What should I expect im going on a date with transgender woman

What should I expect im going on a date with transgender woman

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a normal convo...

A penis.

I feel like itd be best to not mention and just treat her like a girl...

same thing you would as any other date lol

social equality

>What should I expect
A sore asshole tomorrow.

Expect to live with a rainbow wig and a red nose for the rest of your life

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OP here, what would my friends say? I like this girl but damn this might hurt me

a man



Hey OP, you like what you like. Can't change it so don't worry about what your friends say.

A dick

Its not that i have a kink for transgender people. Im straight but desu she looks so much like a girl and i like buttholes so why not? I pretty much love different types of people. Im a pretty accepting person. Im not gay though i dont want anything in my ass lmao

Yeah man, go for it. Don't pay attention to what other people say. If she's a girl to you then she's a girl.

You can expect it to feel strange at first, like you just took one of those weird single-wrapped pickles out of the microwave and forgot to take it out of its packaging. But you'll get used to it. It will taste salty at first, and you might feel some hair brushing your face. Eventually you'll feel it twitching and a warm gel will fill the sides of your cheeks between your teeth as it rolls off your tongue. You'll feel the need to gag at the realization of what you have done. You can't resist anymore, and you puke all over him. It drips down into his jeans. He forgot to bring another pair, he says. Next he punches you straight in the face and tells you to get out of his house before he calls the cops. But the thing is, it's your house. You leave anyway. This seals your fate as forever being a shit faggot

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Endless gaslighting, suicidal ideation, regret, insomnia and passive aggressions.

You should expect a great sex with a person who knows how to properly ride a dick and give a good blowjob.

Most troons are former autistic incels


This girl was born a man but shes young (18) and has been a girl for a few years

Does he still have a dick?


Yes but she has boobies


If they're really your friends then they'll respect you for who you are.

Nice, dude.