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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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For girls, this is a pretty generic answer that could maybe answer a number of questions so I'll just say it.

I'm so sick and tired of when you don't text or call back even when I tal k to you in person.
Why am I such a creep? I be as nice as I can be. I tell you I'm okay if we even just become friends and yet you fuck with me and act like I'm a parasite. Why do you string me along when you can just tell me you don't want to go out? Yeah I'm fuxking sense oaky. I'm dense and I'm stupid. But you know what's even stupider? You know what's even more beta than me? It's you.
It's all of you.
And here I thought it would be different off of tinder and bumble. No it's the same.

Fucking everyone is shit. I have other men. I hate women, and I hate myself and how easily humiliated I am
Fuck everything.
.you incels are fucking hilarious. You think you have the short end? Hah I wish. You still have the illusion it could go well to depend on. I know better.
Just when you think you're a good judge of character you realize maybe that 90s Asperger's diagnosis wasn't so inaccurate.

Fuck all of you.


How do I best deal with my sexual frustration?

I'm an abstinent nearly-27 year old man, and I've told myself for the longest time that I want to remain a virgin until I find the right person. Most of the time I'm satisfied with jerking off/using toys, but every now and then I'll have this little stretch where I'm really hot and bothered and can't help but think of how nice it must be to have some sexual contact with women. I know it's not what I want, but I've never been in love or in a relationship and the primal part of my brain just screams at me that I should be fucking someone.

Is it normal to get really pent up like this? The rational part of my brain tells me that seeking sex just for a thrill is nothing but trouble but the temptation seeps in now and again and it's difficult to think that I'm already this old and have never even done so much as fondled a woman's breasts.

GIOYC is a different thread, bruh.

I mean, you're willfully overriding a natural urge, it makes sense that at some points it's more overwhelming than others. I don't exactly agree with you but there's nothing wrong with what you're doing if you can handle it.

So my last relationship was borderline abusive with a fair amount of emotional manipulation after the break up. I thought I was over it, I'm not. I'm in a new relationship with a fantastic dude but I'm constantly scared of I do something wrong he's going to flip his shit. He's never even shouted at me before, which, since I'm annoying and we've know each other for years, is not something I can claim for any other dude I spend / spent a lot of time with.
How do I get over this? How do I talk to him about it without looking completely fucked or like he's the issue?


When I was walking my dog I ran into someone with another dog the same size and they got along great. We ended up talking while they played about stuff like what we do where we're from etc. She then got my phone number and asked if about going to the dog park later. This was the first time we met and we just moved into the same neighborhood recently. My question is, is this supposed to be a date or is it just about getting the dogs together?

How do shy women like to be approached? also how tf can I tell if a shy person is into me if they always look away as soon as they see me?

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Asking girls mainly.
Its a long story though.

I'm a dude who is dating a girl who had a similar problem like you.

Communication is key, you just have to be honest and open with him. Let him know about your past relationship, amd he will understand and try to help- IF he cares enough.

Opinion on slightly autistic girls?

Good for a one night stand or fwb situations.

Nit for an actual relationship unless you have the patience.

This hurt

So I might be meeting a lesbian soon, We might meet up and cuddle (I'm not paying her)
I'm a straight male and simple cuddling sounds great.
Do I try and be myself or do I keep my mouth shut and let her talk?
How do I not fuck this up?

I've given up on gf's and all that as I know I'm not good enough, I just don't want to fuck this up. How can I make this go okay?

She wants to cuddle? Why is she your friend and just wants to hug you in bed?

How many femanons, including their femanon friends, have spent time with a guy purely on the grounds of his sexual prowess alone.

How common is this? If at all.

I see it all the time in university, tall good looking white guy has a new girl every week

Not looks. Sex.

I have a crush on this cute girl that works with me. but she's only 18 and i'm 24.

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I have a feeling my best friend had/still has feelings for me. But she was in no state to date around that time because she was barely out of a bad relationship and not wanting to be a rebound I sort of dismissed her attempts because she just switched from friend to something more over night and I don't want to fuck my friend and possibly lose her or make things awkward so I was acting nice to her, but brushing off advances.

Then life got in the way and we sort of got separated for a good few months. Living in different towns, socializing with other people. She even dated a guy I know but I don't think anything came out of that.

I put up a pic of me on facebook and a couple of days later she liked it so I assume she was stalking my profile. But didn't get in touch or anything. Then few months later I put up another one and she liked again but this time a few hours after i uploaded it. Then she reached out to me and asked if I want to get a coffee with her because she misses me.

Thing is, I don't know what way she misses me, if she just wants to rebuild our friendship because we were away for so long. Or if she didn't think of me as a rebound at the time and still possibly has feelings for me and wants to see about fixing that? I'm nervous af about this coffee we're going to have, don't know what to expect. But I don't know, if I just had a friend I missed I wouldn't be stalking their facebook profile, or messaging out of nowhere trying to meet up for coffee. But at the same time, its been a good few months and she apparently dated other guys so I've no reason to believe she's into me

Go for it. You aren't old enough for it to be weird.

If a girl asks me if I have a girlfriend, is she interested?

She can be. But she can also be asking about it on behalf of her friend.

Our only mutual female friend has a boyfriend. So I suppose that's good news.

I would say just introduce yourself?
It's a bit difficult to know if a shy girl likes you. You can try asking her friends about it but risk them telling her that you like her

Girls, how much time do you require from your boyfriends per week?

Is there a way to save this?

I'm really good friend with one of my classmates, but I want more than a friendship, because she is one of the best persons I have ever met. I'm not sure if she wants the same. We watched a movie one time, we were kinda cuddling and holding hands (which is the most intimate thing I have ever done, and she probably too), but I didn't make a move, because I'm retarded or whatever. But she said a couple of times that dating your classmates is bad. I still wanna confess to her though. If she feels the same, then it's great. But if not, I'm afraid it will ruin our friendship.
Any ideas how to do it without fucking it up?

For girls that need validation from men.

Are you a risk in relationships? do you ever feel like you might cheat or get too drunk and start kissing a guy because he showed you a lot of attention? are you insecure your partner might find someone better so you constantly need to validate yourself by other guys? do you need to validate yourself because you know you can do better and each relationship is only temporary until you "trade up"? do you think your boyfriend should be ok with your need for validation? is it something you could stop if your boyfriend asked you to? Why do you feel the need for validation if you're in a relationship with someone you claim you love, and that loves you back?

I'm just trying to figure out how those girls think, just in case I might have to say no to this girl who I know has the need to be validated by other guys and gets too friendly with them and I see a lot of guys put up with that, but personally, if my gf was holding another guy's hand or he put his arm around her, I wouldn't be happy with it and if she gets mad about it then who's right in that scenario?

To anyone. Its a tough situation and I don't know what to think:
>be friends with 1 guy, 1 girl
>they are together, I'm close to them
>she breaks up with him, she starts to get flirty with me
>says "I wish I never met him and I met you instead" "you're perfect for me" and things like that
>I brush it off because if I say anything I'd either reject her/give her incentive to continue or be an asshole to my other friend because its her ex
>she keeps getting flirty, looks at the in that weird/sexy way, starts to treat me like her boyfriend regardless of my reactions
>she wants me to come spend the night with her, says its ok that it won't be awkward
>tell her I'm concerned because we're friends that never done it before
>she reassures me its fine but I'm still thinking she's going after her own agenda
>thats about a month after they broke up but she's clearly not over her ex so I'm thinking: rebound or I'm being used/manipulated
>she says she loves me, compliments my appearance, gets touchy, very forward, pretty much does what guys do to girls to court them but I barely play along and just try to be nice
>doesn't stop her, gets more and more intense with her advances
>asks me to come sleep with her
>then says she wants to date this guy
>feel like I'm used as a crutch or that she wants me as a rebound, after we've been close friends for so long, I feel insulted
>tell her that if she wants to date him then she can but I'm out and I feel like its a mistake moving on while you're still not over your ex
>also feel insulted she would come onto me, make me feel like we're in love and then come out and say she wants to date other guys in my face
>she gets mad and starts arguing
>no talking for months after
>she reaches out and asks to meet to talk about us
What am I expecting from that conversation and what should I do? for the record me and my friend aren't friends anymore so he's out of the picture, still, I don't know what to make of her and if dating her would be a mistake

This site's definition or clinical
OCD? No eye contact?

Idk 3 or 4 times a week is good for me

She sound manipulative from your story.

Maybe, but how?

What I don't understand is why she was so desperate with all these compliments, saying she's into me despite me not really giving her that much to go on and her being more and more like this and then telling me she wants to date that guy but also continues to do what she was doing like she wasn't seeing how fucked that is. Would you feel insulted if she did that to you? I think I feel justified being angry and upset but I don't know what to feel at this point

Everyday, at least one text. I can understand if he's busy, but then I'll gradually grow unhappy and needy.

Being cuddly is a big step and somewhat intimate. She at least feels extremely comfortable about you, if not she actually feels something for you.

How many times do you two text or talk per day? Try to invite her to dates, call it a "date" and not just "hanging out". Take firm (but subtle) steps into setting a romantic mood with her.

This kinda girl is very trashy, honestly. She'll eternally be a slave to her innermost instincts (need for attention and validation from chads, riding the dick carousel in exchange for that), the most reasonable argument I could think to say to someone like that (and in a polite manner) would be like: "haven't you realized your friendships with people seem kinda vain? You surround yourself with these guys, but I doubt they even remember your name in the end of the month."

Okay moved it.

when you hear about girls like this on Jow Forums they project the same image and you think to yourself "of course, avoid" but when you actually know girls like that you start to question whether that projection is accurate, like it depends on the individual more than a general description.

I feel like those girls can be "fixed" if you address those issues, just not many guys have the openness to do and just avoid. But I fear I might have my version of things fucked up. Hard to commit to someone like that because you don't know what to believe or if its even as big of an issue as you make it out to be in your head

We didn't really see each other during summer, because I live in a different city and she was busy working, but we text each other daily, we didn't miss a day during whole summer, only when I was away with no internet connection. Most of the time we text in the evening for a couple hours because we need to do stuff during the day.

Yeah, we are supposed to go see a movie soon, it's not a date, but I might try some things. I plan on telling her about my feelings that evening. I don't want to delay it more before she loose interest, if there actually is some.

Girls preferrably, someone explain this to me
>be on date with a girl
>on the way to get ice cream
>some random guy she doesn't know is about to walk past us
>she looks at him and in a sexy voice says "hey" to him but he ignores it completely
>she tries to play it off cool but it felt a bit inappropriate to do that to me
>she's shy around me so I don't know how to interpret that, she doesn't do those things often
>act indifferent
she seems to be passive aggressive towards me every now and then too and I try not to fall for it but I'm starting to lose interest and because of that I won't make a move. What's the deal here?

I agree with what you say, actually. But I'll also say: you sound quite attached to said person in question (I might be wrong, just assuming). Be careful about that. It clouds your judgement and your expectations

Testing you to see if you'll get angry/jealous. It's a kinda shitty thing to do and I'd personally write in as redflag.

>"she seems to be passive aggressive towards me every now"

She must be quite nagging, isn't she?

It's fine. If it helps I'm a kv female (23 years old) and i sometiems have the same urges. Its normal and temporary. It's a carnal urge, just like eating.

I did, but I always assumed jealousy in dating is a bad sign so try not to show it. Also I don't get her jealous and we've only started to get to know each other so she's either too pushy with it or I'm just taking too slow, although I don't feel like I am.

>She must be quite nagging, isn't she?
A bit yeah. Sometimes when we text she's super nice and talkative, more so than in person. Then sometimes I'd strike up a conversation about something she recommended me recently, and her responses are very insulting and like I said, passive aggressive. Like "Hey I just watched that thing you sent me, you're right it's..." whatever, and she replies with "ok cool" and thats the end. Then I tell her i need to go and stop messaging for awhile. Then she reaches out to me and acts all nice, then I act nice back and then she does another thing to get under my skin and it just goes like that on and on so naturally, its starting to make me think I should avoid her and date someone else

How much flirting is allowed with other people when you're in a relationship with someone? how much flirting is too much?
Either gender, specify which so we can see how this is perceived from both.

Girls, what are some things you will never reveal to you SO?

appearance is everything to be honest, if you are cute it doesn't matter how autistic you are.

I put the screw in the tuna.

How do I show a girl unmistakable sexual intent? I want her to know I want to fuck her without saying so.

I've been seeing a guy for 2 weeks. We have met 4 times now and we text every day, sometimesmore and sometimes less. But now he can't see me for 2 weeks because he lives elsewhere. Does this mean bad news for the relationship?

I'm not a virgin, but I am 9 years celebrate. It's totally normal to feel pent up, hell I have a super high sex drive and I jerk off at least 2-3 times a day and I'm 28. Personally I don't like sex without love or at least some type of caring emotion, otherwise it feels like I'm just using the person and I feel disgusted.

Toys like onaholes really do help and having some type of outlet for your emotions can also help, like music or something. Focusing on work, friends/family, and pets also helps.

Girl here.
For me any sort of perceived flirting with someone who is not me is too much. I'm already insecure as it is, yeah, and if I caught my SO flirting with anyone else, I'd be crying myself to sleep and thinking of ways to break up with him before he breaks up with me.

Not a girl, but I once was able to sleep with a girl based on the size of my dick.

>lives elsewhere.

If by that you mean he lives in a another city/long distance, then probably. Long distance is a fucking chore and not worth it.

If he's just away for a week or so then probably not given you've seen each other a few times already.

> I don't want to fuck my friend and possibly lose her or make things awkward
> its been a good few months

Sounds like even if you guys stopped being friends you wouldn't lose much as you guys haven't talked for months. Just go see her, if she wants a shot at a relationship you have nothing to lose.

going back to that. That girl just ended up sharing a post on social media about this that I found interesting. Weird, odd timing, she just shared it.

It pretty much says that she likes being single, but likes getting attention too, and the guys who she likes don't seem to like her back but the ones she doesn't like, like her.

I don't know if that makes things any clearer for me tho

Touch her a lot, pass your arm around her and speak very closely to her face

Fuck off with this cringe you melodramatic beta. Stop pursuing girls that are clearly not interested in you.

He lives on and off like 100km away

I'll see what she wants to say to me but she's been saying she loves me all this time and I don't know if I want to believe that. She said she loves me, then dated one of our common friends, then said she loves me again. I'm afraid I'm being manipulated here and if that is what she's been doing I don't know if I'd be ok with myself if I dated her. But I could be wrong. I don't know what to think, if you say you love someone would you go date other people?

I don't know, man. She sounds weird. I also agree that you should date someone else. Or at least keep your possibilities open and take your focus out of her for a bit.
Seems like she reacts very positively when you sound the less invested about her/cares less. Personally, I don't like to deal with these kind of people even as friends.

Girl I scheduled a date with this past weekend cancelled because she was sick. I know that this is a common excuse, but she sounded sincere and offered to meet up next week when she's better. I can't next week so I said we'd arrange something for two weeks time.

How likely is it that this would ever happen? I was looking forward to meeting her because we seem to have a lot in common, but I feel like she'd probably lose interest in two weeks. She texted me a few times later that day so she still seemed interested.

I think I wont message her for a few more days or wait until she sends me something (she has initiated conversations nearly every time). Two weeks is a long time to continue being text pals - its such a big investment when we don't even know if we will have a connection in real life.

Why bother?

Thanks was planning on doing that. Anything else I can do?


Guys, need your opinion.
I've known a coworker for about a year now. We don't work in the same department but occasionally see each other once in a while.
Everytime he sees me he acts really nice, talks to me a lot, calls me 'cute' and 'pretty' and helps me with my work.
But he never asks me out, except the 2-3 times we've had lunch together in the common pantry. He doesn't even ask me if I'm free for the weekend.
We've texted a few times, but most of the time, it's me initiating the conversation and it doesn't hold up for more than 5-6 replies before the conversation dies out. I've tried not texting him/not seeing him for a while and he actually noticed but didn't call me out about it.
Am I being strung along? I really like him, but I can't tell if he's serious or not. I've always thought that if a guy likes someone, he'd ask for a date immediately. Should I just wait it out and see what happens? Should I ask him to define the relationship? Should I just cut him off?

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1. get a box
2. cut a hole in that box
3. put your dick in the box
4. have her open the box

that's the way you do it

>I've always thought that if a guy likes someone, he'd ask for a date
Look, Im in your guys' shoes, except we practically never texted. I asked her out after a year and a half, we're going out today and Im still not sure she's into me. You see, I risked a lot, and even after she said yes Im still not sure what's happening and I still fear that something awkward might happen, not because it'll ruin the date but because it'll ruin the workplace for us. There's just too much risk in this situation. She could say no and Id feel like shit when I saw her at work or even spread rumors about me worst case.

Anyways, if you like him, ask him out. Guys miss many chances because you girls are so hard to read sometimes. Just do it.

Assuming she doesn't have an ulterior motive (doesn't sound like it from what you said), she probably went and dated that guy because you rejected her and she wanted to move on. Now that the other guy didn't work out she probably still has feelings of some type for you, be they friendship or love. Best thing you can do listen what she has to say, think before you speak and if you are unsure of something or have a question, ask it! If she actually wants a relationship with you she should be willing to talk openly and truthfully.

Are you reciprocating the flirting and all that jazz? If not, that may be why he hasn't asked you out or maybe he has a gf and is just flirty. If you really like him, ask him out.

>I've always thought that if a guy likes someone, he'd ask for a date immediately

Why would you think this?

She seems interested in you but you can't tell yet. Met up at the park again to tell.

Just don't get angry at us or upset if we're quiet or shy.

I havent, virgin

Time for what? Time in general? I just want to spend time together as much as possible

If she told you that dating your classmate is bad then she probably mentioned it because she's not interested in you

What does it mean when a guy comes hitting on me when he's drunk, clearly seems interested and wanted to meet me tomorrow, but when we met he seemed distant and said something like "oh we talked about something drunk yesterday"?

Because he's a better influence in my life than anyone else I've dated has been. Getting me to cut down on drinking and such things.

Stop talking to him, he sounds like a waste of time

Couple of months ago I reached out to her and asked "maybe after all this calms down we could still be friends?" and she pretty much said no to that. Since then I've been trying to move on but she came back into my life again like she hasn't said that. Acting like nothing ever happened. She said she wants to talk about rebuilding our "relationship" or if she should be happy the way things are now. Currently we're acquaintances with a past I guess. So I don't understand how that works, if she wants to be friends, but it doesn't work out, then we go back to being....friends but a slightly less than that?
The only lead I have is that when she'd be active on social media and post something, I'd get this mini heart attack and want to message her, but I stop myself. She saw me posting on social media and she immediately got in touch after saying she misses me and wants to talk. I asked her for full honesty and she said she agrees, and that theres question she wants to ask. I have questions too so I don't know. I'm only afraid she'll turn it all around and say something like "I never liked you, I just wanted to be friends and now I want to see if we can be friends" which is something I would expect from her so it doesn't come off as her being desperate for my attention and actually just wanting things to go back to what they used to be. I'm overthinking at this point tho. I will ask her everything I need to know, just in case its the last conversation we'll have

I was in a similar position than yours but from the guy's shoes.

I worked in the IT department and there was this girl from the accounting department that I liked, we had to work together every now and then and we got along quiet well. The situation is quite similar to what you describe, when we had the chance, we would talk a lot, joke around and text for shorts burst from time to time, but neither of us ever asked the other out so we never really went on dates.

So, if i liked her why didn't I make a move?
There were a couple of reasons,
first she was a couple of years older than me, i was in my mid 20s while she was closer to her late 20s, we never talked about relationships so i don't know if she would have been ok with that, but it seemed that she would.
In the other hand, she was a hardcore christian, which i don't have a problem with, but she seemed like an "endgame" to me, no someone you fool around and see if things work but rather someone you will have to settle with.
and lastly, i have always had the mentality that you shouldn't shit where you eat, in other words, dating coworkers just sounds like a bad idea to me, not like i was totally against it if she had taken the initiative.

What could have she done to make me more interested in actually dating?
I didn't have too much dating experience back then (I still don't), so making the first move is something really intimidating that I just wouldn't do. but if she had asked me out at any point, I'm sure I wouldn't have turned her down.

If you are really interested in this guy and really want your relationship to go further than just coworkers, I'd advice you to find some common ground and think of things you could do together and asking him out, maybe if he interacts with you in circumstances different than the work environment he would be more forward, if he is interested that's it. Also if you stop working in the same place for whatever reason, you might want to take the initiative then.

Initially, I didn't because it caught me by surprise and I just broke up with my ex so the feelings were still raw. Recently, I have reciprocated but then it struck me that maybe he's just flirting just for fun and not because he likes me.
The first few months we knew each other he did tell me he's single. But that's almost a year ago and maybe you're right, things might have changed while I was busy dilly dallying.

True. I hate it when guys like me when drunk but sober I guess they think I'm ugly after all

Probably due to my past experience. My ex previously dogged me to go out with him on a date so I kinda presumed men were like that

I'm conflicted. Guys, So I've just downloading this dating app and I am looking for a serious, preferably long term relationship. Good. Time to post some pictures of myself. I intend to post normal pictures, showing me and my crafts and my hobbies. But, my friend told me that I wouldn't be able to find someone without posting my body in one of the pictures. I'm not really sure what to do and I am conflicted. Guys does it matter? I'm looking for serious relationships, and not hookups, but is a body picture important? (Body pictureis more like something that gives a general idea of what body looks like and brings out the good parts of my body, a bikini or tight clothing perhaps)

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Do those things without seeming like it's creeping, I guess it's the priority.
There's also something I read "if a girl lets you touch her hair, she's ready to be kissed". I think it applies

Thanks for the input, user. I'd really like to ask him out for coffee one day, just can't get the timing right because we're both almost always surrounded by other people constantly.
By the way, I hope your date goes well today.

I have a crush on this girl in my class but I don't know if she likes me. She is very popular with guys because she's got big tits and a big ass so obviously. But I like her because she seems cool, we sometimes joke around before we go to class and I really like her smile when I make her laugh, it lights up her whole face sort of thing. But when we talk its very tense, like she's very awkward around me.

She always hangs out with this one girl who I know was facebook stalking me because she video called me by accident kek the two of them hang out a lot like I mentioned, is there a chance she might've stalked me too or they did it together? I don't know what girls do to be honest. And no, I don't have interest in her friend. She's pretty but not really my type.

>we're both almost always surrounded by other people constantly.
I know this very well. You can isolate the two of you if you smoke. Ask him what he's doing during break time and try to find an opening
>By the way, I hope your date goes well today.
Thanks honey, good luck to you and your boyfriend.

I'm just super introverted so I'm not nearly as reserved about it when I'm drunk.

But if you were actually interested, would you say shit like "oh we met, we talked about something, we were drunk"?

But why did she hold hands and cuddle with me? Especially if she is introvert and somewhat shy. I wouldn't do stuff like this if I was interested only in friendship, but that's just me. I don't really understand women I guess.

any picture that shows that you aren't morbidly obese would do.

Just something that shows below your neck so he can see you aren't obese

probably not. Helps if you know what's typical for them beforehand, though.

So, I've started seeing a girl. I'm a kv so it's really fucking weird for me to be "wanted" by someone and she's also pretty shy herself which means we haven't even kissed yet. We hold hands and each other and sappy shit like that but I feel like a fucking retard whenever I see her, I don't know what to do.
How do I kiss a girl? And when? And how do I let her know I want to kiss her?
Also, is 5 years too large of an age gap? This is making me really insecure.

Thanks for the input, user. It's so refreshing to get a guys perspective on this because I almost have no guy friends to confide things like this. Heck, I don't even tell my girl friends about this because rumors spread like wildfire around these parts.

The only thing we have in common is probably our workplace. I'm more of the couch potato, stay at home playing video games or daydreaming and prefer quiet cafes type. He's more of the popular guy at his department and has an interest in more mainstream things and likes large gatherings of people. I don't know if it'll work, but I'm willing to like what he likes if he's willing to do the same. I have plans to relocate and work someplace else though I have no idea when my boss is gonna let me go. But sometimes, it makes me feel as if I'm just running away.

I hope the accounting girl finally realises how much you value her and that she'll reciprocate as well. Godspeed, user.

>be 27khhv
>in mmo guild
>theres this one girl there, shes fully aware of my autism and lack of experience
>shes 33, and apparently in therapy to "fix her issues not being able to have relationships"
>we meet for some shopping and lunch because we live relatively close
>overall good time
>i noticed some things tho
>she might be poor due to no work, and spending time in therapy because its basically free rent and food for participants, much like prison would be (it also resembles prison)
>her hair wasnt done, clothes were pretty meh (which i dont care that much about but i would expect any girl to put some effort when you meet a stranger, basically a date)
>she hasnt bought anything for herself during shopping neither she did even look at anything for females during our time
>she took cheapest option on menu in the cafe, probably expecting me not to pay for her stuff, i did pay
>she didnt seem that interested in me, there was no sparks like you can feel when someone is into your looks (which believe or not happens to me sometimes so i can tell)
>i dont think she was necessarily bored tho, we spent like 3 hours talking and walking around basically

Im worried she might be looking for sponsorship basically. Also with her age, she might want to catch someoen in net of pregnancy which im REALLY not ready for, despite kinda wanting it actually
Am i just paranoiac or could she be potentialy plotting something.
I seem like easiest target ever right, desperate virgin guy that wants to have relationship, she could act like any person i would want her to be.

just a full body picture that shows you arent obese will do
altough obese women get pile of responses too
Dont worry if you have small tits it literally doesnt matter

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maybe she was really into you
maybe she felt particulary lonely at that time
maybe she is a fucking psycho and wants your kidneys
who knows
meet again

>5 years gap
unless shes 16 and you are 23, its not

Do girls like giving out forehead kisses? Is that weird to ask for?
Also is asking for a lap pillow weird?

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I forgot to blur out that guy's face it ruins the picture

A coward might.
Or if he was just looking to smash anyone but wouldn't date you

Yes, no, no

That's not even bad, I know a girl who got married at that age to an older guy. I think he was 25 or something.