Hate my new job

I've started a new job and I fucking hate it. It's an internship I got through my university. It's been my 3rd day today.

However if I don't keep at it I fear I might be forever branded as unhirable. It will put me in deep trouble too with my university (which I want to quit too).

Downsides of the job:
>9 to 5
>5 days a week
>19.50 CAD per hour (equals to 14.75 USD)
>no breaks except 30 unpaid minutes for lunch
>no vacations
>don't care about what I'm working on or what the company is doing
>had to pay 800 CAD in tuition because the internship was through my university
>no useful experience so far and not optimistic it's going to improve
>don't like what I do
>feel like a slave

Upsides of the job:
>Only 10 minutes from home

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Forgot to add the question:

Do you guys think I should quit? I fear I might become a NEET loser for life as I'm 25 and don't still have much work experience.

i've got literally years worth of unemployment gaps and i still get hired

Depending on your industry, having experience can essentially put your foot into the door. I know it's vital for finance and engineering.

I'm a programmer

Fellow programmer. Yeah dude but sorry all the kids who didn't have internships during uni got all the trash bin jobs after they graduated. Grow some balls and get through it you whiny lil bitch.

I've haven't done any programming so far though.

Only bullshit drawings. Not even UML.

Yeah but
>Sweet reference

Hey jackass, not all of us live in an area where internships are plentiful

There's nothing stopping you from applying and getting something away from where you live. Thousands of companies look for summer interns and pay for your lodging. Maybe if you weren't a lazy piece of shit you'd have the grades and side projects to get one. But yeah keep making excuses and imagining walls for yourself lol

Welcome to the real world dude it fucking sucks. You CANNOT quit tho it will really screw up your future job prospects. Always remember that companies want to see that you’ve been able to hold a job and not be a troublesome employee. To make it through the gay internship I’d recommend just trying to zone out or see if you can listen to music. Take drugs too those always help. Despite what people tell u on here don’t for the love of god quit this internship and don’t whatever you do drop out of uni. It’s cancer but being an unemployed neet forever is way way worse.

Op can always lie depending on how good he is at bullshitting. I’ve gotten a few jobs just literally making shit up and getting my friends to cover for me. I don’t like doing it but sometimes you gotta do what u gotta do. Don’t recommend it tho. Just stick through it op

Internships usually suck but at least you have one and are making money off one.

If you’re a programmer you definitely need some kind of experience before going into the field for real. If you still hate it after 6 months you can leave it.

I do more hours as you, and I do it for free.
It's not going to last forever, it's just for a few months. Power through, it's helpful for your resume, and probably over time you'll get more interesting tasks to do as they trust you more.
I'm going to start my 8 AM to 6 PM shift at the hospital, suck a dick.

$20 an hour for programming?!?! No wonder you're miserable, buddy, they're underpaying you, and not just by a little bit. Is there any way the university can shift you to another company? What university do you go to, if you mind me asking (also Canadian here)? $20 CAD an hour is fucking terrible dude.


I haven't actually been programming though

Spend some more time with it. There will be an adjustment period, but you'll get used to it. I'm not saying forever, but more than three days, more than a week. Try a month or two.

I'm normally the first person to say that jobs exploit the worker, and are terrible, but I have to admit that I endured some bad shit when I was young, and it taught me a few lessons. If there's no improvement, move on.

Keep in mind, an internship is really crucial to career growth, and you probably have less responsibility with the best learning potential than you'll ever have.

Good luck user, I do feel ya.

thank you

>9 to 5
How does this work? When are you studying?

this semester I won't be

If it’s only for the semester I would say just cope with it. It’s probably going to help you get a job even if it seems like a waste of time. The first week at a new school always feels stressful too but it gets better with time. Have something fun to unwind after work.

News flash:

Everyone - absolutely EVERYONE - hates a new job for the first few days.

Give it a chance

First of all, everyone hates their job in the beginning. You're completely new, your work still feels awkward and you don't have any social connections within the company. Give it some time and maybe it will become better.

However their are a couple of problems

>no paid holidays
>19.50 CAD for programmer with a uni degree
This sounds very meh to say the least.