Manipulating people, specifically women

I'm interested in getting rando women to do ridiculous things on camera. I'm thinking maybe making up fetishes and seeing if they do what I tell them. Maybe just paying prostitutes to do stupid non-sex things on camera. What do you Jow Forumsros think?
>inb4 you're disgusting
I couldn't think of a satisfying response but enjoy pic related.

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What's the point of this again? Just go play a video game or something you bored fuck.

Nice trips, there is no point. Just like vidya. Except you know, this is a little funnier for me. I'm well aware of how easy it is to get people to do really stupid things- I'd like to use that more.

People eat shit. They actually eat each other's poo and call it sex. There's women out cutting penises off. There's things you can do to people.

Eh, seems harmless enough if its just for shits and giggles. Here's some inspiration in that case.

I've seen a cute asian lady start out fairly erotic videos or gifs only to suddenly bring out spaghetti and/or ketchup and make the whole thing ridiculous. A literal take on the spaghetti in pockets meme, perhaps. Shit was great.

It's not really manipulation if you pay them. That just makes you "The weird guy that pays for anything but sex" to the prostitutes/randos.

I like this. Ok dudes please hear me, have you seen the porn vids where women are showing their ass and they start spreading their cheeks? ...and then, even if they have a little tiny asshole, they continue to like fucking rip it in half stretching it open and they make a face like it feels good? That shit is funny to me because well I actually asked women about it! Go ahead, search the M ask F threads from the archive here- that shit doesn't feel good! Try it on yourself! It hurts! And they make dumb faces like it feels good. Fucking brilliant. Bottom line, I'm wondering what's the lowest amount you'd have to give a woman to get her to do something like this, and maybe even scam her so she loses money. There is no blackmail or anything it's just a fucking hard experience I guess- sorry lol.

>I'm well aware of how easy it is to get people to do really stupid things
It's not that easy cause otherwise you wouldn't be asking Jow Forums on how to do it.

Someone go get a gold medal this fucking sperg finally said something useful. Seriously dude lose the name/trip, it doesn't help you you have a rep.
No, I've talked about this here before as well, I've experimented with it in small forms. I lived for free for years thanks to "sugar momma's" and naive older gay men.

That dude that just eats the souls of those poor ugly couch audition women? I want his life just for like 15 minutes

>No, I've talked about this here before as well

sorry I don't spend all my time on this board or even this website so I don't have all the posts memorized, anyyways this is more /b/ shit than Jow Forums

There's been a few times where I've had ugly women bent in front of me and I was tempted to reach down and diddle their lil dangly labia flaps with my finger.
>inb4 loose
Even skinny tight women have lil flaps if they spread the right way

>Someone go get a gold medal this fucking sperg finally said something useful.
That's funny considering how many time's ya'll say that. It's almost as if you just hate that I have a trip and not what I say. Please get a life.

>Implying there aren't people that can help me here
Whatever you say commando kangaroo

At least you were thanked for once. Faggot

What's up with all the edgy wannabe sociopath teens on this board? What kind of answer do you honestly expect OP? Your best bet is becoming as handsome as possible.

Handsome isn't difficult. Also I'm 25. But you can call me 15+10, why not.

>commando kangaroo
lololol PeNgUiN oF DoOm XD so random!

>There's women out cutting penises off

Awh he's angwy.
Really? Go to /gif/ I've seen at least one dude getting his dick directly knifed off, two others cutting it off themselves

Why are you even jelly?
I'm only loved as much as I am hated.

Tell you what, if you give me five dollars, you can record yourself taking a shit on the floor and post it somewhere and link us to it. Only for 5$.

Why do you think Jow Forums isn't the den of edgy idiots who postulate dumb shit online for edge factor?
It's fucking Jow Forums, only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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