don't like what they're doing they'll remind you about who helped you get the job, or could manipulate the family friend. Secondly, because I'd always have second thoughts if I was really qualified for this job. Thirdly, because if your product is developed while working there, then it may have some intellectual property issue conflicts. Your parents, and this family friend may be different and the aforementioned may not apply.

At 23, I'd hope you have some other career aspects lined up outside of your family. A place you can work that will provide you with some income while you develop your business is good. An employer that that has good pay and lots of downtime that will allow you to develop your product/business would be ideal.

The ideas, research, design, prototyping etc. for my businesses were developed while I worked my other jobs. Because I had good management and coworkers, they allowed me to do it my productivity didn't suffer. I also worked on weekends and downtime when it didn't conflict with my family. I could have gotten more done without having kids, but I actually wanted kids at a young age.

I hope this helps.

You’re at the perfect age to find some 21 year old who’s dtf. Stop being a fag, and go outside or something.

I know there are model shops in Limerick (The Gathering) and in Cork (Marks Models; think there's a Warhammer shop too still, and there are loads of craft shops which carry stuff). I think the closest thing to those in Tralee is the model railway down by the windmill. They're both a bit of a trip (about 2 hours public transport, maybe less than that if you have a car) but if you get involved in a group then it might be worth sleeping on someone's couch for the weekend just to get out of Kerry. Maybe some user who's been down to Tralee more recently than I have can fill you in on local alternatives, or you could set up a club once school starts up. Obviously if you're going to the tech then you'll find lots of people into techy stuff in college.

>Australia. Like I said, they do technically happen, but they exist in such infinitessimally small numbers that it's hardly worth acknowledging.
I'm a 28 year old Ausfag and learning the HVAC trade was literally the only idea I could come up with as a career path after washing out of med school.

Guesd I'll just die then. I've always been too poor to travel, and I'm also a hkv so it's not like I have much reason to live at this point.


32 femanon

All of my friends are married with kids or are getting married or having a kid. All they do is ask me 'whens it your turn? LOL"

No, not lol. Fuck off. I've never wanted kids and I'm too old to be in a 'relationship'

Thanks again man I'm going to try figure all that stuff out and at least try to make this enjoyable

I just want a gf :(

I may go through a career change with you, user. I applied to something like 70 jobs over the course of a few months, and the best I got was shit. If this doesn't lead to a better job in the next 330 or so days, I'm doing something else with my life.
What kind of work are you looking for?

Are you one of them? You basically put down people who have nothing going for them and/or are too stupid for anything else. It's harsh but not entirely inaccurate so what have you done to change that?

Are you sure your own mental state isn't clouding what you see?

It’s the way forward for us all my friend. But fuck it in going to enjoy the ride

no one gives a fuck

I just got a job I can do remotely, get paid well over £3k a month (pre-tax) and almost with my eyes shut.

It's dangerous. But good. I feel like I've achieved my ultimate career goal already.

Other than that the rest of my life sucks and I feel like I am a failure with no energy to fix my social life or any of that shit.

One part of me tells me that a lot of people have no social life and I'm stressing over nothing. In fact, social life has only ever caused me problems.

tl;dr my brain is tangled. i feel like im doing good but really shit at the same time.

i know a lot of people who have kids late and not at all.

it's a choice not a requirement. but wouldn't you want a little you to carry on your shit after you go?

I'm just venting, guys
I'm 39, divorced with no kids
have a job that I love, an apartment, friends, activities, on good term with family, I'm healthy and traveling a lot
no problem with dating
but I see no point in life, just why are we here, really?

sure people who have kids, they do have reason to in their life but I don't

You work at a supermarket for several years and refer to it as being a wageslave, you are probably one of those miserable people.

Smart, high quality people dont spend years in supermarket.

29. Why shouldn't I kill myself? It's only going to get worse on every conceivable metric

How do you know it's going to get worse? Why aren't you doing anything about it?

>Are you one of them?
The first type. Miserable. I mention it in the post.

>Are you sure your own mental state isn't clouding what you see?
Possibly but I don't think so, I'm not the only one who's noticed it. Couple of other co-workers in other wageslave-tier jobs made a similar point. Both mention things changing around at the same time, in the early 2010s. I don't know, maybe something in the economy changed? Maybe the kids at uni don't need a part-time job anymore and go straight into career when they finish? Maybe people don't need short-term jobs in zero-hour jobs anymore? I don't know.

>How's life so far?
>The closest to a friend is my cat, no family that wants to talk to me due to various issues with drugs and abuse from their side.
>Keep working 70 hour weeks due to several people quitting, and the corporate overlords refusing to rehire new people because reducing "headcount" looks good
>Dangerously close to becoming a crazy cat lady
>I don't even have any hobby at this point due to stress making me neglect it
>I am losing weight at a rapid rate due to not eating correctly, and look awful and boney.
>If I quit and don't find an alternative, and I lose my apartment, I will become homeless and have to get my cat a new home.
>Basically a virgin outside of a rape that occured 16 years ago, and never had a boyfriend
Could be worse.

Tried to make some friends?

I've tried at work, but the other women are not only 40+, they are also harpies who hate me, and I really don't have time to get friends after work.

I had online friends, but I don't care enough to nurture it. I need actual human contact at this point before I can care about someone who might as well be a robot.

Making friends feels difficult at this point, too. Most women my age are already married or busy with a guy, and guys don't want to be friends, and don't like my looks enough to bother dating me.

If any of you girls have a good idea of where to find new friends at this age, I am all ears.

25 but fuck you, I went to prison. I love how all of you faggots are depressed as shit.whilst either having a meaningful career or metric fuckton of job opportunities. Meanwhile I get jack shit because my country has nazi protocols in place when it comes to having a juvenile record. Tell me again how it is that you guys aren't p r i v e l e g e d a s f u c k?

Meetup is a good starting point. Go to afterwork drinks. Social events. Outdoors and so on.

We'll tell you in two years.

Check out Aajonus Vonderplanitz and sv3rige on YouTube. Will definitely help your health.

Awww QQ