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Ha that's right pay your attorney. You'll lose anyway. I love you've spent that money.

I made the right choice. I know it hurts. It was for the best.

I hope everyone in this thread has something to look forward to in the next week, and if not right now, I hope something pops up.

My insides are burning. Vomited blood today and I can't eat or drink water without getting sick. I'm scared.

Go to the hospital now.

My spouse makes me feel less and less everyday. If I voice concerns, he gets defensive. He makes fun of me daily. And truly doesnt care what I think. Its weird because I've tried leaving him but he refuses. Idk what to do. I've even transitioned to having an issue or being in a bad mood almost everyday and he still hasn't left....

>>Be me
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>>TFW tell step-mom going gay and she screams like obese banshee.
>>TWF half nigger peabrain too smoll to accept the truth.
>>TFW lie to everybody blaming poor cousin for everything.
>>TFW entire family too dumb to realize the truth or even investigate.

The End


What are we exactly? Why are we this way to eachother? What do you even feel about this?
I will never understand you man, you're just everywhere and nowhere at the same time...

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that is a nice image you posted user

I've been in a LDR with a guy for one year now. We live very far apart(some 10000 kilometres), but we really love each other so we manage to make it work. We intend to meet in a few months, and everything is going just fine except for the fact that we're both making huge changes in our lives to accommodate for this relationship. We're both working towards getting our own places in our own countries so we can host the other during an eventual visit, he's working on his physique because he thinks he's not good enough for me right now(even though it's not the case at all), I've cut off some friends I didn't really like so that I can spend time with him despite the time difference; we did all of this while trying to succeed academically. All this planning ahead has me really stressed out and it's probably the case for him too.
I'll never back down though.

What do you want from me? I don't get you. You rejected me. That's fine, I know you aren't obligated to like me. I even said I didn't expect you to feel the same. I knew you didn't. But we agreed on staying friends because you stayed that I was your "closest friend." So why? Why are you acting so strange? You give one word responses, never address me directly, don't joke around, pretend I don't exist, basically treating me as if I'm just an aquintance. I asked you if you were uncomfortable or didn't really want to stay friends, and you said you were completely fine. So what gives? This isn't how you normally act. But then when I start trying to talk to other people instead of sitting alone like a sad sack of shit, you come over and try to talk. Then you leave. Then you come over again and don't say anything. You just stood there watching me paint. I don't understand you. Just stop playing games, if you are. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. And trusting you aren't, and that I'm just overthinking things. I don't care to do this shit. This is the last ounce of mental energy I will spend on you.

This guy is so gorgeous I just want to climb inside him and touch myself all day long. I’m obsessed, and he’s ghosted me.

I've always wondered what love feels like. A shame I'll never know

Ok sasuke uchiha, keep on keeping on.

Teachanon here. Another day, another 7 or so Lunch Detentions and two office referrals handed out. 171 teaching days to go.

Public schools are fuckin cancer

All I want is your SOUL

Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away.

Fucking fat people are making food expensive.


Also, fucking homeowners and renters. Kill yourself so the rest of us can get cheaper housing you selfish fuck.

Quit making babies that are making the demand and price for everything go up you fucking harlots. Use birth control if you are gonna fuck.

Git gud
Agreed on the fatty problem, not because they make food more expensive, but because they are gross to see in public.

Had someone over because the house was empty, I remembered to put away my vibrators before leaving for work this morning but definitely forgot to put the lube away. Called my mom to let her know I was on my way home, she just flew in a few hours ago so she sounded tired as expected, but can’t help but interpret some of the tension in her voice as “oh fuck my daughter’s having sex”. WHOOPS, little mortified but I’m an adult, we’ll live.

>sitting on bench on campus
>group of blondes standing and talking like 20-25 feet away from me
>notice one of them turn her head around and give me a cute smile (definitely think it was at me, no one else in my vicinity and the bench was against a wall)
>anxiety kicks in
>get up and leave

probably meant nothing but the slim possibility that she was checking me out made me panic, what the fuck is wrong with me.

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Fuck you im holding your company together and if I walk you’ll literally crumble. I do it all. I’ve put in too much time and care too, and I’m getting so little back for it and I’d have no idea what to move into next FUCK

do you remember me begging for it to please finally be over?

Actually it's getting expensiv because they're eating less
Recall thre supply and demand chart from you highschool econ class
People are willing to pay those higher prices and because there's less demand supply will naturally go down

They come visit me at my work place.
I feel like they have gone too far, this has got to stop and only I can put an end to this. These people are beyond saving, now they will know real savagery.

lololol doesn't work dipshit but have fun with that. learn to grow the fuck up and move on

It's honestly really surprising to interact with a girl who's actually interested in you. The signals are so much more obvious, from the way she looks at you, her wording of certain phrases, the things she talks to you about.

All those mental gymnastics I did trying to figure out if a girl likes me feels so stupid now.

I have friends, a caring family, a girlfriend, and yet I have never felt lonelier.

>willing to pay higher prices
They have no choice but to

I'm sick of people telling me that other people are not happy and that they have the same problems as me. It's bullshit. I know a lot of people are doing worse than me obviously, but the people I see every day are definitely NOT worse than me, because normal average people aren't hoping to die all the time and don't get panic attacks and anxiety attacks so often. Average people enjoy shit, have motivation to do shit. I don't. I know many people have depression but the claim that every middle class person I see outside has it just as bad as I do is bullshit. Most of them have it better than me.

I burn bridges everywhere
Got some ashes in my ears
I try to act like I don’t care
But I sleep my way though tears

Wish a woman would love me
For the man I think I am
to be realistic
I’d be lucky
If could even date a ham

I burn bridges over London
I burn bridges over France
If i didn’t destroy connections
I’d have to keep it in my pants

Maybe you are not into girls? I had sort of the same problem as you but eventually I realized I'm sexually attracted to men and that I only like girls as friends. But Idk you so it's likely you aren't gay (assuming you are a guy here).
It's also possible that you got nervous because there were other people around. It's probably stage fright. You feel like you have to flirt right, not to impress the girl but to impress the crowd. I've no idea how to work on that though, sorry lol. I have that problem too.

i have fallen far behind other people my age. i am genuinely useless. i am sick in the head. i'll probably be dead in a few years, when everyone else has a career and a family.


Went to the moon

But when she's home

Who will listen?

I wish I could text you and ask you how you're doing.
I wish you still loved me
I wish you would come back to me and tell me this was a mistake and that you want me back.
But that's all I can do, wish and pray you're safe.

I wonder if you miss me at all, P.

This guy is fucking things up for me. can I say thatas another guy? fuck all guys who act aggressively and irrationally when they misread signals or get rejected. I have so much anxiety with girls because of guys like this. Im worried about making girls feel uncomfortable, im worried about coming off as creepy, or just weird. Im afraid of girls being super rude to me just because I asked if they'd wanna chill...Basically I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around all girls and it feels like such a bummer. Its a selfish reason for me but at the same time it would make me happy if women can safely walk across a parking lot to their car, at night or jogging along without being bothered.

I'm sick of you calling me when you are drunk because you end up professing your feelings and talking at me. You never follow up after and basically act like I'm nothing. Now that we broke it off I don't have to listen to your non-sense anymore. You want to talk then we can have a conversation but you can save your boring monologues for the shower because I don't give a shit anymore.

I'm gonna give it this one year just so that no one can say I can't hold on to a job, then I'm absolutely getting the fuck out if I can't find a job in my specialization. Trying to teach the general middle school population is a fucking nightmare. I wouldn't wish this shit on even my worst enemies.

Why is it okay for parents to bring someone to life and then treat them like shit?
And why am I expected to do anything if I didn't choose to be born?
>inb4 kill yourself
No because it's painful and it has a moral and spiritual implication that I wouldn't have to deal with if I hadn't been born, since I wouldn't exist.

I just got ghosted HARD by a girl after like SIX DATES. We kissed on the last one and then she stops responding to EVERYTHING. I gave her three weeks but nothing.


I just had a date with a girl, and she said YES to a second date, and NOW I FUCKING THINK SHE JUST GHOSTED ME MID-CONVERSATION. We texted for TWO GODDAMN MONTHS before being able to meet up.


Normal average people might not be the normal average people you perceive them to be. At work I probably seem like a giga normie who doesn't have (m)any problems, but I really fucking hate my job, am upset about my current financial situation (stuck in said shit job which pays far less than it should for the bullshit I put up with, with around $60,000 in student loan debt), and stress over my life to the point of giving myself anxiety attacks at least once a week. I honestly just feel like I've been going through the motions ever since I started my job, and my only motivation is to not get fired and fuck my life up even more. I don't play vidya anymore, I don't run anymore, and nothing is really enjoyable to me because I can't help but fixate on how I should have made better decisions on what to do with my life almost a decade ago.
A lot of people have their own shit to deal with, it's just that the ones who appear to have it together are the ones who are good at hiding it. You're right though, it's not everyone. Some people are perfectly content with their middle class lives.

When I was a kid, my mom used to belt this shit out while crying in her bedroom lol

I still think you are probably another rare case though. Hating the job is probably super common but hating your life or life itself is probably not.

I think i wanna date a guy or tranny, maybe something like a trap.

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It sucks that this has become however it is the reality of the digital age. think of it as a good thing that you just dodged some land mines. if they are so incapable of straight-up telling that they are not interested, would you really want to be with them? Don't waste your energy on that crap. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Perhaps. I'd like to think I'm not the only one who feels like I'm stuck in a shitty life situation, but then again, I probably hate my life because my job takes up a huge chunk of my daily free time, and I fucking hate my job.
(I'm teachanon btw)

i wish i took up that offer to join luxury retail instead of moving for a guy I AM A FOOL THAT FELL FOR LOVE.

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Same here, tech support and database stuff. I like being able to not do anything for long whiles at work though.

I dropped out of uni for a guy. We're all fools for love

Oh shit, really? I thought about learning to code if I can't find a teaching gig that isn't absolute shit, IT seems pretty comfy to me. Or by tech support, do you mean call center stuff? Because I worked a sales/customer service position in a call center, and it was horrible, so I feel you there.

It's not really a call center because all our comunication is through skype and email, thankfully. Some clients are very annoying though, but there are times when I get to do nothing.
I work in a company that sells software for tolls and my job is mostly getting emails about how numbers in reports don't match, and having to enter an SQL database, find the problem and fix it. I rarely get to program and I know programmers make a lot more money but my job seems more comfy for someone with depression. But I see that programmers also spend a lot of time not doing anything and making more money probably feels good. So yeah you are probably on a good track if you start learning to code.
Another thing I like about IT is that everyone says it's easy to get jobs as a programmer if you know some stuff, and I like to think that if some day I have a mental break down or a crisis and if my company is a dick about it, I should be able to quit and find another job.
I'm not really interested in IT and only picked it because my parents pressured me and because it has guaranteed job opportunities, so idk what coding language to recommend, but you probably know more.
Teaching sounds like fun to me in theory but it probably isn't, and yeah a call center position must be extremely hard, I have a lot of respect for people who deal with having that job.

My current teaching job and my old call center job are miles below any other job I've ever had, including amusement park ride operator. Teaching is absolutely fantastic if you either really like teaching elementary-aged kids or you get to teach your specialization to high schoolers. I did a long-term sub gig teaching high school chorus to a bunch of kids who gave a shit and wanted to be there, and it was easily one of the best jobs I ever had because the kids who didn't give a fuck didn't have to set foot in my room. When I was unsure if I still wanted to teach, it pushed me back in that direction. Now I teach general music to the average middle school population, and it's complete shit. We rarely get to make live music more than once a week (because fuck if I can trust them with loud and expensive instruments all the time), most of them don't give a shit, and I literally teach kids who are going to be old enough to drive themselves to school in 8th grade. Someone said public school is a fucking joke, and holy Christ I never would have believed how right they were until I took this job.
So yeah, working in tech support and eventually IT sounds like a fantastic option for me to pursue if/when the whole "getting a high school job" thing doesn't work out, even if it doesn't pay as well.

>finally get to cleaning my room
>find bag full of stuff i left at my exs house last year and didnt touch because breakup sadness
>throw away some stuff, keep some stuffed animals
>find one that isn't mine and has lovey dovey ribbons all over it
>it was probably the last gift he ever gave me to make me feel less sad about him dumping me for old people x tranny orgies
I don't know if I should be happy or mad.

Don't give up offers that'll come once in a life time for love that you aren't even sure is going to last.

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I'm gonna have to ask you to elaborate on the last 8 words of that last greentext

I want to see some real progress. No more bullshit.

Without making this reply long as fuck and talking about the illegal shit he did, I dated my ex for like a year or so. Noticed him being more distant after like 5 months, less loving not making eye contact lying to me often shit like that, and when the topic came up about traps or whatever he'd violently defend him which was pretty weird imo.
I gave him a computer I owned to borrow and used it while he was in the shower one day and then saw in the history he was on Craigslist (this was before it shut down) and was seeking m4m and t4m. And then the pictures he posted of himself on there were him in leather skirts and shit. Found Imagefap on recents in the url bar and lots of pictures datin from 2011 of the said tranny x granny orgy. I asked him to spill the beans and turns out he frequently hooked up with either 60+ men or traps/trans/etc. Even had shit like Grindr on his phone which explained why he never let me use his phones GPS.
Told me he didn't even like women and that he was sexually attracted to people who act feminine and dumped me because "you're too close minded and sad". Sometimes he still makes fake threads about me and how I killed myself or some shit.

tldr i was a beard for a year for some agp

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My boyfriend has an FWB thing with one of his male friends. I'm more than okay with it; thinking about my boyfriend sucking dick and fucking another guy turns me on more than anything. Our sex life has improved tenfold since they started and I often masturbate thinking about it. He recently started talking about maybe calling off their arrangement and I'm worried that if he does it'll kill our sex life.

Thank you user, I hope you do too.

I hate you with everything in me, you horrible fucking cunt. You evil scumbag, I wish I could cave your fucking head in, smash your ugly twisted face until I can no longer recognize the human piece of excrement I have to call Dad. You are by far the most horrible person I have ever met. I know if you read this it would mean nothing to you, you wouldn't care that your own son hates you with every fiber of his being. You are so arrogant and above everyone that their foolish opinions mean nothing to you. I matter about the same to you as a piece of shit on the bottom of your shoe. You are a dark pit of hate and resentment, there is nothing good inside you. You have ruined my mother's life, she's too weak, lazy and cowardly to leave you. She is delusional and in denial about the living hell she created for her baby boy. Fuck her too. I wish you never had me, you useless, pathetic excuse for a human being. To bring a baby into this world, to show him no love or affection, to let him be subjected to years of violence and abuse, I feel nothing but anger and hate for you. You both make me sick.

I hate how painful it gets, but i know I have to do it to get better.

are you doing things you enjoy in your own time too? fulfilling things?

i'm not strong enough for this world

Woah. That sounds like a trip. Sorry you had to go through that.

I think I should go to bed

I think you should get woke

I don’t ever want to fuck anyone because I figure I’ll just cum fast

She won’t care.

that's actually a pretty funny story. I'd laugh if you told it. at him, not at you

u wot m8?

People always cum fast the first time.

I don't care if you don't like the way it was done. It's not like you were going to do anything about it.

I broke up with my ex a year ago, our differences were just too big, but I would like to reach out to her to try to be friends again. She was a very fun person that I enjoyed being with and we got along very well, even before we were a couple, but I am not sure if I should do it or not. Advice pls?

guess how many people that keep telling me to hook up with someone else


Post discord

I'm actually good friends with one of my exes. We frequently hang out and go to each other's houses for dinner.

We started contact again via Twitter. He followed me (we had stopped social media contact after the breakup) and occasionally liked/retweeted my stuff and after a week or so I did the same. Comments, DMs, etc. followed to a point where we started texting each other pretty regularly. Because we'd gotten along so well, it was pretty natural and we fell into a normal friendship. Both my boyfriend and his girlfriend have no issues with us spending time together and we're all friends now.

If you don't use social media, try reaching out through text or a mutual friend. Keep it light and general interest at first. Getting into heavy subject matter early might send the wrong message. Make sure she's moved on (even better if she's already dating someone else) so that you don't end up in a situation where you need to let her down. Also be sure that she's open to being friends again too.

It will be a little awkward at first, there's no way around that, but if you really do get along you should be able to start platonicslly hanging out within a couple months.

He? won’t care?


I do. Everyday...

je veux te voir...

Everything went to shit in the first five minutes of the day. Slept on my vape and broke it, then found a pillow DRENCHED in cat piss in the corner of the room. Get to work to find out I'm the only one scheduled for the first four hours to do a three person job that we only ever have two people for anymore anyways.
Cooks don't give a shit about us dishwashers, fuckin' retarded one kept doing fuckin' retarded shit and making my job harder. I remember having a very loud mental breakdown and letting shit fall all over the place in the first twenty minutes of the workday.
Really wish I didn't internalize everything that went wrong, I feel guilty and ashamed because of things outside of my control.

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It seems that my ex wants to talk more again. I don't want to fall for him again because I know it won't end well, he lies and is fake.

Why is it so hard to find good people online? I'm serious when I say, they all seem demonic. People I meet irl are ok. What's the difference.

Have a plan

Work toward it

Go to bed thinking of your blessings

Everyday gets better

Anonymity gives people the freedom to do what they want, and people want to shit on each other. Those who suppress their desires irl like to go online and let the sludge they've built up onto others.. at least that's my theory.

You are beautiful but you don't mean a thing to me.

I miss being an angsty teenager listening to Death Cab

thread your intentions through the needle's eye of love...

I think I was molested as a kid, and I recently found some pretty convincing proof. I feel nothing but anger at how shitty I was made to feel about myself growing up, like not being allowed to date or go anywhere only to find out that I was taken advantage of as a kid and that I’ll have to live with an STD for the rest of my life. I feel like dropping everything in my life and disappearing for a year.

Everyone online has attitude, angsty, hateful, whatever. I wish I wish I could blow up the entire world, people are just rotten to the core.

My greatest wish is only bunnies survive a total nuclear holocaust. They are, by far, the sweetest creatures ever.

I don't get it. I don't get life. I am constantly in dread and suffering. Every day I take a look towards the grey slab of life and I can't help but be dissapointed, what other color was I expecting?

My father is an obnoxious drunk.
My uncle is a hoarder.
My brother can't help me.
I miss my Mother.

When does the pain end? I can't believe I made the wrong choice. What is my degree worth? What is my life worth? What is my musical talent worth?

I hope one day I'll die from a spontaneous accident, and on that day I hope this nightmare of a life will end. I hope that finally I will be consumed.

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