Why do people love to talk about how dick size doesn't matter (and even worse...

Why do people love to talk about how dick size doesn't matter (and even worse, how smaller or around 6 is better) when women literally go fucking wild for dudes with huge dicks?

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You're never gonna impress a size queen. Normal girls don't have a pussy big enough for large dicks. It just hurts.

My dick is a little over 8 inches and women have never gone "fucking wild" for me.

I guess it's a pity lie? Women fucking love big dicks in general. It's not the end of the world but men love feeling like sex objects and you will never get that "holy SHIT" reaction when you pull down your pants if you're just a regular dude, which feels bad.

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White lie because men care a lot about it

>as self-reported by men

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6.5-7 is perfect.

Because however much it matters, it's something that can't be controlled. Unlike other physical flaws that can be worked on to some extent, benises cannot. You can eat healthy, exercise, dress nice, groom well, all that shit, but none of it will change your dick size.

Much like height, another thing girls really like.

the black states all have the biggest dicks

definitely pity lie.
a girl I know went from talking about how great huge dicks are to saying that "there's such a thing as too big and average size is best" after she started dating someone.

maryland has one of the shortest

those fags are into naruto

>Republican states ahve huger cocks
Really makes you think.

>democratic states have smaller cocks
This is better wording, cause people remember negatives more vividly than positives

It's a combination of the WAW effect and men not being allowed to feel insecure about their own bodies.

It's part of the WAW effect because the core belief is that "women wouldn't care about something so crass as dick size, they're much deeper and care about more important things that men", which is completely false.
And the second part is obvious. Dick size is kinda like height, there is only "I don't care" and "omg you're so big :heart_eyes:". It's not like tit size where you'll find plenty of men that really do prefer smaller ones, or pretty much every other attribute. Of course if you even dare feel slightly bad about things you're provably below average on people will call you incel, virgin and all kinds of nice things like that because men aren't allowed to have self-esteem issues.

The only reason size queens exist is because bugger guys are accidentally almost giving her a cervical orgasm without realising it. If you give her an actual cervical orgasm which is difficult to do with an average sized dick but possible, then she won't care.

This isn't cope from me btw, I'm 7" so I have no reason to lie.

i think the most enjoyable penetrative sex i’ve had was with the one that took my virginity. we took both of ours. it felt like electricity was pulsing through my hands and arms, feet. a full body high. he was maybe 6, 6.5in? i can’t exactly recall. i think it was the connection that we had though.

the last person i was in a relationship with had by far the largest i’ve ever encountered. he was a little over 8in.. it was difficult to have sex with him, and it hurt. there was a lot of lube involved. we couldn’t do certain positions sometimes. like he had to almost always from the start enter me facing each other on our sides. he got frustrated at times. many times i had to ice after a session. i’m extremely petite too so i felt really bad about it. he once got mad/irritated at me for not using tampons for periods so it could “loosen me up.” he thought i was broken or something because he couldn’t make me cum with penetration.. i don’t usually do anyway, most women don’t.

i’d would 100% prefer someone who knew how to make me come with their mouth over a big dick.

It’s just easier to work with. Honestly I’m pretty fucking average but I’ve managed to consistently satisfy all the women I’ve had serious relationships with. If that’s not enough, what is?

He sounds genuinely low IQ

My boyfriend has a 8" inches dick.
If he hits my cervix while we have sex normally, I fucking scream in pain. I only ever enjoy him going deep if we're going extremely slow (like maybe one thrust every 7 seconds).
No guy is giving a girl a cervical orgasm without realising. You have to try to do it right. If you have normal sex and hammer her cervix, she's probably going to murder your family and you.

I'm 7''. think this will be a problem for women?

I had a gf where we had a similar situation, but I wasn’t anywhere near that large. We managed to make it work out with more foreplay and oral. She actually had an easier time with anal, too.

It actually gave me a lot of perspective and I think I became a better lover as a result.

Tbh I think a lot of this is more centred around men trying to make each other feel bad than making women happy.
Also possibly something along these lines.

Of course.
I only had sex with one other guy. He was around 6" and that was more than enough to make me feel filled me up. If he went all the way in, it could hurt quite a bit due to the way he was bent.

And honestly, I have the best orgasms when I'm on top, he hits my g-spot and I rub my clit against him.
G-spot is a couple inches in, clit is external.
So yeah, I'd be fine with a 4" dick, when it comes to orgasms.
Big dicks look good, because they're a masculine attribute and having a big one makes you look... manly. Just like large breasts or nice hips make you look more feminine. But it's just a psychological thing, when it comes to fucking as long as you know what you're doing and you have a cock, it's really fine.

>on Jow Forums
Pick one

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It absolutely matters and if they say it doesn't they lying

You do undertand that 1/4 of Jow Forums users are women, right?
This isn't 2005 and Jow Forums isn't a special losers edgy boy club anymore.

where'd you get that statistic

Maybe some boards, maybe this one. Overall, no way prob like 10-15% sitewide.
>Boys club
Still kinda but not as much sure.
>Edgy losers
Definitely still is don’t kid yourself.

Jow Forums.org/advertise

>Gender: ~70% male, ~30% female

Jow Forums is one of the most popular websites on the internet. It's like in the 500th-600th most popular websites worldwide, out of the billion websites that exist.
It has almost 28 million unique visitors per month.
By its own stats, around 30% of its users are female.

And you would take someone with a big dick that also knows how to make you cum with his mouth over a smaller dude that also knows.

I honestly find those stats hard to believe, but I guess you aren’t pulling them out of your ass, either. Maybe that includes lurkers? I don’t believe that some of the largest boards especially are 30% female.

Yeah, I'm sure it includes lurkers.
There are a lot of women. Most of them don't feel the need to say they're girls unless it's strictly necessary.
If you go to /soc/ or Jow Forums, it's full of girls.

I'm pretty sure that 30% figure includes trannies

Id bet around 10% of Jow Forums users are women at most

1.4 million people identify as transexual in the states. Assuming the same number of people identify as transexual in Europe (and I doubt) and a similar percentage in Canada, so maybe you have 3 million trannies in the whole western society in total. There are roughly 9 million women who post on Jow Forums.
Even if ALL trannies in western society posted on Jow Forums, it would make for 1/3 of the female userbase at most. And I'm fairly sure that the vast majority of trannies do not post on Jow Forums.
Most girls don't feel the need to open each and every post they write with "I'M A TRUE AND HONEST WOMAN" and you just assume they're man.

Idk 30% still seems way too high, and given the anonymity I think it’s something very easy to get wrong. 30% on /soc/ sounds right but not sitewide.

Only insane women and gay men care about dick size. Normal women do not want a big dick. Do you people even know what a cervix is. Fucking google it

Objectively false, I'm 7'' and I've got lots of compliments from women when sending pictures.

When it comes to women, socializing is usually more important than sex.
A big dick isn't as important as a big body and personality. You need to be tall and handsome so that she can show everybody that she is of enough social worth to have a big, strong man as her partner. Showing off your partner's dick size is just crude and lowers your social status.
You basically just need to not have a microdick, be taller than her, and have hands/a mouth/a mind that can get her off, and that's all she'll need in terms of sex.
Physical orgasms alone aren't as intense for women; I hear too often that "I don't masturbate much because it takes too long and doesn't really feel good enough to be worth doing instead of something useful." Just cumming is apparently "nice, but not like, amazing", which is exasperated by the fact that, after talking it out with many different women/partners, women don't get that horny-stupor, where you almost feel like you're a little "drunk" when you get super horny. Probably has something to do with them not needing to divert almost a cup of blood away from their brains to support an erection. They can all confirm, aside from like, their first time, that meme about women thinking about their grocery lists during sex is fucking true, ESPECIALLY for guys with dicks that are less sensitive, and have to thrust away for almost an hour to actually finish. It seems particularly large dicks are more likely to be like this too, by personal accounts, which would probably indicate more spaced-out nerve endings. Horse dicks need horse pussies to get off.
All of them (at least the ones who have been with a variety of guys), seem to unanimously agree that they'd 100% rather have a guy that finishes quickly and passionately, and can still turn her on and get her off with psychological buildup and hands/mouth, than a guy who can do all the above but lasts a long time and has a big dick. Apparently when you don't get horny-drunk, it just gets boring and numb quickly.

yeah they don't care at all

Nope. Vagina is only 4 inches long when aroused

Insane women and gay men care about dick size. Normal women do not. Ask them yourself. Oh there’s a reddit board? You’re a fucking moron


No, that's unaroused. When aroused it can be as long as 6-8.

>every woman who likes big dicks is insane
So most women are insane then?

Proves the point well enough

Why do homosexuals like OP keep posting retarded threads?

Women genuinely don't really know how big dicks are. I used to be really self-conscious about my dick size, because I'm "only" around 6 - 6.5 inches. But every woman I have ever fucked has let me know I have a massive dick. I never thought I was good at sex, but after I started dating more often have genuinely had women fall for me literally just to have sex. I never argue with them, because I believe the size of a penis is built up over a man's stamina and skill at fucking. If you can pleasure a woman and stay rock solid and make her sore (in a good way) your dick is like Mount Everest to her. Granted there are limits. If you're 4 inches hard the eyes don't lie. But I've had women say they think my dick is 8 inches long, which is comical.

If I had to drive home anything, it would be to get stamina. If you can fuck for an hour the first time you have sex with a girl, she's like putty in your hands. Women want big dicks, but they really want to get put through their paces. If you can fuck them nice and hard with a smaller dick they'll come running back for more, guaranteed

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No, aroused it’s on average 4.5 inches.

All these dick threads are just fucking troll threads, women don’t give a shit and literally can’t even take a dick more than 5 inches

They don't, big dicks also mean premature ejaculation most of the time too.

>tfw got a 8.5 incher and women don't say a fucking thing

Hook up tinder or whisper and show it to girls, most of them will react I guarantee.

I've been with 4/5 girls off of tinder already.

One Canadian joked my villain name should be LongSchlong, but that was it.

Start sexting and drop them a picture with something for comparison
They'll go nuts

Whats a good comparison? A bill? A TV remote.

a ruler

Something they know the size of. A can of coke, or maybe a bottle for example.