Is there a bigger meme than the "just lift bro" thing...

Is there a bigger meme than the "just lift bro" thing? There are fat guys with girlfriends and guys with gym bodies that are incels.

I've been lifting for two years and it fixed nothing. I've only ever been complimented by other men. Women don't give a single shit how you look like. If women don't look at you twice before, they won't look at you twice after.

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Worked for me. But I had basic social skills to begin with.

What are basic social skills, even? Because I have decent enough social skills that I can have a roughly 20-30 people circle of acquaintances/friends, can talk with my boss openly about wanting a raise or leaving my job, but thinking about a girlfriend is impossible since not a single woman shows even the slightest interest of talking to me.

You claim to have basic social skills, yet you think its up to women to initiate and express their interest in you as a guy.

Not how the world works. A lot. Only way it happens.

How about you exercise because it serves a function beyond getting vagina instead

I guess there's the difference.
From my point of view I shouldn't look at every woman like a prospective partner. Every single girl I talk or have talked about has made it very clear she has no interest in anything more, or has very closed body language that clearly shows she has no interest in talking.

Why do you think I've kept it up for 2 years? I'm just commenting on how "go lift" seems to be the go-to advice, the pinnacle of self-improvement and realistically it's just another lonely hobby for people like me.

Dude, figure it out.

Literally every man on Earth has to figure this hsit out for themselves. For some dudes it's easier, for some it's harder, but we ALL have to do it.

Whining on Jow Forums won't help. Go try, fail, learn, and improve.

Yep, and some men just fail and die alone or neck themselves in their 30s.
It is what it is.

What the fuck is winning? We all die

You could look like a body builder, if you can't approach someone and talk to them while looking them in the eye you were fucked to start with. 90% of life happens by showing up, if you're not talking to any women you have 0% chance of them being attracted to you.

When you talk to women and they get invested in you, they will then start to like whatever you have going for you, I have a 17" neck, 46" chest and 34" waist, women tell me they like my smile and my physique, they don't say shit to me before I talk to them because I'm not Elliot Rogers and I don't expect women to approach me and compliment me because that's not how life works... women don't want to risk being rejected.

Nah I'm not expecting them to fall over, just maybe show an opening so I can talk to them.
Either way I know that is never going to happen. I have had female friends throughout my life so it's not like I don't talk to women, but I've legit never had a female tell me she liked X about me.

Do your friends tell you what they like about you in conversation?
Provided you're not forcing a woman to interact with you or making her feel unsafe you can just approach and talk to them, social settings are a safe bet because they are social settings.
If you're really stuck ask your female friends for feedback where you're fucking up, they will give you honest responses.

Because sitting at a computer, reading words until you get mad and spend your days doing that just growing fatter and dumber and weaker and sadder and angrier by the minute is not a good thing. 99.9999999% of "depression" is people who just live shitty lives so of course they feel like shit. I was one of those people, just being sad in my room and mad on the internet all day everyday - exercise makes you better but it makes you feel better psychologically, cognitively and emotionally.

and yeah there's fat dudes and druggies and ugly people who get girls - and those girls are also fat or drug addicts or ugly or whatever else.

>since not a single woman shows even the slightest interest of talking to me.

Why is it their fault?

ok then have a good personality then

>There are fat guys with girlfriends
>Guys with gym bodies who are incels.

Well at least you're not too far deep in the incel delusion.

Where have I said it was?

Fair enough, I have no idea what my friends like about me.
Even then most women I meet seem to have exactly zero interest in having someone like me approach them.

>Where have I said it was?
It's absolutely your implication.

I mean you do it again in this very same post

> women I meet seem to have exactly zero interest in having someone like me approach them

You've covered both bases of how women won't talk to you and now how women also have zero interest in you talking to them.

Whose fault is that if not the women's?

Just lifting/being in good shape will only get you so far. If you don't have a good looking face to comliment your good physique you'll just look like a muscled-up freak. So based on that it's also important to have realistic standards and approach women similarly rated in looks to you.

If you don't want to talk to a hobo, is it your fault or the hobo's? Noone is obligated to talk to anyone so they can't be at fault.

>Fair enough, I have no idea what my friends like about me.
There must be something otherwise they wouldn't be your friends.
Next time you see a female friend ask her to be honest what you have going for you and what would put women off, point out you're not trying to chat them up but you might need a wing man.

If you have a good body and go clubbing, even without social skills and a horrible face, you can easily get 2 or 3 drunken sluts to fuck.

Nah, they do like it when you have one in the sheets

If you're going to lift to get girls, you have to hang out at places where girls who like guys that lift will be.

Hint: It's not the library, computer lab, or LAN parties

Hint 2: Try sports bars. (If you don't like sports, learn them... Football season is starting soon, it's the prefect time)

Hint 3: If you really are Jow Forums and not just huge, then wear tight shirts.

hobos walk up to you screaming about how they need your money and they also smell like shit because they went to the bathroom in their pants three days ago

It's not the same thing as your situation.

Unless you're a hobo.

Not OP but getting into sports is a real hangup for me. Growing up I never liked the sports my parents entered me into, basketball and swimming and soccer. I tried to get myself more interested back in middle school since I saw my friends and others talking about the NBA and shit and they'd stop playing video games to shoot hoops or throw a football around. But I couldn't do it. Even now I only go to the gym to look better and not die from a heart attack.

I've enjoyed watching some classic boxing matches like the Ali v Frazier bouts but that's about it. I don't see much to enjoy about the live matches. I doubt I'd enjoy doing it myself, lessons/gyms for martial arts are hella expensive, and it sounds dumb to try just to meet new people.

True, but they'll also be fat, ugly, or both. Not necessarily anything wrong with that, just saying don't expect anything that good.

>Not OP but getting into sports is a real hangup for me
Then shut the fuck up you piece of shit go cower in your room and play Vanilla WoW

I don't play video games anymore. But is there a way to enjoy sports I'm missing?

>but we ALL have to do it
No, “we” don’t. I’m content letting Chad have all the pussy because he deserves it because he’s naturally attractive. No point fighting the system in a nigh impossible battle when I only have one life

It's enough to get your dick wet and some fat chicks are better in bed than good looking women.

>lessons/gyms for martial arts are hella expensive, and it sounds dumb to try just to meet new people.

It's not expensive at all unless you're getting private fuckin lessons from Roy Jones Jr or Royce Gracie, and it's one of the best ways to meet people. Everyone and anyone trains in martial now that they have the UFC and even lady UFC.

Also I was like you where I didn't like team sports, I didn't like being a part of team sports in school or when my parents signed up in team sports when I was a little kid, I never got into watching team sports, I can't even pay attention to team sports or even pretend to give a shit even when our local team is about to win the big sports game. Martial arts are simpler and you don't have to worry about a million different rules and remember the names of six thousand different players and their teams and their mascots and more importantly when you're practising or competing martial arts whether you win or lose is entirely up to you - you don't have to worry about the weak link of the team losing the big sports game or worse yet you being the weak link in the team.

NO. working out only works if you have the right phenotype. if not you just look weird.

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$100/mo is pretty high for me for discretionary spending.

What would you consider a social setting? I can't afford bars and only rarely go to parties. And I work in a male dominated field so dipping my pen in the company ink isn't even really an option.

>$100/mo is pretty high for me
>I can't afford bars
do you work in a chinese iphone factory

Well, lifting doesn't cure autism. Acquiring flirting skills, understanding women and how they see you does. Chances are some might be hitting at you without you even taking notice.

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Not living paycheck to paycheck is one of the few things I have going for me and I've kept it that way by really scrutinizing what I need versus what I want. I pay $25/mo. for gym and that's what I need. I'm not enthusiastic to pay an extra $100/mo. for Argentinian grab-asstsu or $20 for four beers at a bar once a week.

Based failing his entire lineage poster

You pretty much answered yourself.

A shit guy won't score no matter what he looks like.
A good guy will score easier if he also looks good. (read: fit)

It’s not a great feeling but then again, maybe they should have picked better mates and/or provided better circumstances for my upbringing.

Admit it, you wont to suck chads dick more than any titties.

post body faggot

No. I want all my sexual desires to go away. I don’t want to find college girls attractive. I don’t want to be attracted to asses in short-shorts, or cleavage, or big thighs in yoga pants. I want it to stop, but I can’t make it. Fuck this shit.

Honestly the thing about how self improvement seems to be just lifting for most people also kinda irritates me.

For most people who really need to get their life back on tracks lifting won't really do much since it's a solitary hobby. Doing something with people will help more than that.

You have to actually ask women out. Getting fit only increases the odds of them saying yes.

She sends nudes

Bruh your ass is gonna be spending more than $20 on dates my guy.

How do you ask women out when they're not interested

You meet them in a social setting where they may be more interested if you approach them. You could also use a dating site/app, most people do nowadays.

I've never seen a girl that seemed interested in me approaching
I do dating apps tho, it's even easier because I get no matches so I don't even have to ask myself "what if?".

Idk what to tell you man you seem to just keep repeating that “nobody cares” over and over. Pretty sure you’re either bs’ing or are just looking for attention.

That's just pretty much what it is. I wish someone cared, that's what I've been looking for my entire life.

It's almost like we said 'personality matters' because personality matters, not just because we arbitrarily wanted to fuck with you.

Three things nobody likes;
>high-strung people
Don't be these three and you'll be miles ahead of, like, most competition.

Or you could continue bitching about autism abs and insist that by never approaching women and pissing about on Jow Forums's Jow Forums, you'll somehow end up with a manic pixie dream girl because ~~reasons.~~ Y'know, your choice.

You may think you know if they are interested or not but you don't. You don't have a girlfriend so why the fuck do you think you can read women? If you ask them out on a date and they say "no" then they are not interested. Until that point you are only assuming they are not interested.

Why would I ask someone on a date before even getting to know them?

If you like how someone looks then that's the reason you should ask them out. How do you want to get to know someone without going on a date?

I don't know about you, but where I live the expectation is that first you talk to them and then if you see an ounce of interest from their part you ask them out on a date.

So far I still haven't got to the second part.

Go work the night shift at a pharmacy barely out of town then ghost all your friends, you piece of shit.

Then you'll feel better or kill yourself, sound advice

Yes. Its money and sex

men do and want the same. Women want sex more and men want money more. Don't let the collective projection fool you.

Men know that money = Sex
Its a gamble but Women know that Sex with the right loaded idiot = money

We're all hairless monkeys. Don't fight your destiny idiots. Just make money and fuck until you're happy.

Pass your genes to the next generation

Yeah and I'm not doubling up on bills.

>piece of shit
Why? Because I don’t want the burden of an impossible task?