I need your help

Do you think I'm fat? The right picture is from now and the left one 2 years ago. My BMI is 22.5 so I'm in the healthy category, but what do you think?

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Just a slight more fat around the waist and pecs.

Just go on a 1 meal diet for one month. You just need to loose a few Kg and lift and you’ll have tons of girls after you

Literally this

I weighted around 85 kgs 3 months ago (studying made me stay at home all day) but I cut a few pounds and lifted, and I feel so much better. Gl user

Looks normal to me.

Definitely not ripped, yet not fat enough to be considered obese. Pic 1 is better than pic 2.

Typical aging mutherfucker! You better consider that shit times ten and start combating it now. You cannot just keep going like you were as a teen. Pull back! Whoa whoa.


you have some fat. are you autistic as well? its not hard to look at yourself and judge your size

Skinnyfat. Doughy, and kind of sad looking for an adult male. Fortunately you don't have to do much to get in shape. Just do as other anons said, cut your caloric intake a bit and start lifting. Shouldn't take more than a few months, maybe half a year, before you're in significantly improved condition.

Looks healthy to me.

First pic is passable, second is disgusting

What's so disgusting about it?

Yes, you're fat and probably on the very of getting really fat. You need to eat less, eat healthier, and workout more.

you were skinnyfat, now you're just fat

Is my BMI too high?


Nice bulge user


not really fat but you are brown, which is kinda shit


Yup fat, sorry.

BMI is a shit way to tell if you're overweight. It doesn't account for body fat percentage. Having enough muscle will put you in the overweight category.

You look chubby OP. Lose the weight and exercise.

>My BMI is 22.5
bmi is just taking into consideration weight & height. two people with the exact same bmi, 22.5 for example, can look vastly different depending on body fat percentage and muscle development
>Do you think I'm fat?
bordering on it, just lift + eat healthy bro its eeeeez. you don't even have to eat that healthy, most important part is just lifting consistently.

So I'm chubby or what?

No you are totally ripped dude.

youre not fat at all but you could stand to hit the gym

Nah not fat.

U are not fat at all .... u look like a younger child growing into a man...

what does the definition matter? you look like shit, doesn't matter if we call you chubby, overweight, fat etc etc
now if you don't care about looking like shit, then dont do anything about it. you can still maintain health at ur bodyfat %. i wouldn't want to look like that tho, but then again im kinda fucked in my brain

chew n spit my nigger

Even if you stop, you'll be accustomed to feeling
less full.
Or just keep doing it because it's fun and doesn't wreck your teeth like purging (4 yrs, zero cavities).

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it looks like the typical out of shape skinnyfat male body, not obese fat but it looks obvious that you put zero effort into your physical condition.

A little.

Lol ur shaped like a bitch
Do some cheat exercises faggot