There is a man, aged 31-32 that entrapped my sister and forced himself on her last year when she was 15. She says that she doesn’t want to bring anything to the police because she doesn’t have proof to bring to them so they couldn’t really do anything. I have his name, his Facebook, I know where he works as well. He also has two children aged 5-9ish. I want to literally destroy his life, help me please.

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Only do this if your sister agrees, but you should go to the police and file a report even without any proof just so they have it on record. Again, make sure your sister is okay with this. You could tell his wife or place of work.

Post his Facebook page let’s expose him

His Facebook is Judah.pike

kill him

I would be extremely careful when lynching a dude accused with sexual abuse, one of the crimes with the highest rate of false accusations

I wouldn't leave a trail like that which could connect OP back to his prey.
If you 100% trust your sister, then he does at least need to be scalped and neutered.

I legally cannot incite bodily harm

Hey user, anything you need me to do I gotchu! I’ll fight the nasty fuck for you

You and your sister should both buy strapons and rape him back

I feel bad OP for saying it but so many females use the fact that they know their word alone is powerful enough to put an innocent guy away. Find some objective truth that the guy did it, and then literally kill him in the slowest way

Have you consider your sister might be a thot?

Cuck him by having sex with your sister.

I bet he fucked your sister and she regrets it’s now, these hoes ain’t loyal

>she doesn't want to bring anything to the police
Then you doing so isn't going to help anything and if she doesn't corroborate any of your stories you're now guilty of defamation

I think you need a better plan before you gun into this

OP. I'm not telling you to do anything. Take a trip out of town, relax yourself. Maybe decide on taking up a hobby, perhaps you decide you want to build a deck. You'll need supplies from a hardware store out of town, lumber, a crowbar or a pry-bar.

Construction can be a rigorous job, if you're really inventive you could even pick up some rope. Wait it out over the next couple weeks and I want you to think long and hard to yourself. About building that deck.

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Sorry to tell you this, but if she doesn't want to commit to putting a man who sexually violated her behind bars she will need to be forced to do so. Record her confessing about it and make sure that recording ends up at a police station. They can get the system to sue him instead.

Tell your parents OP. They need to take her to the police, this guy needs to be stopped from harming another young girl.

For all you victim blamers. SHE IS 15 and he is 32. how on earth you think it was fine for a man that age to be interacting with a young teenage girl in the first place? innocent guy my ass

just start throwing rocks through his windows
call him a pedo
tell him you know what he is
threaten him with your friends
cops won't do shit if he's a pedo and a rapist
also call child protective services on his kids
ruin his life
call his job and spread rumors

I got tied up with a 34 year old when I was 16. He went after me after my dad died. Like a perv I heard he dated lots of 16 year olds. Sick fuck I wish I could put his ass in jail but too much time has passed

How does a 15 year old girl hang out with a 30 year old without raising parent's alarm? Teen girls especially like dominant older men but aren't really ready to satisfy one which is why shit like this happens. This is not your business if she doesn't want to report him. When she is 30 she will like back fondly on this and will soon be seeking out arrangements that will repeat history. They will most likely fuck again btw if she's not reporting him.

She is a minor who got sexually assaulted by an adult. That is child abuse, and it's your duty to report it to police, even if she doesn't want you to.

Lack of caring

Name checks out