Finances of gf

The general consensus on Jow Forums is that it takes around six months to get a gf, so using Jow Forums's advice:

>"get some hobbies bro"
>read four books a month, $5 a book, $20 a month
>take up dance lessons/lessons in another language/cooking classes etc. $50 a month
>"fix ur appearance bro"
>gym membership to get swole, $15 a month
>haircuts, $30 a month
>clothes, $100 a month
>"how many girls have you actually asked out bro?"
>$200 a month to actually be able to afford to take girls on dates
>$50 a month for a phone for tinder, bumble etc. and not looking like a creeper
>"get independent bro, get a car and a flat, stop living with your mom bro"
>at least $500 a month
>"wash your hands after taking a shit bro"
>$10 a month on anti-bacterial soap

If it takes you six months to get your gf, that's a total landed gf cost of $5850.

How can anyone afford to actually get a gf, and more importantly, is it worth the investment?

It seems like a lot of money to spend on something that you could lose any at any moment (she decides she doesn't like you, she cheats, etc.).

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There is no hope for you OP, I'm sorry.

Stop paying for dates and download PDFs for free. Stop spending so much on clothes each month. Things like a car and a flat are just things you'd want to get regardless of wanting a GF, same with soap.

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I doubt Jow Forums should be the reference point for averages. Otherwise they wouldn't be on Jow Forums. From the looks of it though, you might be more suited for Jow Forums. Getting a gf or sub really isn't that difficult.

lol, you're bad at finances and self improvement, the only girls for you are going to cost you even more than that and sterilise themselves to make sure they don't have your kid

You're under the false assumption you have to spend a lot of money, and continuously spend money each month.

>read four books a month, $5 a book, $20 a month
Go to the library, or get free ebooks from your library membership.

>take up dance lessons/lessons in another language/cooking classes etc. $50 a month
Watch some dance instruction videos online, or join a dance club for free.

>gym membership to get swole, $15 a month
Lift heavy shit at home. Buy used gym equipment, go for a run, use free outdoor gym. You could even make some gym equipment with empty gallon milk jugs with rocks or dirt, or find something heavy to lift.

>haircuts, $30 a month
Spend $30 once for a trimmer. Learn to cut your own hair.

>clothes, $100 a month
Why are you spending $100 a month for clothes? $100 and I'm good for a few years.

>$200 a month to actually be able to afford to take girls on dates
Why are you spending $200 a month to take girls out? $3.50 for coffee if that, assuming you don't make her go Dutch. He'll if you're swole and know how to hold down a conversation they should pay you.

>$50 a month for a phone for tinder, bumble etc. and not looking like a creeper
That actually seems like the only reasonable thing on your list so far.

>"get independent bro, get a car and a flat, stop living with your mom bro"
>at least $500 a month
Seems reasonable depending where you live.

>If it takes you six months to get your gf, that's a total landed gf cost of $5850.
Why would it take you six-months and all that money. That wasn't a question btw.

There is no hope for you OP.

Why not?

I already live frugally as it is.

>Getting a gf or sub really isn't that difficult
Then why don't I have a gf?

My finances are fine.

Some of the shit in here is ridiculous, you can't cut your own hair and get a gf.

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>paying for books
Thanks for supporting the media establishment that leeches out of authour's intelectual property instead of paying them directly.
>girls like men who know how to dance
Big meme.
>being a foreigner or speaking other languages will help you get laid
Huge meme.
>gym membership
While that certainly helps, if you are obese you should just consider suicide and if you are under 6 feet tall you should consider gender transition. Midgets were born to be cute traps.
>get a car and a flat
Why do you need a car if you live in a big city you moron?
>anti-bacterial soap
>I need tinder to get laid
This is how I know you are an Amerimutt.
You don't need anti-bacterial soap you bourgie degenerate scumbag.
Soap is 0.35 euros a piece where I live and it last 2 months.
Why do even need tinder to approach random girls at bars you absolute downie?

Unironically consider suicide.

Even if you had a million dollars in your account you'd be crying about how you're only 5'9 and women don't date anything less than 6'3 and even if you were 6'3 and a millionaire you'd still be crying about how you can't get a girlfriend because women don't take dicks any smaller than 8 inches.

That's why there is no hope for you OP.

You are sabotaging yourself, you are, right now, your worst enemy. Stop looking for excuses.

>my future gf
You fucking wish incel.

Jesus Mary and Joseph on a bike, no, that's not a general consensus, that's a shopping list gathered from the archives to make a borderline autistic list
>a hobby that involves other people
>reading isn't necessary, save money by using a library if you want to read
>dance lessons/cooking or something are a date idea once you know your partner, not something you do in advance
>wear clothes that fit, don't wear graphic t shirts if you're over 21, wash your hair and get a half decent hair cut
>any training 2 - 3x a week will stop you looking like shit, even if it is running for 45 minutes locally
>buy a quality (not branded, quality) item of clothing each month and build up a wardrobe
>realise that if you aren't talking to women you have 0% chance of dating one
>dating isn't expensive, you're trying too hard, you can go for a walk or a picnic
>you shouldn't be buying a phone now just to get on dating apps
>you shouldn't be living with you parents if you're over 21
>basic hygiene isn't something you should just be starting to date women

>b-but what if she isn't interested in me after doing incredibly basic things?
A relationship is about winning someone over, life happens, there's other people out there, don't expect to meet the love of your life and plan a future each time a girl acknowledges you

>don't expect to meet the love of your life and plan a future each time a girl acknowledges you

Not OP but this is a reality that most losers in this board have to face.

But considering men around here happen to pull 1 girl every 10 years, how can they not?

>to make a borderline autistic list
>everything I don't like is autistic
Consider suicide neurotypical scum.

>But considering men around here happen to pull 1 girl every 10 years, how can they not?
Low self worth is my best guess.
A lot of people have issues with porn, they get used to watching hotties getting railed on the internet and it affects their standards. They have watched the same group of 10 porn stars they find attractive getting fucked repeatedly, they start to see themselves in a greater light because they have fantasised about them fucking said women (that's the idea behind porn, you're not watching Johnny Sins rail girls, you are the one fucking them).
I work as a personal trainer and a life coach, a lot of my clients can't stomach the women who are messaging them on dating sites. Women don't message any guy hoping for a response, they message the safer bet.

If you're on internet dating and the chubby smoker is messaging you, it's because she thinks you are in her league, and chances are you are. Going to the gym twice a week and eating like a slob doesn't make you better than her. Arguing with people on Jow Forums and watching Stefan Monylux (or whoever) on youtube doesn't make you wiser. Your duster coat and boots don't look cool and it makes people actively avoid you, the same goes for wearing business attire with sunglasses and leather gloves like you're a hit man or something.

Even the fattest slob I know got married to someone and fucked her, he realised he wasn't going to bang a supermodel and chatted to women his size, now he is happy and rapidly approaching an early grave.
If you're only dating someone once every few years you are doing something awfully wrong even if you aren't pity dating women.

>Then why don't I have a gf?
If you are OP it starts with the defeatism of the greentext. This sort of lost-cause mentality is basically poison.

Point out what I have got wrong then, you perpetual victim.

>Point out what I have got wrong
The fact that you are still alive strikes me as wrong.

Ooh what a deep cutting response.
Did Veronica not offer to suck your dick after you liked her profile picture? or did your mother run out of tendies?

>you are a loser that's why you are angry
Nice dead memes ableist scum.
Thanks for proving me yet again that no matter how evil your acts are you will always delude yourselves into thinking that you have the moral high ground.
Again, off yourself.

I'm tired of being told to kill myself.

I just want a gf.

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>buying and reading books to get a gf

When has what you wanted ever mattered, user?

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>My finances are fine
You say spending 100 on clothes a month to get a girl. You're either very bad at finances or trying to convince girls you're a faggot.

>>clothes, $100 a month
what does that even mean
what the fuck do you buy EVERY MONTH

What do you wear otherwise?

>Why don't I have a gf?
Your personality sucks royal shitty ass, that's why. What did you think the answer was?

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I am very glad to see this posted. I am glad I'm not the only one to try and figure out how much it costs to get a gf. I figure I must make at least 80k before I can attempt to get a gf. I have found that a lot of girls in my area (Louisiana+Mississippi) make close to 80k and will not date anyone that makes less than that. Girls that make less than that amount are usually single mothers or obese and are not compatible with me.
I did not realize it took 6 months to get a girl tho. I figured it had to do with finances only and maybe a few weeks tops or at least it seems to be that way with people that I know.
I have done most of those things to get a gf but I am unsuccessful. I am not desperate but perhaps I should be more driven to get a gf. People are suspecting that I may be gay because I look good but am a khv virgin.


It's not like you can just wear the same clothes twice.

The poverty line in the us is 12k. So yes you should be over the poverty line.

If you’re a kid you don’t need to spend so much, but yes women expect men to make money. Grow up

$100 seems reasonable.
That's two pairs of medium-quality pants (on sale) in Australia, not even taking into account the cost of getting them hemmed.

Doing all this for a gf. What the fuck is your problem?

First comes Denial,
Then Anger,
Then .... you guessed it, Bargaining

Depression and Acceptance comes later.

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You should not be tearing through two pairs of pants a month.

Subtract these:
>take up dance lessons/lessons in another language/cooking classes etc. $50 a month
>haircuts, $30 a month
(you do not need monthly haircuts)
>clothes, $100 a month

I'm laughing at the soap one, for fucks sake dude.

You don't need to be fit, go on expensive dates, spend money on books, you can cut own hair or get it done for about 20 when it's out of control.a pad is really something you get for yourself not another person and soap goes without saying, you can also get it cheaper than ten bucks. you don't need any of these classes either and having a phone's just better for you out of convenience.

realistiically you're maybe spending 100 over the course of a few months, a bit extra if you want to go on a fancy date but going to the beach or on a picnic can be equally as nice man

No, but if you're a barely functional adult that has nothing but graphic tees and sweatpants in his wardrobe, you're gonna need to spend some money to make yourself presentable.
$50 for shoes, another $50 for two shirts, $100 for two pairs of pants, $25 belt, $80 suit vest/jacket to go over the top. This shit costs money.

I agree with most of this except for the "cut your own hair" part.
That is straight up fucking retarded.
Tbh, I would do most of this while saving up money for at least three or four months, maybe even just spend six months doing the reading/dancing/cooking/lifting part with haircuts bi monthly.
That way you become a bit cultured and better looking, and then take the plunge and go get your own place.
After that, the momentum of the confidence will help you actually talk to girls if you haven't already met one or two that shares the same reading/dancing/cooking/lifting interests as you.
It's all a matter of dedication, sticking to it, and actually improving yourself without wasting all that money simultaneously.
DO NOT just go spend a bunch of money. Anyone that I've seen do this blows a bunch of cash trying to entirely reinvent themselves and looks as though they've had a mid life crisis at 25.
Slowly build a wardrobe. Throw that money into savings, and don't be afraid to buy an item or two that you genuinely like.

Please don't come on this board and seriously advise someone as autismo as this to outright purchase a vest/blazer combo to wear atop regular daily clothing.
Come on, dude.

> not needing monthly hair cuts

I mean, depends on your growth and style mate. You can't just assume you can't go a month without. I sure as shit can't without looking like a fucking hobo

But yeah... even second hand clothes well kept and cleaned are perfectly fine.

>haircuts, $30 a month
>clothes, $100 a month
Why cut your own hair and where the same clothes. Stop trying to stay with the trends.
>read four books a month, $5 a book, $20 a month
Free books online
>$200 a month to actually be able to afford to take girls on dates
That way high maintenance try 100ish dollars
>$50 a month for a phone for tinder, bumble etc.
Why pay to find women when you can go out and find them.

If trailer trash pieces of shit can have 5 kids by 6 different moms, then it clearly it isn't money that gets you pussy m8

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Yeah it's personality and social prowess.
Thing is, it's really fucking hard to grow that; harder than going to the gym or reading regularly or whatever. And it's discouraging because doing it at a remedial age is exponentially harder than at a formative one, and for most people it happens naturally.

>12k a year is a lot of money.
Don't most people make at least 25k/year after taxes?
Most of this shit is something you want regardless of a girlfriend.
I don't know where you live since you are paying $50/month on a phone but can get clothes for $100.
Here, a phone bill is $10 and $100 gets you a single shirt.
Hobbies can cost you as much or as little as you want them to.

>>"wash your hands after taking a shit bro"
>>$10 a month on anti-bacterial soap

just for these statements, i will willingly have sex with u OP. where u at

>It's 975 bucks when the average salary is far higher
OP falling down at his own hurdles

Om the up side, getting the soap means you don't have to buy toilet paper. You win some and you lose some

You are 100% on the spectrum.

get yourself 100$ pants and they will hold up for more that a few years
same with 150$ shoes

>$5 a book
Alright, look here m8. That is just retarded. Have you heard of a library?
Also, why is the phone and the dating apps a monthly fee?
You're probably spending too much on clothing per month.
A home would probably cost less per month of you bought it rather than renting...

just pay a prostitute lmao

$10 a month on anti-bacterial soap??? Bitch what??
Anti-bac soap costs a DOLLAR at dollar stores and it lasts me a little over a month if you buy the bigger liquid soap bottles. And thats taking a shit n piss 3 times a day and washing hands afterwards.

Your numbers are way off, especially since having and paying for a phone should be something you should ALREADY be doing regardless of gf or not.
Also who the fuck get a haircut EVERY month for $30?? Bitch i cut my own hair and my bf's hair with clippers, for FREE.

Also gym membership at Chuze and Fitness 19 only costs $10 a month.

Auto insurance for a family of FOUR with 2 young adult children who just learned to drive costs $150 a month. Rent and utilities isnt going to cost you $500 either. Depending on where you live it will be WAY higher or lower. These are all things you should ALREADY be doing, not doing just to get a gf.

So youre adding the expenses of LIVING a basic ass life on top of what it costs to date a girl. You cant add them together. The budget for dating women is separate and completely different.

Also yes im gay and know how to do math.

Is that whole family sharing one fucking car?

No we have 3 cars and theyre insured for $150 a month TOTAL not each. This is for california. 4 family members, two "kids" aged 24 and 26. My youger sibling JUST learned to drive so it went up to $150 from the original $135 we used to pay.

So your auto insurance for one person, even a new driver isnt going to be over $50 a month.

Medical insurance on the other hand is $300+ a month, if you want it

The UK, Norf.

Are you cute?

Please respond.

You are paying too much for soap clothes books lessons. Learn how to shop, use the library and YouTube. Get a cheaper phone plan. Housing and car are way more expensive. Learn shit once.

He is probably not that bright and went for the most expensive phone plan he could find.
I disagree with $100/month on clothes is a lot, it is a tight budget, I wouldn't be able to do that and I don't even buy clothes every month.

>"get some hobbies bro"
yes, a gf is a side effect/benefit
>read four books a month, $5 a book, $20 a month
download those for free faggot
>take up dance lessons/lessons in another language/cooking classes etc. $50 a month
yes, a gf is a side effect/benefit but many of these can be done for free
>"fix ur appearance bro"
yes, a gf is a side effect/benefit
>gym membership to get swole, $15 a month
yes, a gf is a side effect/benefit but being swole is truly it's own magnificent reward
>haircuts, $30 a month
try to get it cheaper
>clothes, $100 a month
nigger stop wasting money fuck
>"how many girls have you actually asked out bro?"
>$200 a month to actually be able to afford to take girls on dates
nigger stop wasting money fuck
>$50 a month for a phone for tinder, bumble etc. and not looking like a creeper
buy an unlocked flagship phone couple generations behind for cheap, get a cheap plan
>"get independent bro, get a car and a flat, stop living with your mom bro"
yes, a gf is a side effect/benefit
>"wash your hands after taking a shit bro"
>$10 a month on anti-bacterial soap
splurging a little on toiletries isn't too bad, men should use a good moisturizer and sunscreen if nothing else

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having hobbies, being physically fit, being presentable, being independent, being hygenic, and having some fuckin money are all great to be on their own, without the incentive of getting a gf. That being said none of it is really required, though it helps alot.

The right woman is worth every penny

>Are you cute?
extremely but i'm not from the UK :(

I want to fuck your shitter.

How are you supposed to spend so little on dates?

well I'd pay $5850 for a 6 month contract to act like my long term girlfriend. just act like you want to please me and never break character

You ARE a loser, however.

>lasts two months

take a shower you dirty Frenchman