How can I get a boyfriend at 23? Or is it too late and should I give up? I am autistic, female, no dating experience

How can I get a boyfriend at 23? Or is it too late and should I give up? I am autistic, female, no dating experience.

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you can't. Just give up.

Really? Ok

Work on yorself and leave house
you can't get bf if you stay indoors all time

Yea. If you never had boyfriend until 23 then it means you are either fat or ugly. All women can be socially retarded but if you are at least 5/10 there will be this one dude who will bite the bullet and will fuck you. If not you are below normal human appearence.

That's not true at all. Simply existing on social media is good enough to catch at least 1 man's interest if your a woman

I find it fishy
but i will replay anyway.

> Female
You got a higher chance to find some one than male
> 23 old
Nope, never too late
> No dating expierence, autistic
If you have a friends which u find attractive. Make do
If dont. Try flirting with "strangers"

TBC if there is intrest

Even if you're ugly or fat, you can still date.
Are you either of those? If so, start eating better and working out. Focus on getting toned and burning fat by walking, jogging and eventually running, and working out your chest, stomach and butt.
If you're ugly, learn how to use makeup well.
Do you have any hobbies? Try to do things with other guys.

>Nope, never too late

Women hit the wall at 25. From that point on they are undatable and should not procreate.

Get a friend to take a few cute pictures of you. Maybe posing like you are doing something like in the picture you posted.
Then write a small but informative message about yourself which should hit several points:
>Why anyone would date you
>If there is something interesting about you people can talk about with you
>What you are looking for

Then post it on a dating site.
Be aware that people respond to whatever you have posted, so if all you have is a picture of your tits, you will get comments on that.

23 and female is pretty much what I look for on dating sites, it is definitely not too late.

Don't read these replies, cuz none of it really helps.

What you need is courage. Courage to flirt with a man that gets you wet and that is worthy of being the father of your children.

I work at a place with majority of women. I cant find males in my daily life. I'm not sure where to start and I don't have friends

All getting friends or bfs require is being social and not looking awful.
Get cleaned up and go outside, do things with other people, find social hobbies with men in them, and most of all, have the courage to talk.

Males are everywhere

If man wants girlfriend
>Be handsome
>dont look like creep
>dont act like creep
>dont look like rapist
>dont be rapist
>dont act needy
>dont be obsessed
>dont be autistic
>dont be ADHD
>dont be mentally ill
>dont live in moms basement
>have car
>have flat
>have good social standing and lot's of female friends
>be cool and do drugs

For a woman to find boyfriend
>be above 1/10 look wise.

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Are you overweight?

>This is what incels actually believe
Get out of this board with your evil cult recruitment posts.

This is what is actually happening in real world. Are you male if you can talk like this?

No, but I'm a little chubby

>probably 200ish something pounds
Fat bitch

>I'm not sure where to start
Worthy males are difficult to find nowadays. You need to be sharp and always aware of any.

Most males that get us wet are just too pampered by other females or are just too useless. Also, those who would be perfect fathers, that tend to be really great at everything in life, are generally bad at sex and dancing.

>I don't have friends
This fact doesn't matter. Worthy males are good to have for yourself. Since most "friends" are bitches, it may be better not to rely on those.

How many shekels are you getting paid per post? Attempting to convince the white race to not breed using your lies.

>Attempting to convince the white race to not breed using your lies

Never said anything about race in my post. This applies to every race.

What did I do to you to call me a fat bitch
I'm 130lbs or something

Gay psyops then?

Already said this is how it is. This is how this world works.

Do you have chubby girl big tits?

Nobody cares about your lies. Go away.

No my tits are small my thighs are thunder tier though but why

>no rebuttal
>no counter argument

dumb woman.

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Many guys do not check even half of the things you listed yet they have girlfriends. It is a fact your post was completely wrong. What we don't know why you would make such a retarded post full of falsehoods.

>but why
Because everyone loves tits.

>Many guys do not check

They do?

They don't. Stop lying. Few guys fill every criteria you listed. And they still have girlfriends. Meanwhile there are lots of attractive girls who can't find boyfriends.

>They don't. Stop lying.

But that is all true. Attractive women have literally 0 effort to find guys. Women are in fact effortles beings.

What do you have to gain by lying? Are you a gay psyopper after all?

Since you keep repeating same things and i feel like we are walking around circles i honestly belive you have autism. Dont reply to me please.

Leave. You were proven wrong and a liar. And yet you continue to act as if you were correct.

I have told you to not reply to me. Why are you replying to me?

How the hell are you single OP?
>Using dating apps can help you interact with others. If you're looking for something quick and sleezy, Tinder and Badoo are great. If you're looking for something a bit serious, you can use Hinge or PoF which focus more on interacting on personality
>Got a date finally? Have your gal pals sort out your outfit, you will want to consider the suitability of whether it's a bar, bowling, a dinner or whatever. Look up the colour wheel for complimentary tones, if in doubt, stick to black
>Make sure your hair is fine, ,first impressions are vital, and don't take anything your friends say as appearance as sacred, there's a solid difference between clothes and body appearance
>Talk about whatever. Current affairs, their fascination with one of the things you saw, why they're down in the country, if the location you picked for the date is interesting
>Avoid family, ex partners, long term ambitions, any question that leads to a yes or no response
>If things go South, politely offer to pay your share, take a corner, then take another corner. Get the bus home
>If things go well, show interest into going for another thing after (If time permits), or suggesting alcohol if you're too cowardly to suggest going to their house
>If things haven't progressed after 5 dates, call it quits. Don't give them the bullshit 'let's be friend's, just ghost them

Literally any fat greasy neckbeard on this shit website would fuck you.

here's your problem

Im actually not fat and im excercising every day just to prove women wrong.

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>They don't. Stop lying. Few guys fill every criteria you listed. And they still have girlfriends. Meanwhile there are lots of attractive girls who can't find boyfriends.

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Your anime reaction image makes me doubt it's just your several hundred pounds of weight that is giving you difficulty with women

I'm not a social butterfly. This is going to be tough

Im not from America. I was part of my life obese yes. It ruined my childhood because i was bullied over it. Shamed. I had several girlfriends throught my life but this site opened my eyes. Women are animals in human form. They do not deserve men. Im just working out to mog every male on this planet and make females envious and frustrated because they can't fuck me.

This is also the path every male should take.


Post progress pics

Im still little chubby so im ashmed of myself. Went from 100kg to 88kg,

Bro, if you’re interested in a guy just tell him you think he’s hot and want to hang out. Works on 8/10 guys. Even the hot ones. Best of luck!

Do you not see that? You've designed this entire life goal to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet lack the confidence to match your boast.

Are you doing starting strength? Have you got your form sorted?
I'm 110kg now, intending to pick up boxing when I get paid and get back into strong lifting.

No one has an innate desire to be overweight, no one takes delight in having a double chin, but to improve your appearance just to reject the kind of girls who have rejected you previously? Fuck me, you sound like how I was when I was 18 and thought radfems were indicative of female rationale.

You'll feel better when you're 60kg and can lift twice your bodyweight.

If you're a wymen, it's easy
Just talk to boys on tinder

>Also, those who would be perfect fathers, that tend to be really great at everything in life, are generally bad at sex and dancing.
Men who are like to and are good at dancing are either gay, Latino or both.

>Are you doing starting strength?

I dont lift for strenght. In fact no one should. If you do SS you will only gain weight and very little muscle. I work out every day in order to have even greater fat loss.

Why should no one lift for strength?

Too many injuries and if you want to lose weight you cant excercise every day if you lift for strenght. Also eugene sandow the bronze era bodybuilder was ripped as fuck on 5kg weights. So building muscle dont depend on strenght.

A good friend of mine lost her virginity and found her first boyfriend at 29.

>Too many injuries
Practice proper form, take better care when warming up, don't overtrain make sure you're hitting your Macs and micro
>An example which somehow relates to your argument
Just say you don't know what you're talking about, hence the example in an attempt to disguise your poor understanding of things.

Yeah, pretty sure it's common knowledge that your muscular development and strength aren't hand in hand.

What kind of retarded fag thinks that way? Milfs are literally made for breeding stock

>how can i find a bf
Anywhere with lots of people, tinder for normies, discord for eships, bumble for sex etc
>is it too late
No, there's not "too late" for either sex, there's a time limit for making the baby but not for dating.
>I am autistic, female, no dating experience.
neither of this matters that much if you want someone that really likes you for who you are, and some would say being a woman makes it easier to find a person to date.