The most painless way to kill oneself

give me suggestions

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But why?

I'd like to go quickly and without pain if possible. I'm kind of a coward about it, so if I do it in a way that isn't terrifying, I expect it'll be easier.

Talk to someone about it

It's not something I really want to get over.

It's based on birth deformities. I'm 24 now and it's finally become clear that surgeons are unable to fix me. I'm an unfixable mutant.

I don't want to get over it. I don't wanna go on understanding that people are over-looking it, I don't want to settle into a family life, find mundane happiness. I had dreams and these dreams are unachievable as a Quasimodo.

So like, I'm done. I'm done and I just want to be free of it all. I told myself if this last operation failed I was gonna commit to it. It failed, and somehow that made me feel happier. As if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders because now everything seemed temporary.

That birth deformities will kill you? make moving and living painful, or just damage your looks?

Wha dreams did you have?

Birth deformities won't kill me, but at this point not only do I look disgusting, but I have permanent nerve damage in multiple places which makes existing highly uncomfortable.

Dreams essentially involved with entertainment. Film specifically. Not so much acting, but I wouldn't want acting to be denied me either.

And just in general, I'm not comfortable in my own skin. I know I'm hideous to myself and others, so I can't even enjoy life on the base-level of going out with friends, having relationships, or anything mundane like that.

Dreams essentially involved with entertainment.
There are tons of positions in filmmaking, you still can achieve it.

> I know I'm hideous to myself and others
Post pic and I will tell you if you are exaggerating

I really don't want to go through the song and dance of having you try to convince me it's not enough to end my life over.

Even friends of mine tell me "It's not that bad".

As if to say "It's not good, but it's certainly not as terrible as you suggest".

The point is I know I'll never be comfortable with it. It's not Rocky Dennis level, but it's the kind of bad where defects pronounce themselves. Cleft lip and palate was my defect.

My nose is all crooked and fucking weird, my lip looks abominable, and I have a missing tooth that makes me look like a hick.

Add that to my freddy-krueger tier acne scars.

I don't like it, I know I'm never going to.

>of having you try to convince me it's not enough to end my life over.
If you have decided to end it, at last share pic, maybe I will agree with your decision.

>Cleft lip and palate

You are killing yourself for this? I know a girl who has it, fucking imagine be a girl with it, and she is not killing herself.

>I don't like it, I know I'm never going to.
Show me, It feels like you are really exaggerating

Here ya go ugly. Except don't use balloon helium since its mixed with oxygen to prevent an hero. Go to a welding supply store and get a tank of helium (nitrogen also works). Godspeed and please call emergency right b4 you go. This way your organs can be salvaged for the needy

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>fucking imagine be a girl with it
Uhh, that's not helping him feel better. A girl with any deformity can easily get a partner.

Looks for girl matter more than for boys.

It comes in different levels of severity (shit I wish I was as handsome as say, Joaquin Phoenix... Hell, I've even take Payton Manning).

Like I said, mine was bad enough that literally multiple operations have straight up failed. Not just to give a result I'm "Happy" about, but to actually accomplish what the surgeon was attempting.

I have no feeling in my lower jaw now, my nose has some nerve damage itself, and now after 3 failed attempts at a dental implant for a missing tooth, I'm kinda shit out of luck because the bone in the area of the implant is too weak.

I'm hesitant to share a picture because

A) I think you're quite right that you won't agree with me.

B) I have friends who frequent Jow Forums and I don't want them to see my pic and suddenly become fussed about it.

Not true.
There's a reason why there are more male virgins, especially nowadays with the 80/20 rule being in full effect.

Properly placed gunshot

If your friends are in this thread they'll already know who you are, and if you're planning on an heroing you may as well post it anyway

Fucking A, thank you.

I've had friends who are women who try to tell me about appearance problems and go "It's different for girls" as if the basic human insecurities (being slightly over-weight for example) even come close to having literal deformities.

I don't know how it normally is. But my looks matter to me a great deal.

>multiple operations have straight up failed.
was it with same doctor? Maybe there is some solution for your lower jaw?

Can you show me it privately on other platform?

Thank you.

And this is pretty reliable? Not a huge chance of me living as a vegetable?

>was it with same doctor? Maybe there is some solution for your lower jaw?

I've heard acupuncture MAY help. But the operation was 5 years ago so I don't know how likely it is that, even if it does work, how useful it might be now.

It's been between two doctors in the case of dental stuff. Then 2 other doctors for the plastic surgery.

>Can you show me it privately on other platform?

I'm more open to that, honestly.

Just don't get balloon helium. Welding helium or nitrogen is about 99% pure. Just make sure the rig is air tight

>I've heard acupuncture MAY help.
Try it then.

>I'm more open to that, honestly.
Dropp a discord link