Which color looks best for a half black, half Korean girl...

Which color looks best for a half black, half Korean girl? I'm transrace and I'm going to be ordering my full body color correction suit soon, but I can't decide between 'makeda' or the one above or below it.

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How do you look like? Cant imagine this mix

I was assigned white at birth but I identify as a girl that looks like pic related.

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She probably looks Malay Malay.

They're literally negritos x east asians.

Nigga what?

So you're white. Shut the fuck up, dumbass white bitch.

I'm not white, I was only assigned it at birth. I'm actually blasian specifically Black and Korean.


My identity isn't related to what sex I want, it's about who I am as a person. This thread fits on Jow Forums more than /lgbt/

I identify as Gary King.

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nice bait faggot

I know you think its bait, but that's because you just don't want to accept some people are transrace.


Why? What's wrong with you?

I think Makeda has the right subtone for it. Go for it

Im having trouble coming out to my parents as a trans AH-64 apache attack helicopter armed with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and Hydra 70 rocket pods. I was assigned as a SH-3 seaking by my manufacturer at birth but Im getting remanufactured in september i always felt that something about was missing and that something is a dual armament of 30mm miniguns with nightvision capabilities. My dad is a MH-60 Pave Hawk combat search and rescue helicopter who served in the gulf war and my mom is a MH-60 Seahawk who was in the coast guard, they met on a rescue mission in the gulf. I dont know how to tell them since they both very conservative and dont see want to destroy them and ask them where they went wrong etc, I love both of them dearly and i dont want them to blame themselves.
Pic related is me

Fuck sorry my rotors got in the way and i forgot the pic

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Solid bait brother

forget that and just wear black or red shiny latex bodysuits

Hah. I thought those were bandages covering up cuts. Like suicide awareness for black people.

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>full body color correction suit

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OP is a gearbox.

>negritos x east asians
Actually "negritos" are an ethnic group only found in the Philippines and that racially Austroloid.

this is really the biggest 'this is bait' here
i mean, fuck that transrace stuff, but this is just too much

Well what else is there on Jow Forums? Everyone knows the state of this board is literally two types of threads, bait and >tfw no gf: shitty pisser edition.
Unfortunately, there's only so many times we can reply to >tfw no gf only to be told that it's totally everyone else's fault he's single and not his, so we just reply to bait now and see where it goes.

Most threads that breach 50 replies end up being anons discussing among themselves. The OP is usually mysteriously not in sight.

I'll give Jow Forums this: the few times I've started a thread with a legit question at least a couple of people have responded with good advice. It's not the worst board, but definitely could be better.

How delusional on a scale of 8-10 are you?

Checking quints in a troll thread

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wtf kind of degeneracy did I stumble into today

There's a guide that advises colours to wear based on your skin, eye and hair colour
I forget what it's called but I think it's on the /fa/ sticky

I like them all, you should mix and match or do stripes or do a different one every so often. Toates serious, own it girl. I hope I see you someday.