What eye color is this?

what eye color is this?

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greyish green

how does that one look

Hazel, it’s a mark of an Israelite. Jew detected!

Like op

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I'm slavic, jews were wiped out where I live

that’s not hazel though
t. gyp

what is it then?

looks teal to me

or maybe more azure
it also sounds more badass to say you have azure eyes

sounds kinda gay to me

That's textbook gray eyes. It is common in Northern and Eastern Europe.

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Show tits

Fuck off mods this is purely advice related

It's a dull gray color

You shouldn’t come in here and ask about souls color eyes.

Not enough if you ask me.

Annoying to have. As your eyes naturally change over time you can look either more green or blue rather than the middle grey. All of my ID are never the same color in a row because I don't have many things to renew long enough for my eyes to change again.

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skinwalkers get out

Ok do me guys!

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Man you have fucking beautiful eyes, let's make babies

look similar to mine except mine are fucked up by brown

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But a wendigo waits outside...

Damn thanks best thing I've heard all day.

Gray. Changes to blue or green depends on light, but generally a dulled blue

Is there anything more soulless than a slav with dead grey eyes

idk, purple?

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gray blue with a little bit of hazel.

I’d say grey.

I classify myself as grey because at distance they look grey but mine are weird up close (pic related).

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Based schizo?

kill me

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