Meet girl

>meet girl
>end up getting really close together and doing all this sappy shit
>all over me when we see eachother in real life
>always asking for pics of us together to show her mom and sister
>she is a modest girl but shows me herself in revealing skimpy clothes
>actually man up and ask her out
>says shes lesbian
Im not mad or anything just disappointed, this has been the only girl ive had a connection with in a long while so how can I just erase any romantic feelings for her? Its a weird feel man

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Nothing you can do, just give it time bro.

>always asking for pics of us together to show her mom and sister

She was using you to fool her family into thinking she was straight. You where a beard. Evacuate her presence immediately she is straight fucking garbage.

what the fuck
i have no advice to give. if she was straight is say cut contact, but if shes a lesbian... its a weird spot. if you like spending time with her and believe your feelings will fade because shes not an option at all, then keep hanging out with her. otherwise, cut her from your life but explain it to her first.

This is most likely but really weird since she said her sister knows she gay
She wants to hangout with me and see me still. Its really weird she kept suggesting we hangout and see eachother and do all these things together. I feel like I can handle the lesbian stuff since it makes her not an option but it would sure make me feel like a cuck fgt for some reason

>This is most likely but really weird since she said her sister knows she gay

yeah sure mang whatever you say get the fuck out there. Your putting a emotional investment in a broker that has no plan on giving it back to you. Its a long painful drain and not worth the headache. Once again I advise you to ghost her.

No women are actually lesbians

Use your dick to convert her

Also Griffith did nothing wrong

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I was planning on doing that since I saw no point in pursuing her anymore. Just worried about finding other chicks to talk to


Apparently not

>No women are actually lesbians
Explain also griffith did a lot wrong, he is a man baby that can’t accept things not going his way

Ah don't worry friend, more will come. It won't be immediate, but more will come.

Vagina was made for dick, and many studies have shown most lesbians have had sex with a male before

He created Falconia

"All children, even orphans, in Falconia will be taken care of for ten years, during which they will be taught reading and writing, and educated in various other subjects. In particular, they will be taught values and solidarity, and instilled with the sentiment of belonging to the nation. It is so stark a deviation from the norm of nations of old, that some ministers have openly contested it, fearing that such an empowerment of the people may bring about the end of the class system as they know it. Griffith notes that so long as the people are allowed to prosper, they will in turn be the backbone of the nation."

What did Guts ever do besides run around killing people like a mad dog?

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Griffag is literally dooming all his citizens to burn in the void when they die
Im in college rn and im a shy fag so it’ll be a while before I can just click with another random woman


: (

Fuck whores and stop giving a shit what woman think of you. There is a reason they have a hole there after all. 3 in fact

I don’t care what they think of me, I just don’t talk much nor know where to pick up said whores

Look up strip clubs in your area personally I’m sick and tired of relationships. Wish I could purge myself of feeling love when I could gain real power and contribute something to humanity. If I want to get my sexual stuff out I’ll just a fuck a hooker

>I’ll just a fuck a hooker
Considering this desu. I just need to release pent up sexual energy.

She'll is not attracted to you. That alone should be enough to make her unappealing.

Otherwise you are wanting someone who is not attracted to you and that is generally what makes someone a creep.

Talk to her, ask her about bisexual girls or maybe show her porn,
Make it 3 some, 2 girls and a guy porn.
Make sure it has the girls kissing, eating each other out,
But also has sucking dick, and dick in pussy.
Show the female parts of it first, and the girl on girl + on dick parts later.
Then ask her what she thought about the 3 people in the porn.
If you can get her to hook you up with bi girl, then you could joke that you'll both bang the girl together. Or something.
This plan could go bad, but any plan can go bad.