Are some people just not supposed to have a gf?

Are some people just not supposed to have a gf?

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Nobody is granted anything from birth. Tell us what happened.

>don't ask to be born
>"stop being so entitled!"
it's funny how they will happily pump out babies though. most people are just sooooo fucking stupid

Some people slip through the cracks.


They're called homosexuals.

I think if you want one you can find one. Honestly though user don't "want a gf" just because you think it will make your life better because it won't. I was most miserable in my last relationship and it just made things worse. The person really has to be your friend and understand you; that's when it compliments your life.

Every Jack has his Jill, bro.

pretty much yes

Absolutely. It might not be quite as malicious as “supposed to” implies but some people definitely aren’t good enough

Unless they're lesbians.

There is no definite answer to be honest.

All I know is that nothing is wrong about being single and it can be a lot of fun. I also know its better to be single then it a relationship that is going to shit.

I think so senpai. They play us like a fucking fiddle.

My brother is Gay and he has had gfs

Society thinks so
It's the one aspect of society you are absolutely not allowed to question the fairness of.


cry for a gf,

gets one allright,

do some jack shit with her,

lose her.

muuuh gf left meee.


I want a gf so I can hug her.

If you just want a hug then hug your mom.

There is no feeling like dragging a woman half way across the bed and wrapping her in a hug she can't get out of.

This. I'm less happy overall in my current relationship than when I was single. Yeah sex is nice and it's cool to be able to touch naked girls when they have nice bodies, but in the long it doesn't mean anything. If I ever break up with my current gf I'm never dating again. I don't get enough out of it

>I want to eat food!
>if you want to eat something just eat your own poop

only the people that dont want one.

But I want one.

How many girls have you asked to be your gf?


Let me guess. You desperately want a girlfriend but have never actually asked any girls out yet still hope that one day you will just wake up and have one without putting in any effort.

Sound about right?

When is this NOT the case on threads like this?

Never. Every "I want a gf" thread is the same. They don't even try to ask out some girl, they just cry how lonely they are.

user - here is the magical froger he will grant you one wish if you rub the screen.

One rule tho.

After you wish for a gf you need to give it time and look up rsd max

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What is rsd max?